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Enabling the students in Govt. Schools of Andhra Pradesh to achieve high-end global jobs in the futuristic technologies. G.O.Ms.No.98, Dated: 20-12-2023.



School Education - Enabling the students in Govt. Schools of Andhra Pradesh to achieve high-end global jobs in the futuristic technologies and opportunities Provisioning of Future Skills Experts by the Engineering Colleges to the mapped 6,790 Government High Schools in the State at the rate of one Expert for 3 Schools to equip the students to upskill in the next generation education Orders Issued.


G.O.Ms.No.98, Dated: 20-12-2023.

 Read the following:

1. From the Commissioner of School Infrastructure, File No. ESE-02- 31021/57/2023-IT-CSE (Computer No. 2217742).

2. U.O. Note No. 342/2023, G.A. (Cabinet) Department, dated 06.11.2023.


◾The Government of Andhra Pradesh is committed to enabling and preparing the students studying in the Government schools to get high-end global jobs in futuristic technologies. To achieve this, it is focusing on transforming education in Government schools to make students to learn the skills to enable and prepare them for the future technologies. Since 2019, Government has been on a continuous endeavour to ensure that the young generation of Andhra Pradesh studying in Govt. schools, become globally employable citizens.

◾In Academic Year (AY) 2019-20, English was made as a medium of instruction in all the 45,000 Govt. schools. Today all the 41 lakh students studying in Govt. schools are getting education in English medium.

◾In AY 2020-21, Govt. introduced the Bilingual textbooks in the subjects of Science, Social Science and Mathematics subjects.

◾In AY 2022-23, to provide the students with national and global platforms for learning and recognition, for providing the best content in Science, Social Science and Mathematics, AV bilingual content from Byjus' is being used by the Government in all the Govt. schools, to further strengthen the learning quality of the students. The Class VIII students and teachers were provided 5,18,740 personal TABS for learning enhancement with the Byjus' App and content preloaded for the purpose of learning.

◾In AY 2023-24, under the flagship program of Nadu Nedu, digitization of the school infrastructure is being done through 30,213 Interactive Flat panels (IFPs) in High schools and 10,038 Smart TVs in Primary schools. In the leftover classrooms the IFPs and Smart TVs will be provided by 21st Dec, 2023. Government has also approved the proposal to enter into. agreement with ETS (Education Testing Services) for providing the opportunity for improving the speaking of English and enhancing the TOEFL preparation for the examination of students studying in Govt. schools.

◾Provided robust High-speed Internet connectivity to Schools, for better utilization of Digital Infrastructure.

2. In pursuit of the sustainable development goal, the Government have launched various flagship programmes, i.e., Jagananna Ammavodi, Jagananna Gorumudda (MDM), Jagananna Vidya Kanuka (JVK), Manabadi Nadu-Nedu, several academic and administrative reforms, etc., to Improve the school education value chain and provide excellent facilities in Government Schools with the ultimate objective of improving the learning outcomes of children studying in all Government schools.

3. As per the McKinsey Global report, India's core digital sectors like Information. Technology and Communications could double in size by 2025. The productivity unlocked by the digital economy could create 60 to 65 million jobs (for India) by 2025, many of them requiring functional digital skills.

4. Govt. of Andhra Pradesh constituted a committee for the purpose of designing the content of the Future Skills subject including academicians and industry experts from front running companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Intel, NASSCOM, etc. Based on the inputs from the expert group and the analysis of the available content a complete set of subject content is being established from class 8th onwards. This subject will be introduced from 8th class onwards from the next year. The Commissioner, School Education in consultation with the Commissioner, School Infrastructure will give detailed proposal of modalities.

5. Govt. of Andhra Pradesh have designed the educational reforms to empower students to compete globally, equipping them with balanced and matured thinking. and knowledge in emerging and future technologies such as artificial Intelligence, data management, machine learning, Large Language Models (LLM), Data Analytics to bringing in LLM platform tools such as Chat GPT, Web 3.0, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Central Bank Digital Currency, Autonomous vehicles, 3D-Printing, Gaming, etc. To address the current learning requirements and to ensure appropriate class-specific learning outcomes, it is important that in early classes the students are exposed to these skills and their curriculum and practice is aligned.

6. Therefore, a resource person is needed from the Engineering Colleges to oversee the available digital Infrastructure, to streamline digital infrastructure management, enhance security, support educators and students, and contribute to more efficient and effective educational processes. The current final year B.Tech and M.Tech students within the State who are from Computer Science and Electronics background are the most updated knowledge person in this rapidly transforming field and hence are the best set of employable resource in this role.

7. It can be a valuable addition to ensure that schools are well-prepared for the digital demands of modern education. This resource person may be called as 'Future Skills Expert'.

8. Basic job chart of Future Skills Expert is as follows:

i. Maintenance of Digital Assets within the school premises including IFPs, TABS and Smart TVs.

ii. Usage of digital devices and assets in the High Schools by the teachers and students. 

iii. Teaching 'Future Skills' (digital technology related subjects) as Subject Teacher.

iv. Training the teachers at school for 'technology led teaching' for teaching the students via digital assets.

9. The following benefits will result by deployment of the Future Skills Experts:

a. Uniform coaching for all the students.

b. The teaching of the students in future technology related subjects will enable them to compete for global job opportunities and perform well in the forthcoming time.

c. It will also ensure continuity if students go from one school to another school both horizontally and vertically, as the audio-video content will be common among all the schools.

d. The teachers' training will equip them to handle the classes with Technology led teaching methodology and thus upskill them for better delivery and training of the students.

e. The goal of all the educational changes implemented by the GoAP over the past four years has been to help the young generation of Andhra Pradesh to become global citizens. Since 2019 Govt. has been on a continuous endeavor to ensure that the young generation of Andhra Pradesh studying in Govt. schools, become globally employable citizens. Presently, knowledge base of the current Govt. lecturers and Director SCERT is limited and there are lacunae with respect to the futuristic technologies knowledge base within the available resources of the department. Thus, there is need to overhaul the system through the recruitment of the Future Skills Experts.

f. Students' capability to learn futuristic technologies will be enhanced and provides multifarious benefits.

10. Following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be achieved from provisioning of the 'Future Skills Expert':

• Timely resolution of technical issues.

• Feedback and satisfaction levels from teachers, students, and staff. Adoption and utilization rates of digital tools and resources.

• Improvement in student performance and engagement through technology.

• Compliance with data privacy and security regulations.

11. In the current Academic Year students will start internship from 6th January, 2024. The usage of the Digital infrastructure and its maintenance will start from current Academic Year itself.

Qualifications for the Future Skills Expert:

B.Tech final year / M.Tech final year students (CSE & Electronics Branches) who were supposed to do one semester Internship will be deployed as 'Future Skills Expert'.

Remuneration: Rs. 12,000 per month + Rs. 2/km per expert for commuting will be paid to the Engineering College.

12. Considering the above, Government hereby order that to deploy the Future Skills Experts from the Engineering Colleges to the mapped 6,790 Govt. High Schools in the State, at the rate of one Expert for (3) schools in job work mode.

13. The Chairman, AP Higher Education Council, the Commissioner of School Education, the Commissioner of School Infrastructure and the State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha will take necessary actions in this regard.





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