Monday 12 October 2020

WhatsApp Advanced Search Will Help You Find Old Messages And Files Easily

 WhatsApp Advanced Search Will Help You Find Old Messages And Files Easily

WhatsApp has rolled out its much awaited Advanced Search feature for Android devices. The feature was launched a few months ago on iOS devices and helps WhatsApp users to look for the desired content format in their chats more easily.

Now confirmed for the Android devices, WhatsApp Advanced Search comes as a step up to the already existing search option on the Facebook-owned chat app.With an added 'Media' window, Advanced Search allows users to search for photos, videos, GIFs, documents and more across their chat history.

WhatsApp has now confirmed the rollout for Android devices in a recent tweet. In the tweet, the chat app mentions that the Advanced Search can be used to "to more powerfully look through past chats and messages."

How WhatsApp Advanced Search works :

Advanced Search by WhatsApp can be understood as additional filters to the normal search on the app. While the regular search option only took the search keywords into account, the new feature adds multiple levels to it.

For instance, now instead of searching just for text, the feature will look through all file formats that it comes across in your chat history. The users can hence "search for a specific contact, then choose the type of media and add keywords" to put into action a much more powerful search than before.

The addition of multimedia content in search results will come as a huge add on to WhatsApp users as it will let one look through old media files shared with family and friends alike in a matter of seconds.

Users needing to use the Advanced Search feature can tap on the Search bar and select the type of multimedia content they want to search for. WhatsApp offers six multimedia options to choose from - Photos, GiFs, Links, Videos, Documents, and Audio. Users can tap on any of the six options as well as add keywords to refine the search results to the maximum.

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