Tuesday 21 April 2020

Medium of Instruction in all Government schools in the State – Parents committee resolutions – Obtaining the choice on medium of instruction from parents. G.O.MS.No. 20, Dated: 21-04-2020


School  Education Department  – Medium  of  Instruction  in  all  Government schools in the  State  – Parents  committee resolutions  – Obtaining  the choice on  medium  of instruction  from  parents– Orders  – Issued.

G.O.MS.No.  20                        Dated: 21-04-2020     

Read the following:
1.  G.O.Ms.No.85,  School  Education  (  Prog.I)  Department, Dt: 20.11.2019
2.  G.O.Ms.No.89,  School  Education  (  Prog.I)  Department, Dt: 13.12.2019
3.  G.O.Ms.No.15,  School  Education  (  Prog.I)  Department, Dt: 22.03.2020
4.  Orders of  the  Hon’ble  High  Court of  A.P. in  WP  (PILs)  183 &  185 of 2019 dt.15/4/2020.
5.  e-file  from  the Commissioner  of  School  Education,  AP,  Amaravati,  dt. 20.04.2020.


    In the G.O   1st  read  above,   orders  were  issued    for  conversion of  all  classes from  I  to  VI in  Primary,  Upper  Primary,  High Schools  under  all  managements  into English Medium  from  the  academic  year  2020-21  and gradually  increasing  each further  class  from  the next  consequent academic years. 

2.       In  the  G.O.    2nd  read above,   orders   were  issued to implement the  Telugu  as compulsory  subject in  all  schools  under  all  managements  both Government  and Private in  the  State.

3.       In  the  G.O.   3rd  read above, orders  were   issued  to continue one school  for Telugu  Medium  at Mandal  Headquarters  and to  continue  all  minor  medium  schools in all  managements  except unaided schools in  the State.

4.         Whereas,  two  WPs (  PIL)  i.e.,  183 &  185 of  2019  have  been  filed in  the  Hon’ble High  Court  with a prayer  to set aside the  orders issued by  the Government vide G.O.Ms.No.81, School  Education (  Prog.I)  Department, dated  05.11.2019 and   G.O.Ms.No.85,  School  Education  (  Prog.I)  Department, dated 20.11.2019.

5.         The Hon’ble High  Court in    WPs (PIL)  183 & 185 of  2019, delivered its judgement  holding  that  the  said  G.Os are  found  not in  conformity  with the law,  inter alia  on  the ground  that the said  G.O.  has  the  effect  of  forcing  the students’  choice without reference to  his/her  right to choose and the Hon’ble High  Court has also  found that  the  procedure contemplated  under  the  RTE  Act,  2009 has not  been  followed. 

6.         While  holding  so, the Hon’ble High  court negatived the  following  contention  of the State.  The contention of  the  State government was that, as  part  of  “Amma Vodi Varotsavam”  held between 04.01.2020 to 09.01.2020,   the Parent  Committees (Earlier known as School  Management Committees)   all  over  the State have  met on 07.01.2020  and debated with regard  to introducing  English as  a  medium  of  instruction in  the Government schools  from  Class I to  VI  from  the   academic  year  2020-21  and communicated  their  resolutions to the O/o Commissioner  of   School  Education through District Education Officers  in  the State.    The  Commissioner  of  School  Education   has informed  that  the resolutions  have  been tabulated  and  found  that  93.77%  of  the Parents  committees have  passed resolutions  requesting  for  introduction  of  English medium in  Government schools and 1.38%  for  Telugu  Medium  and 4.34%  for  both English  and  Telugu  medium 0.46% for  other  media.
7.         The Commissioner  of    School  Education has  further  informed  that  the Hon’ble High  Court of  Andhra Pradesh vide   reference   4th  read above   observed in   Para  71  of judgment, that  a child  or  on his behalf  his parent or  guardian, has a  right to freedom  of choice with regard  to the medium  of  instruction in  which he would like to be  educated at primary  stage in  the school  and not the  school  Monitoring  Committee  or  Parents Associations, and  further  stated that the Hon’ble High  Court has observed in   para 53 of  their  judgment  that  the Universal  Declaration of  Human  Rights to  which India is  a signatory,  may  have  its significance wherein at  Article 26  (3)  it  was specifically mentioned that the parents have a right to choose the kind  of  education that shall  be given to the children.

8.       Therefore, the   Commissioner  of  School  Education vide  reference  5th  read above has requested to  accord  permission to  ascertain the  choice  from  the Parent/Guardian of  every  student who studied Class I to V during  the academic  year 2019-20,  as to  which  medium  of  instruction  they  would like their  children to  pursue  in the coming  academic  year  2020-21 in  order  to  take necessary  action in  this  regard. He has also submitted a  model  format  for  ascertaining  the  option  of  the  Parents / Guardians. He  further  proposed that the District Educational  Officers  and Mandal Educational  Officers  shall  be  directed  to  obtain the  parental  choice  through the  field functionaries of  the  Village  /  Ward  Secretariats as  the  Educational  Institutions  are closed at  present.

9.         After  careful  examination of  the  proposal, Government  hereby   accord permission to   the Commissioner  of  School  Education to ascertain the choice  from Parent  /  Guardian  of  the students  who studied  from  Class I  to  V  during  the  academic year  2019-20 with respect to  the  medium  of  instruction in  which they  would like their children to pursue their  Education in  the coming  academic year  2020-21. The choice shall  be  obtained through District Education  Officers  and Mandal  Education  Officers who  would  in  turn  circulate  the  formats to  the  parents through  Village  Secretariats in the State.   He  is  further  requested  to  furnish consolidated reports  to the Government after  obtaining  the  choice of  the  parents  for  taking  further  action in  this regard.

10.         The  District Collectors are  directed  to  issue  necessary  instructions  to  the  Village and  Ward   Secretariats  to collect choice of  the parents/guardian  following  the protocols prescribed  for  COVID-19 with due  precautions  and  safety  measures.

11.      The Commissioner  of  School  Education,   A.P.  shall  take  necessary  action in  the matter, accordingly.




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