Tuesday 28 February 2023

Parents committee meeting - Conduct of special Parent committee meeting– Strategies to support the students going to appear for SSC Public Exams, April 2023. Memo.No.SS-15021/26/2023-SAMO-SSA, Dated: 27-02-2023.



Memo.No.SS-15021/26/2023-SAMO-SSA, Dated: 27-02-2023

Sub: Samagra Shiksha-A.P : Parents committee meeting - Conduct of special Parent committee meeting– Strategies to support the students going to appear for SSC Public Exams, April 2023 –Certain Instructions - Issued.

Ref: Instructions of the State Project Director during the meeting held on 22.02.2023.


All the District Educational Ofcers & Ex-Ofcio Project Coordinators and all the Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the State are hereby informed that in addition to the regular parents committee meetings at school level, it is decided to conduct special Parents committee meeting at school level on 11-03-2023 with the S S C Examination appearing students and their parents and discuss about the following strategies to support the students for achieving better results in SSC Public Examinations April-2023.

The basic objective of this meeting should be facilitating and motivating the students in taking the 10th class examinations with confidence. The role and responsibility of parents and other family members in providing the support to students during next two months should be emphasized. This meeting shall not become a forum for fault finding or criticism or shaming the child for any poor performance in the past. The meeting should be aimed at sharing the learning levels of the child with parents, motivating them to understand and support the child in facing the SSC exam with confidence.

The Headmasters/Principals concerned shall reach out to all parents and ensure maximum participation. Those parents who could not attend the meeting due to various reasons shall be reached out through house visit by a teacher in the preceding week.The Headmaster should maintain proper record of meetings and interactions.

Further, Headmasters/Principals are requested to take necessary action to implement the above said instructions duly covering the following points in real spirit keeping in view to ensure the better performance of the students in SSC Public Examinations, April 2023.

1. Share the performance levels of each student with parents based on the tests/exams attended so far.

2. Suggest to improve the areas of weakness.

3. Focus on scoring areas in diferent subjects like map pointing in social, diagrams & Activities in sciences, letter writing and grammar tips as per the standard rubrics.

4. Encourage the students to attend study hours regularly and to practice model question papers.

5. Difcult topics/subjects preparation should be taken up by the child when he/she is stress free.

6. Proper plan/time table should be made for each subject with the support of the teacher.

7. Monitor their progress, not to pressurize and provide support to the students as per the requirement in creating self-help aids.

8. Teachers concerned are to be in touch with 10th class students and their parents and monitor them continuously till the exams are over.

9. Identify the students who are above average (60% and above) average (40 - 60%) and below average (below 40%) and guide them accordingly.

10.Make them aware of 6 question papers exam pattern.

11.Suggested to provide healthy, hygienic & nutritious food and enough fuid diet and suitable study environment.

12.Should have minimum 6-7 hours sleep and avoid T.V, mobile phones & social media.

  DEOs should personally communicate this to all HMs, explain the concept and objectives and ensure that the meetings are conducted on 11th March without fail. Report on the PTA meetings held to be submitted by 15th March.

 S Suresh Kumar



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