Thursday 22 July 2021

MBNN- Revised administrative sanctions for beyond 15% required for completion of Nadu Nedu Phase-I – orders –issued. Rc. No. 1418851/RAS /MBNN /2021, Dtated: 22-07-2021



Present: V.ChinaVeerabhadrudu, IAS., 

Rc. No. 1418851/RAS /MBNN /2021, Dtated: 22-07-2021 

Sub: MBNN- Revised administrative sanctions for beyond 15% required for completion of Nadu Nedu Phase-I – orders –issued. 


1.Circular No.1333431/MBNN/2021, Dt.29.01.2021. 

2. Circular No.1302790/MBNN/2020, Dt.21.12.2020., Ph-I/2020-21, Dt.15.06.2021 of the MD, APEWIDC. 

4.Lr. No. AE/Mana Badi Nadu Nedu/2021, Dt.30.06.2021 of the ENC, Panchayati Raj department, Vijayawada 

5.Lr. Rc.No./AEE/DEEII/Nadu Nedu/Dt.30.06.2021 of the ENC, Tribal welfare , Vijayawada. 

6.Lr.No.602/2019/MGNREGS/STMS/Compound wall/Dt.06.07.2021 of the PD, housing Chittoor. 

7.Lr.Rc.No.MBNN/Ph-I/CWs/APSS/2021, Dt.18.06.2021 of the Chief Engineer, APSS, Vijayawada 

8.Lr. No.101/T6/MBNN/Ph-I/2021/2, Dt.07.06.2021 of the ENC,Public health, Tadepalli, Guntur district. 

9.Lr.No.DEE1/AEE3/MBNN/Revised sanction/2021, Dt. 28. 06. 2021 of the ENC, RWS&S, Vijayawada. 

10.Proc.Rc.No.1418851/MBNN/2021,Dt.02.07.2021 Technical committee formed with all the Executing agencies headed by the Advisor(infra). 

11. Technical committee approved minutes Dt.06.07.2021.



   Under Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Phase-I a total 15715 schools were taken up to improve the infrastructure facilities in Government schools with a Budget allotment of an amount of Rs.3669 crores. The works taken up are nearing completion. 

2. Instructions were issued in the video conferences and also vide references 1st and 2ndcited to the Parents committees and Mandal Engineers to prepare working estimates and prepare expenditure statements and to complete the components (works) and close the ongoing school projects. While preparing working Estimates, the Parents Committees and Mandal Engineers have revised the estimates by taking into account the actual work done and the items of work to be completed and are now seeking revised administrative sanctions. 

3. In reference 1st cited, the District collectors were authorized to sanction upto10 % beyond ceiling limit. All Proposals upto 10% of ceiling limit were approved by the District Collector and upto 15% were placed before Director of School Education and were approved. 

4. Proposals beyond 15% for an amount of Rs.68,83,89,648/- (Rupees Sixty eight crores eighty three lakhs eighty nine thousand and six hundred and forty eight only) were received from the concerned executing agencies through STMS. File No.ESE02/463/2021-DESIGN-CSE 5. After the assessment by QC teams of the under the control of

5. After the assessment by QC teams of the under the control of the Executing agencies the revised proposals have been submitted as follows:

6. In view of the above , vide reference 10thand 11thcited above , the Director of School Education with the approval of Principal Secretary to School Education constituted a technical committee to examine the proposals for considering revised administrative sanction for works with expenditure beyond 15% of ceiling limit as received from the executing agencies after assessment by the QC teams. 

7. Accordingly a meeting was held by Advisor to Government, School Infrastructure and Chairman of the Technical Committee with the Members on 06.07.2021 in the conference hall O/o State Project Director, SS, Vijayawada. The Technical Committee has observed that the upward revision of estimates was due to increase in painting area, additional indents, increase in certain components under Major and Minor repairs and increase in the area of compound wall construction. The Committee members have examined the proposals and agreed to recommend for payment of the net additionality of Rs.49,64,44,341 /- ( Rupees Forty nine crores sixty four lakhs forty four thousand three hundred and forty one only) for 774 schools and to accord revised administrative sanction for an amount of Rs. 270,40,23,875 /-( Rupees Two hundred and seventy crores forty lakhs twenty three thousand eight hundred and seventy fve only) for 774 number of schools. 

8. After careful examination of the proposals cleared by the Technical Committee and with the approval of the Principal Secretary to Government, School Education on fle, revised administrative sanction for the works with expenditure beyond 15% of original administrative sanction is hereby accorded for an amount of Rs. 270,40,23,875/- (Rupees Two Hundred and Seventy Crores Forty lakhs Twenty Three Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy Five only) for 774 number of schools with the net additionality being Rs.49,64,44,341 /- (Rupees Forty Nine Crores Sixty Four Lakhs Forty Four Thousand Three Hundred and Forty One only). 

9. Therefore, the concerned executing agencies are here by requested to complete the works immediately and close the school projects. 


1. Approved list of 110 schools of APEWIDC department. 

2. Approved list of 187 schools of Samagra Shiksha department. 

3. Approved list of 64 schools of Tribal welfare department. 

4. Approved list of 26 schools of RWS&S department. 

5. Approved list of 312 schools of Panchayati Raj department. 

6. Approved list of 73 schools of Public health , MAUD department. 

7. Approved list of 02 schools of Housing department. 

Chinaveerabhadrudu Vadrevu 

Director, School Education  


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