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AP KGBVs Admissions for VI, XI Classes and leftover vacant seats in VII, VIII & IX Classes for academic year 2023 - 24 in KGBVS across the State. Circular Memo.Rc.No.SS-21021/36/2022-IED & KGBV-SSA.



Circular Memo.Rc.No.SS-21021/36/2022-IED & KGBV-SSA #Approved Date#

Sub: Samagra Shiksha, AP KGBVs Admissions for VI, XI Classes and leftover vacant seats in VII, VIII & IX Classes for academic year 2023 - 24 in KGBVS across the State - certain instructions - issued Regarding.

All the District Educational officers/Ex-officio Project Coordinators & Addl. Project Coordinators, and Principals of all the KGBVS in the State are informed that, the admission process into KGBVS will be commenced in the month March, 2023 for the academic year 2023-24.

Further new admissions are to be taken up for class VI, XI and also for the left over vacant seats in VII, VIII and IX Classes from 28.03.2023 to 20.04.2023 through online. As per the guidelines issued by the Gol, priority should be given to the Out of School girl children, Dropouts, orphans, semi-Orphans, PHC and the remaining left over seats shall be filled in the order of preference SC, ST, OBC, Minority category and B.P.L. candidates. (Copy of the guidelines is Enclosed).

Further the District Educational officer/Ex-officio Project Coordinators & Addl. Project Coordinators, in the State are requested to prepare action plan and assign targets to the Principals/ CRTS/PGTs for enrolling the deserved students as per guidelines to apply for admissions in to KGBVS through online and see that no seats should be unfilled.

Accordingly the following are the process of identification of girl students for admissions into KGBVS to maintain accuracy and transparency:

• Online admission process adopted to provide admissions to the target group children i.e OSC, Orphan, Semi orphan, SC, ST, Minorityand BPL Children in to KGBVs. 

• The Principals and the GCDOS of the District concerned shall identify the deserved as per norms. • Collect the data of dropouts which is available in drop box of other schools.

• KGBV Staff may be divided into small groups to reach the corners of the selected regions and habitations. In this process they have to work and co-ordinate with the concerned Mandal level officials i.e.. MEOS, MPDOS, MROS, Headmasters and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) to identify the girl children related to OSC, Never enrolled, SC, ST and Minorities.

• As the KGBVS are meant for girls from disadvantaged communities and minorities from low female literacy regions, hence they have to concentrate on these regions through be in touch with different stake-holders.

• Conduct surveys and door-to-door campaigns with the help of Non- Government Organizations, Village Welfare Secretaries to identify orphan and semi-orphan girl children and get them enrolled.

• Special enrollment drives shall be conducted by the Principals/GCDOs/APC in hilly regions, tribal areas and the areas of deprived classes to create awareness among the parents.

• Contact with labour officers, child welfare committees for proper updates to get real time data of dropout girl students regularly.

• Regular contact with the organizers of the Residential Bridge courses to get in touch with the girl children who are having no primary education. Encourage the CWSN by conducting special guidance and counseling to them separately.

 • Aadvertise the achievements of KGBVS students SSC and Intermediate results, menu and nutritious food being provided to the students studying in KGBVs,and other success stories etc,.

 • KGBV staff shall maintain a good rapport with Sarpanches, MPTCs, ZPTCs and MPPs for the success of enrollment drives.

• The Principals shall see that, there are no seats left over in their KGBV and 100% enrollment should be done in the classes 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th 

• The principals of KGBVS (Minority) shall identify the Minority students and shall see that all the seats meant for minority students are filled in class 6th and 11th also vacant seats in classes 7th, 8th and 9th Therefore, they are requested to communicate the above guidelines to all Principals of all KGBVS in the State with instructions to follow the given guidelines and see that 100% enrollment in 6th & 11th Classes and fill up all left over vacant in all KGBVs in the year 2023-24 without fail.

This should be treated as most important.


#Approved By Name# 

State Project Director 

Samagra Shiksha, AP


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