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Mapping of Schools and reapportionment of teaching staff under various managements viz., Govt, ZPP/MPP – representations received from the Hon’ble MLAs – regarding. Lr.Rc.No.ESE02-13/90/2021-EST3-CSE-Part(6), Dated: 24-07-2022


From :

S Suresh  Kumar, I.A.S., 

Commissioner  of  School  Education, 

‘B-Block, Anjenaya  Towers’, 

Ibrahimpatnam, Vijayawada.

To :

All  the District  Magistrate  & Collectors  in the State.

Lr.Rc.No.ESE02-13/90/2021-EST3-CSE-Part(6), Dated: 24-07-2022 

School Education - Nadu Nedu Academics – Mapping of Schools and reapportionment of teaching staff under various managements viz.,  Govt, ZPP/MPP – representations received from  the Hon’ble MLAs  – regarding.

Ref :

1. G.O.Ms.No.84,  School  Education(Prog.II)Dept.,  dt:24.12.2021. 

2. G.O.Ms.No.85,  School  Education(Prog.II)Dept.,  dt:24.12.2021. 

3. The AP Gazettee  Published by the  Govt  of  AP dt:27.12.2021. 

4. This  office Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-13/90/2021-EST3-CSE-Part2-(1), dt:18.05.202 

5. Note.No.(69)M(Education)/CO/2022,  dt:19.07.2022 of  the Hon’ble Minister  for  Education, Govt  of  AP. 

6.   Note.No.(73)M(Education)/CO/2022,  dt:21.07.2022 of  the Hon’ble Minister  for  Education, Govt  of  AP. 

I  invite the attention of  all  the District  Magistrate  &  Collectors  in the State to   the   reference   1st  cited,   wherein   Government   have   issued   orders   for restructuring  and  relocating  the  existing  Anganwadi  centers  and  existing  non residential  schools  run  by  State  Government,  Mandal  Parishad,  Zilla  Parishad, Municipal  and  Tribal  Welfare  departments  schools  into  (i)  Satellite  Foundation School  (PP1  &  PP2)  (ii)Foundational  School  (PP1,  PP2,  Class1  &  2);  (iii) Foundational  School  Plus  (PP1,  PP2,  Classes  1  to  5);(iv)  Pre  High  School (Classes  3  to  7  or  8);(v)  High  School(Classes  3  to  10)  and  (vi)  High  School Plus(Classes  3  to  12),  for  transforming  educational  infrastructure  and  to  enhance the  student  dignity  and  to  bring  in  comprehensive  academic  and  administrative reforms  with  an  objective  of  improving  learning  outcomes  of  children  studying in government  schools  to make  them  future global  citizens.

Further  in  reference  2nd  and  3rd  cited  Government  have  issued  certain amendments  to  the  Andhra  Pradesh  Right  of  Children  to  Free  and  Compulsory Education  Rules,  2010.  Accordingly,  the  Government  have  published  Gazette, dt:27.12.2021  in  exercise  of  the  powers  conferred  by  sub-section(1)  of  section 38  of  the  Right  of  Children  to  Free  and  compulsory  Education  Act,  2009(Act No.35  of  2009)  has  made  certain  amendments  to  the  Andhra  Pradesh  Right  of Children   to   Free   and   Compulsory   Education   Rules,   2010   issued   vide G.O.Ms.No.20,  School  Education(PE-Progs.I)Dept., dt:03.03.2011. 

Accordingly  in  the  reference  3rd  cited,  instructions  were  issued  to  all  the District  Educational  Officers  in  the  State  to  take  up  the  process  of  mapping  as detailed below:

     • To take up the process  of  mapping the Classes  3,4,5 of  Foundation /Foundation Plus  schools  to the neighbourhood Pre-High School/  High School  within the distance  of  1 KM  having Classrooms,  infrastructure with High Schools/  Pre-High School. Not  to map those classes  when there exists  any Natural  Barriers. The Classes  6,7,8 of  Pre-High Schools  shall be mapped  to the High Schools  existing  basing on the Student  Classroom Ratio  and as  perG.O.Ms.No.84,  85 dt:24.12.2021 and  Gazetted dt:27.12.2021 [Since,  no further  new  accommodation is  necessary  for these  sections].  Not  to map those classes  when  there exists  any  Natural Barriers.

     • For  the classes  3,4,5 in which the first  language  is  Minor language (Urdu / Tamil / Kannada / Oriya, etc.,)  shall  be mapped to available Pre-High School  or  High School  of  any  medium  within 1 KM  radius  and the first  language of  the same  Minor  medium  should be continued. 

• For, the classes  3,4,5 of  minor  medium  schools  should be mapped  with the available  Pre- High Schools  or  High Schools  of  same  Minor  medium. If  not  available,  they have to be continued as  stand  alone. 

Accordingly,   the   said   exercise   was   completed   by   all   the   District Educational  Officers  in the State.

In  the  reference  5th  and  6th  cited,  the  the  Hon’ble  Minister  for  Education, Govt  of  Andhra  Pradesh  has  informed  that,  he  has  received  representations  from Hon’ble  MLAs  with  respect  to  difficulties  faced  by  parents  and  students  in  some cases  where  Primary  schools/  upper  Primary  school  was  mapped  to  the  nearest High  school.  Further  informed  that,  The  Hon’ble  Minister  for  Education, Government  of  Andhra  Pradesh  have  sent  the  letters  received  from  Hon’ble MLAs  and  requested  to  study  the  feasibility  of  the  requests  and  sort  out  issues on  war  footing  and  to  get  the  factual  reports  on  the  said  proposals  and  to circulate  the  file  within  a  week.  It  is  made  clear  that  while  the  intention  of  the Government  in  undertaking    School  mapping  exercise  is  to  improve  the  quality of  education  by  providing  best  facilities  including  subject  teachers  form  class, under  any circumstances  the children should be put  to any   inconvenience. 

In  view  of  the  aforesaid  circumstances,  I  request  you  to  constitute  a Committee  with  the  following  members  and  to  examine  the  proposals  received from  the  Hon’ble  MLAs  as  per  the  norms  prescribed  by  the  Government  and  to submit  the  report  on  the  feasibility  of  their  requests  to  this  office  on  or  before 28.07.2022  for  onward  submission  of  the  same  to  Government  for  issue  of necessary  instructions  in the matter.

a. Joint  Collector - Chairman                               

b. Chief  Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad -  Member         

c. Revenue  Divisional  Officer - Member               

d. Constituency  Special  Officer - Member                (Wherever applicable) 

e.District Educational Officer - Convenor  

Request All Collectors to accord Top Priority  to this item of work. 

Encls: As above.            

Yours faithfully,

S Suresh Kumar,

Commissioner of School Education


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