Wednesday 23 August 2023

Authorised Work Adjustment New Norms with Cut off date 20-8-2023

Authorised Work Adjustment New Norms with Cut off date 20-8-2023

❓Identification of need/surplus teachers in the school based on 31.07.2023 enrolment or any other cut off date? 

✅ Enrollment as on 20.08.2023 shall be taken as the cut-off date for the identification of needy or surplus teachers in the school. 

❓In any primary school, if a teacher is identified as surplus, then who shall be deputed under work adjustment?  

✅ Every school should have at least one SGT. If the number of children is less than 20, one SGT shall be there. From 20 to 30 enrolment, one SGT and one MTS shall be there. For 30 to 60, Two SGTs shall be there. Deputation shall be done for the remaining teachers. 

Persons with disabilities (PWD), critical chronic patients, and those who are going to retire on or before May, 2024 are identified as surplus, then they shall be exempted from work adjustment. (Whatever criteria are followed for transfers, the same shall be followed for the identification of surplus teachers under work adjustment.) 

❓Whether the LFLHM can be treated as surplus in Primary Schools where the enrolment is <150? 

✅ No, only junior SGTs shall be treated as surplus. (LFLHM shall be continued in that school.) 

❓Procedure for work adjustment in the pre-high schools where the enrolment is <98 and >30 in classes 6,7 & 8 together. 

✅ Classes 6 to 8 shall be treated as one unit and provide subject teachers as per G.O Ms.No. 60, dt.23.06.2023 and classes 1 to 5 shall be treated as one unit and provide SGTs as per GO MS No. 117 & 128. This arrangement is to be done only for the Pre-High Schools, where the enrolment was less than 98 as on the date of rationalisation as per G.O.Ms.No.117, dt.10.06.2022.

❓Which seniority shall be considered in identifying the surplus teacher Station or Cadre? 

a. Teachers who were allotted to that school in recent transfer counselling 

b. Other cases.  

✅ a. Junior in the cadre shall be treated as surplus teacher. 

✅ b. Strictly adhere the guidelines issued in G.O.Ms.No. 117, dt.10.06.2022 & G.O.Ms.No.128, 13.07.2022. 

❓No surplus school assistants are identified in needy subjects. 

✅ Eligible and willing SGTs may be deputed to the needy High Schools as per need under work adjustment basis. 

❓Priority of adjustment of teachers 

✅ i.within school complex. 

✅ ii.within mandal. 

✅ iii.adjacent mandal. 

✅ iv.even after adjusting there is a need then adjust surplus teachers to within division, adjacent division etc. 


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