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Government Orders and Memos on Leave Rules (From 1958 to 2010 )

Government Orders and Memos  on Leave Rules (From 1958 to 2010 )

1 Memo No. 13112/Accts. /67-2 F & P Department, Dated. 01-03-1958 Compensatory holidays - Govt., Instructions.

2 G.O.Ms.No. 528 G.A. (Poll.B) Department, Dated. 26-04-1961 Grant of Compensatory leave in lieu of O.H.

3 G.O.Ms.No. 161 Fin., (F.R.I) Department, Dated. 21-02-1963 leave preparatory to retirement, Submission of application

4 Memo No. 934 G.A. (Poll.B) Department, Dated. 23-04-1963 compensatory leave in lieu of the holidays ? clarification

5 Memo No. 2690 G.A. (Poll.B) Department, Dated. 03-10-1964 combinations of compensatory leave with regular leave.

6 Memo No. 16808/695/F.R.I/65-1 Fin., Department, Dated. 12-05-1965 Grant of earned leave/Privilege leave ? Instructions

7 G.O.Ms.No. 224 Fin., (F.R.I) Department, Dated. 03-11-1966 Post Graduate Courses  Study of  Treatment of absence

8 Memo No. 409204/1120/F.R.I/68-1/A Fin., Department, dated 03-04-1968 Availment of leave that earned during emergency service.

9 G.O.Ms.No. 238 Fin., & Plg., (F.R.I) Department, dated. 13-08-1969 Earned leave and leave on average pay  surrender of  Payment of leave salary.

10 Memo No. 52729/a/681/F.R.I/68-1 Fin., Department, dated 11-10-1969 Surrender of EL and leave on average pay ? Clarification

11 G.O.Ms.No. 211 Fin., (F.R.I) Department Dated.10-04-1972 Leave salary and allowances for surrender of leave by other State Govt., of Central Govt., servants deputed to this State Govt.,

12 Memo No. 64861/797/F.R.I/71-1 Fin., Department, dated 14-07-1972 Grant of HRA, OCA etc. during surrendered leave period

13 G.O.Ms.No. 181 & F&P (F.R.I & L) Department, dated. 16-07-1973 Accumulation and Availment of Privilege/Earned Leave by Last Grade Govt., servants.

14 G.O.Ms.No. 172 F&P (F.W.F.R.I) Department, dated. 01-07-1974 Surrender of leave without availing of leave

15 Memo No. 35326-C/748/F.R.I/74-1 Fin., Department, dated 17-07-1974 Surrender of leave without availing of leave ? Payment of advance salary

16 G.O.Ms.No 221 F & P (F.R.I) Department, dated. 23-8-1974 surrender of leave without availing of leave  extension of the benefit of temporary Govt., servant.

17 Memo No. 20584/302/F.R.1/74- Fin. Dept. dated. 12-9-1974 Eligibility for grant of half pay leave to the temporary Govt. servants

18 Memo No.47774/1177/F.R.I/74 Fin. Dept. dated. 7-11-1974 surrender of leave with out availing of leave  Extension of the benefit to temporary class-IV Govt. servants

19 G.O.Ms.No. 306 F & P (F.R.I) Department, Dated. 08-11-1974 surrender of leave without availing of leave  payment of cash value of earned leave/privilege leave surrendered

20 G.O.Ms.No. 809 G.A. (SPL) Department, Dated. 11-12-1974 Surrender of earned leave  Extension to the member of all India Services

21 G.O.Ms.No. 186 F & P (F.R.I) Department, Dated. 23-07-1975 Limit of Commuted Leaves raised form 180 to 240 days

22 G.O.Ms.No. 208 F&P (F.W.F.R.I) Department, Dated. 16-08-1975 Liberalization of leaves rules.

23 G.O.Ms.No. 390 F & P (F.W.F.R.I) Department, Dated. 31-12-1975 payment of cash value of earned/privilege leave surrendered certain amendments

24 Memo No.49395/149/F.R.I/75-1 F&P Dept dated. 6-1-1976 payment of surrender leave salary to Govt. servants in Foreign Service

25 G.O.Ms.No. 27 F&P (F.W. F.R-I) Dept. dated. 19-1-1976 liberalization of leave rules-further orders

26 G.O.Ms.No. 35 F&P (F.W.F.R-I) Department dated. 31-1-1976 leave salary and allowances for surrender of leave by state Government servants on deputation ? Liability of ?Orders

27 G.O.Ms.No. 324 F&P (FM.F.R-I) Department, Dated. 30-07-1976 Encashment of leave ? Applicability to the re-employed pensioners

28 Memo No. 92580/C-1768/F.R.I/76-1 Fin., Department, dated. 31-01-1977 Encashment of leave by the retiring/deceased Govt., Servants.

29 G.O.Ms.No. 334 F & P (F.W.F.R.I) Department, Dated. 28-09-1977 Surrender leave availment in a block period

30 G.O.Ms.No. 384 F & P (F.W.F.R.I) Department, Dated. 05-11-1977 Simplification of leave rules

31 G.O.Ms.No. 415 F & P (F.W.F.R-I) Department Dated.30-11-1977 Limit of encashment of earned leaves at the credit enhanced from 120 to 180 days

32 Memo No. 106288/1893/F.R.I/77-1 Fin., Dated. 30-05-1978 Availment of surrender leave in a block period  Certificate

33 G.O.Ms.No. 183 F & P (F.W.F.R-1) Department, Dated. 21-07-1978 Extra-ordinary leave-Exemption of bonds by Govt. Servants

34 G.O.Ms.No. 463 P & S.E (H) Department, Dated. 04-05-1979 Sanction of Maternity leave for 90 days to women teachers working under local bodies & aided managements.

35 Memo No. 50798/1063/F.R.I/79-1 Fin., Department, Dated. 22-11-1979 Surrender of leave while in service and encashment of leave on retirement - crediting advance credit of leave.

36 G.O.Ms.No. 35 Edn. (H) Department Dated. 16-01-1981 Drafting of Teachers during holiday for enumeration of census etc. ? Reservation of leave

37 G.O.Ms.No. 52 G.A. (Poll. B) Department Dated. 04-02-1981 Increase of C.Ls & O.Hs to 15 days and 5 days

38 Memo No. 86595/1210/F.R.I/7 Fin., Department, Dated. 29-05-1981 Prefixing and Suffixing of Holidays and vaction, O.Hs

39 G.O.Ms.No. 562 Edn., (H) Department Dated. 23-06-1981 Sanction of Maternity Leave of 90 days to female Teachers in Govt., Educational Institutions

40 U.O.No. 31504-A/978/A.a/81-2 Fin., Department, dated 03-08-1981 Class ? IV Govt., Employees more than 15 years of regular service permitted to surrender 30 days E.L.,

41 G.O.Ms.No. 329 F & P (F.W.F.R.I) Department, Dated. 17-12-1982 Class-IV Govt., Servants having less than 15 years of service are allowed privilege leave/E.L on par with employees in superior service

42 G.O.Ms.No. 9 F & P (F.W.F.R.I) Department Dated.10-01-1983 Eligibility of E.L/P.L for last grade Govt., Servants

43 G.O.Ms.No. 10 F & P (F.W.F.R.I) Department, Dated. 10-01-1983 Accumulation of earned leave enhanced from 180 to 240 days

44 G.O.Ms.No. 638 G.A. Department 30-12-1983 Special C.L. to the Dist. Unit office bearers of the Teachers Unions

45 G.O.Ms.No. 137 M & H Department, Dated. 23-02-1984 Special C.L to blood donors

46 Memo No. 8903/69-A/241/F.R./89-I Fin. Department dated. 31-3-1989 Encashment of E.L. during financial year 1989-90

47 Meno No.8672-A/305/F.R.I/89-1 Fin. Department dated. 13-4-1989 Encashment of E.L. during the year 1989-90-Further instructions

48 Memo No. 313/833/F.R.I/89-1 Fin. Department dated. 1-5-1989 Encashment of E.L. during 1989-90-Further instructions

49 G.O.Ms.No. 420 F&P (F.W.F.R.I) Department dated. 21-11-1989 No. of days E.L Enhanced to teaching and non-teaching staff

50 G.O.Ms.No. 420 F&P (F.W.F.R.I) Department dated. 3-12-1990 Encashment of E.L. on retirement-ceiling raised from 180 to 240 days

51 G.O.Ms.No. 238 F & P (F.W.F.R.I) Department, Dated. 16-09-1991 Enhancement of ceiling form 180 to 240 days ? Extension to the Govt., Servant who die while in service

52 G.O.Ms.NO. 268 F & P(F.W.F.R.I) Department, Dated. 29-10-1991 Entitlement of full pay in lieu of half pay leave for a period of 6 months to those employees suffering from ?Renal Failure?

53 G.O.Ms.No. 38 F & P (F.W.F.R.I) Department, Dated. 18-03-1992 Confining the 90 days of Maternity leave to those female Govt., Servants having less than 2 surviving children

54 G.O.Ms.No. 263 F & P (F.W.F.R.I) Department, Dated. 22-06-1992 Grant of special C.L. to Govt., Servants participating in trekking expeditions

55 G.O.Ms.No. 7 F & P (F.W.F.R.I) Department, Dated. 11-01-1994 Admissibility of HRA during half pay leave

56 G.O.(P).No. 21 F & P (F.W.F.R.I Department Dated.19-01-1994  Admissibility of DA during Half Pay Leave

57 G.O.Ms.No. 7 F & P (F.W.F.R.I) Department, Dated. 24-02-1994 Encashment of E.L. on retirement on superannuation/Death  Extensions of Benefits

58 G.O.Ms.No. 317 Edn., (Ser.V) Department Dated. 15-09-1994 Enhancement of E.L. from 5 to 6 days to the teaching and non-teaching staff.

59 G.O.Ms.No. 470 G.A. (Ser.Wel) Department, Dated. 16-09-1994 Special C.L. of 21 days to principal office bearers of all recognized service associations represented on J.S.C

60 G.O.Ms.No. 337 F & P (F.W.P.C.-II) Department, Dated. 29-09-1994 Employees Residing in Govt., Quarter Eligibility of HRA during surrender leave salary

61 G.O.Ms.No. 342 F & P (F.W.F.R.I) Department, Dated. 30-09-1994 Encashment of leave on half pay at the time retirement

62 G.O.Ms.No. 254 F & P (F.W.F.R.I) Department, Dated. 10-11-1995 Enhancement of Maternity leave to women Govt., Servants from 90 days to 120 days

63 G.O.Ms.No. 1036 G.A.(Ser.Wel) Department Dated. 29-11-1995 Special C.L. of 21 days to the Recognized Service Associations Principal Officer bearers at District Level

64 G.O.Ms.No. 283 F & P (F.W.F.R.-I) Department, Dated. 27-12-1995 Enhancement of Maternity Leave from 90 to 120 days ?Benefit extended to those Female Employees already on Maternity Leave.

65 G.O.Ms.No. F & P (F.W.F.R.I-IV) Department, Dated. 05-02-1996 Employees Residing in Govt., Quarters  Eligibility of HRA and Addl., HRA during Surrender Leave Salary

66 G.O.Ms.No. 37F&P (FW.FR-I) Department, dated. 26-2-1996 Maternity leave granted for second or subsequent confinements if only one child born earlier is alive.

67 G.O.Ms.No. 38 F&P (FW.FR-I) Department dated. 26-2-1996 Encashment of leave on death/Drawl of full pay and allowances-clarification

68 G.O.Rt.No.374 Edn., (Ser.V)Dept. dated. 16-3-1996 Sanction of 5 days extra C.Ls. for women teachers.

69 G.O.Ms.No. 134 Edn., (Ser.V) Department dated. 10-6-1996 Apprentice teachers are eligible for leaves on par with regular teachers

70 G.O.Ms.No. 214 F&P (FW.FR.I) Department, dated. 3-9-1996 Grant of leave for 5 years to Govt., Servants to take up employment abroad  

71 G.O.Ms.No.11 F&P (FW.FR-I) Department dated. 15-1-1997 Encashment of E.L-Withholding / withdrawing the benefit of cash payment

72 Memo No.27/423/A-2/FR-I/97-1 Fin. Dept. dated. 18-8-1997 Surrender of E.L. while in service by Govt.Employees-clarification

73 U.O. No.13127-A/113/F.R.I/98 Fin.Department dated.13-5-1998 Grant of 5 years leave to takeup emploment abroad ? instructions

74 Memo No.21102-B/371/A-2/F.R.-I/98 dated.7-8-1998 Grant of E.O.L. on Medical grounds  instructions

75 Memo No.31948/398/PC-I/98-1 Fin Department dated. 12-8-1998 Reckoning interim relief for encashment of leave ? clarification

76 G.O.Ms. 232 Home Department dated. 22-8-1998 Sanction of Spl. C.L.-Powers delegatedatedo D.G.& I.G.P.

77 G.O.Ms.No.234 F&P (FW.FR-I) Department dated. 27-10-1998 Encashment of leave on half pay at the time of retirement ? further instructions

78 Memo No.49578/905/F.R-I/A-2/98 Fin., Department dated. 23-2-1999 Encashment of leave on half pay at the time of retirement ? clarification

79 G.O. Ms.No.317 G.A.(AR&T-III) Department dated. 8-9-2000 Sanction of 10 days leave to attend the Vipasana Meditation course

80 G.O.Ms.No.351 G.A.(AR& T-III)Department dated. 18-10-2000 Vipasana Meditation Course  - Certain amendments

81 G.O.Ms.No. 161 Edn. (Ser.V) Department dated. 14-11-2000 Drafting of teachers during holidays for enumeration,census etc. ?Reservation of leave

82 G.O.Ms.No. 756 Fin. (FR-I) Department dated. 7-8-2002 Grant of leave for 5 years to takeup employment abroad ?Amendment

83 G.O.Rt.No. 197 W.C.W & D.W. (Estt.) Department dated. 14-5-2003 consolidated amount equal to 45 days of salary in lieu of Maternity leave to the women employees appointed on contract basis.

84 G.O.Ms.No. 69 S.E. (P.S.-I) Department dated. 6-6-2003 Enhancement of maternity leave from 90 days to 120 days to female teachers working in aided institutions

85 Memo.No. 12091-A/296/F.R-I/103 Fin. Department dated. 8-6-2003 Surrender of E.L-Encashment during the financial year 2003-04

86 G.O. Rt.No. 3027 G.A. (Ser.Wel.I)Department dated. 9-6-2004 Regularisation of Strike period on 24-2-2004

87 Memo.No. 11926-A/238/F.R-I/2004 dated. 18-6-2004 Encashment of E.L. during 2004 ?2005

88 G.O.Rt.No. 4013 G.A. (Ser.wel.I) Department, Dated. 26-7-2004 Spl., C.L. for Strike /Bandh call on 11-5-2000

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