Saturday 11 April 2020

School Education-Nadu Nedu-Execution of works-Working Estimates/Revised Estimates-Guidelines-Issued-Regarding. Cir. Memo. No. 11/19-20/Nadu Nedu, Dated: 10-04-2020.

Government of Andhra Pradesh
School Education Department 

Cir. Memo. No. 11/19-20/Nadu Nedu            Dated: 10-04-2020 

SUB: - School Education-Nadu Nedu-Execution of works-Working Estimates/Revised Estimates-Guidelines-Issued-Regarding.

REF: - 1. G. O. Ms .No. 87 of the School Education (Prog-II) Department dated 30-11-2019.2. Data base from STMS website. .                                           

    The Government vide the GO 1st cited, have accorded administrative approval for taking up infrastructure development in 9 identified components in all the schools under Nadu Nedu. 15715 schools wereidentified under phase-I Nadu Nedu which will be taken up by theimplementing agencies like Samagra Shiksha, APWEIDC, PRED, TWED,RWS&S, Housing and Public Health department.

2. The schools were allotted to the Implementing Agencies taking mandalas unit. As approved in the GO the Nadu Nedu works shall be executed bythe Parents Committee by means of Community Contracting.

3. So far administrative sanctions were accorded for 15068 school projectswith total of 113783 works/components. The works are grounded and arein different stages.

4. During the video conferences and teleconferences, the field officershave made requests to allow for working estimates as certain projects andcomponents require revision of estimates as per the present fieldrequirement. Also as seen in the data base nearly 4000 works in certainschool projects are observed with abnormally less estimated amountsthan the expected estimated amount.

5.  Considering the above reasons, it is decided to allow the workingestimates and revision/modification of estimates, subject to the followingguidelines.

Working estimate: 

     a.  Increase and decrease of the estimate costs of the components isallowed subject to maximum administrative sanctioned cost of theproject.

     b.  If required new task can be added duly selecting from the task bank.

     c.  No increase in the overall project cost is allowed.

     d.  No revised administrative sanction is required if estimates areincreased or decreased from component to component within theoverall administrative sanctioned amount.

     e.  Similar   process/protocol   followed   in   estimate   generation   and technical  sanction  shall  be  followed  for  working  estimate  also.

     f.  Revised  technical  approvals  shall  be  accorded  by  the  competent authorities   for   the   components   whose   estimated   amount   is increased.

     g.  The  differential  amount  between  the  actual  cement  cost  procured from  open  market  and  as  per  the  technically  sanctioned  estimate shall  be  taken  into  account  in  the  working  estimate  and  also  in  final estimate  /completion  report.

Revised estimates  (Modification  of  the  estimate) 

     a.  Allowed  only  for  the  identified  school  projects  for  which  the  estimate costs  of  the  components  are  abnormally  less  than  the  average estimated  cost  of  the  component.  These  identified  works  are  put  in the  STMS.

     b.  Revised  estimates  are  allowed  for  selected  demo  schools  also.

     c.  Increase  in  the  project  cost  is  allowed  for  such  identified  school projects  wherever  required.

     d.  Revision/modification  of  the  estimates  shall  be  taken  up  only  for  the components  for  which  the  sanctioned  estimate  cost  is  not  sufficient.

     e.  Revision/modification  is  allowed  only  for  one  time.

     f.   Revised  administrative  sanction  shall  be  obtained  by  the  District Collectors,  only  for  the  projects  where  the  project  estimated  cost exceeds  the  original  project  cost  in  these  schools.

     g.  Similar   process/protocol   followed   in   estimate   generation   and sanctions  shall  be  followed  for  the  revised  estimate  also.

     h. Revised  technical  sanctions  shall  be  accorded  by  the  competent authorities   for   the   components   whose   estimated   amount   is increased.

6.  Hence  all  the  Engineers,  DEOs  and  APCs  shall  make  note  of  the  above guidelines   and  take  up  generation  of  working  estimates  and  revised estimates  wherever  actually  required  and  ensure  school  infrastructure works  are  completed  with  approved  specifications  and  quality,  within  the specified  time.

7.  The  District  Collectors  are  requested  to  monitor  the  progress  of  the schools  and  ensure  works  are  completed  within  specified  time.



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