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Guidelines to Principals of APMS in the state regarding preparation of students for the ensuing Intermediate and SSC Public Examinations March 2024. Rc.No.ESE02/286/2023-MODAL SCHOOL-CSE, Dated: 04-01-2024.



Present :: Sri S.Suresh Kumar, I.A.S,

Rc.No.ESE02/286/2023-MODAL SCHOOL-CSE, Dated: 04-01-2024

Sub:School Education Department - A.P Model Schools - Guidelines to Principals of APMS in the state regarding preparation of students for the ensuing Intermediate and SSC Public Examinations March 2024 - Implementation in all A.P Model Schools - Instructions - Issued.


The attention of all the RJDSEs and DEOs in the state are  invited to the subject cited, it is informed that Model Schools are established throughout the country with standards on par with the Kendriya Vidyalayas template in Educationally Backward Blocks to promote and strengthen Secondary Education. There are 164 AP Model schools now functioning in the State.

Further they are informed that, 21362 students are appearing for IPE Examinations and 13773 students for SSC Public Examinations in the month of March 2024 respectively from all 164 A.P Model Schools in the State.

Consequent upon, the following guidelines/instructions are issued to the Principals of all A.P Model Schools regarding preparation of students for the public examinations which are fast approaching March & April 2024.

1. Principals have to prepare action plan at School Level for achieving good results in all subjects.

2. Results of FAs & SA I (all internal) Examinations have to be analysed to identify subject wise slow learners and to take steps to improve their performance.

3. Analyse the results and divide the students into A, B, C & D Groups

4. Principals should ensure that C& D group students in every subject are adopted by all the TGTs & PGTs for mentoring them and monitoring their performance.

5. All subject teachers have to give practice with model/old question papers in their subjects. Additional study material has to be provided to average and above average students to improve their marks.

6. To conduct Special classes in the morning and evening for all the students.

7. Special remedial classes should be conducted for C & D grade students

8. Principals should personally monitor the study hours before and after school hours. Study material supplied by the concerned DCEB should be revised thoroughly.

9. Daily slip tests and weekly tests have to be conducted after giving sufficient study time to the students under the supervision of subject teachers.

10.Instruct the Subject Teachers to conduct Daily Tests emphasizing students’ weak areas, evaluate the answer scripts scrupulously following the Principles of Valuation and provide feedback explaining to the students after carefully analysing the answers on the same day.

11.Instruct the Principals that they have to prepare a clear cut analysis based on the results of the tests conducted and guide the Subject Teachers and Students as well.

12.Services of PDs, Computer Teachers and Vocational Instructors are to be utilized in conducting special classes and study hours.

13.Students face stress during preparation for examinations. Counseling and motivational classes must be conducted at regular intervals.

14.Instruct the Wardens/Supervisors of the Girls Hostels to supervise morning, evening and night Study Hours and monitor the students’ studies regularly.

15.Special focus to be laid on Objective Type/ Short Answer Questions and Diagrams

16.Principals have to prepare Day wise, subject wise, period wise Action Plan and specifc Time Table to improve the weak areas in the subjects of the students with the help of the Subject Teachers.

17.Homework and Assignments to given and corrected on daily basis.

18.To attend the school regularly and closely monitor the classes and daily tests.

19.To send daily attendance and performance evaluation in Google Form by 5pm every day.

In view of the above the RJDSEs and DEOs are requested to issue above instructions to all Principals of A.P Model Schools in the State for implementation in their respective A.P Model Schools for achieving good results in the coming SSC & IPE Public Examinations for the year 2024 and submit compliance report to this office without fail.

This item is to be given Top Priority.

S Suresh Kumar



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