Sunday 11 June 2023

Functioning of Schools from 12th June to 17th June 2023 – conduct of classes from 07.30 AM to 11.30 AM up to 17.06.2023 Instructions issued. Rc.No.ESE02-30027/2/2023-A&I-CSE, Date: 11-06-2023.


Present: Sri.  S.  Suresh Kumar, IAS 

Rc.No.ESE02-30027/2/2023-A&I-CSE, Date: 11-06-2023                  

Sub: School  Education  –  Academic Year 2023-24  –  Functioning of Schools from 12th June to 17th  June 2023  – conduct of classes from 07.30 AM to  11.30 AM up to 17.06.2023 Instructions  issued.reg. 


1.This office dt:25.04.2023. Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-30027/2/2023-A&I, 

2.Lr.Rc.No.10869/HMFW/CHFW/NHM/2023,  dt:10.06.2023, of  the  Director  of  Health  &  Family  Welfare  Department, Mangalagiri,  Amaravati. 

3.  Weather  Predictions  communicated  by  the  AP  State Disaster Management  Authority  (AP-SDMA)  along  with the  Weather  forecast  report  by  Ministry  of  Earth  Sciences, India  Meteorological  Department,  Met  Centre  Amaravati. 


The  attention  of  all  the  Regional  Joint  Directors  of  School Education  and  the  District  Educational  Officers  in  the  State  is  invited  to the  reference  1st  read  above,  wherein  they  were  informed  that,  the summer  vacation  to  all  Schools  in  the  State  following  state  syllabus  will be  from  01-05-2023  to  11-06-2023  and  the  Schools  will  be  reopened  on 12-06-2023  (Monday)  for  the  Academic  year  2023-24. 

As  per  the  IMD  predictions  communicated  by  the  State  Disaster Management  Authority  (SDMA),  the  temperatures  would  record  beyond 40°for  the  next  four  to  five  days.  As  such,  movement  in  high temperatures  will  lead  to  serious  health  issues  to  the  children  and vulnerable  people.

In  the  reference  2nd  cited,  the  Director  of  Health  &  Family Welfare  Department,  Mangalagiri,  Amaravati  has  informed  that,  the Government  of  India  have  communicated  certain  Advisories  to  protect people  from  Heat  Related  Illnesses  (HRI)  and  mentioned  the  salient points  that  Heat  waves  have  a  devastating  impact  on  human  health thereby  increasing  the  number  of  heat  wave  casualties.  The  health impacts  of  Heat  Waves  typically  involve  dehydration,  heat  cramps,  heat exhaustion  and/or  heat  stroke.  The  signs  and  symptoms  are  as  follows: Heat  Cramps:  Ederna  (swelling)  and  Syncope  (Fainting)  generally accompanied  by  fever  below  39°C  i.e.102°F.  Heat  Exhaustion: Fatigue,  weakness,  dizziness,  headache,  nausea,  vomiting,  muscle cramps  and  sweating.  Heat  Stoke:  Body  temperatures  of  40°C  i.e. 104°F  or  more  along  with  delirium,  seizures  or  coma.  This  is  a  potential fatal  condition. 

Measures  to  be  taken  in  case  of  any  of  these  conditions: 

● Move  the  person  to  a  cool  place  under  the  shade 

● Give  water  or  a  re-hydrating  drink  (if  the  person  is  still  conscious) 

● Fan  the  person 

● Consult  a  doctor  if  symptoms  get  worse  or  are  long  lasting  or  the person  is  unconscious 

● Cool  the  person  by  putting  a  cool  wet  cloth  on  his/her  face/body 

● Loosen  clothes  for  better  ventilation. 

Keeping  in  view  of  the  recommendations  made  by  the  Director, Health  &  Family  Welfare  department  and  the  weather  predictions issued  by  AP  SDMA,  in  order  to  ensure  the  well-being  of  Children  in schools,  Government  of  Andhra  Pradesh  has  decided  to  change  the timing  of  schools  from  07.30  AM  to  11.30  AM  from  12.06.2023  to 17.06.2023.    All  Government,  Private  and  Aided  schools  in  the state  belonging  to  all  managements  and  boards  shall  abide  by these  timings. 

Further  the  various  activities  in  the  government  schools  shall  be taken  up  as  follows  during  12.06.2023  to  17.06.2023:

Hence, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the State are hereby instructed to inform to all the Head Masters to conduct classes from 07.30 AM to 11.30 AM from 12.06.2023 to 17.06.2023 and also to disseminate the health impacts of heat waves to all the teachers, parents and students. Also take all  measures as recommended by the GoI in the interest of health of the students. 

From 19th June 2023 on wards the schools shall function as per the prescribed timetable mentioned in the Academic Calendar 2023-24.  

Top priority should be given to this item of work.                                                                        

S Suresh Kumar 

Commissioner of School Education.


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