Wednesday 15 April 2020

Office of the Director General of Police,
Andhra Pradesh, Mangalagiri.

Re.No. 203/L&0-111/2020-239

Da te: 13--04-2020

Sub: Emerging pattern of New tested positive Covid-19 - Instructions Issued - Reg.

* * *
It is observed on the seeing New Covid-19 Positive person 's professions that
there may be chances of spreading of infection as follows.

1. Persons tested positive in East Godavari District, Krislma, Guntur etc., who had no h istory of outside state travel or no contact of p.rima1y I secondary contacts of any person, who visited outside state/country. However, tbey have done the business in which they collected currency notes from many persons while selling Goods/Essential commodities/or collected monthly charges from multiple persons and got infected which clearly show the CURRENCY Notes, which as the culprit CARRYING the Virus from infected persons. This PHENOMENON rings Danger Bells in our state as, the online transactions are m inimal and mostly business is done through CASH TRANSACTION. 111e M ICRO financers move to collect interest on day to today/weekly/fo1tnightly/monthly basis and unknowingly coming into contact with notes, which have been contaminated by the infected persons. More ever people are in the habit of using saliva to count the currency notes in bunch.
2. CABLE, T.V Operators/Drinking water suppliers' I Milk suppliers are also in habit of collecting money from multiple customers. Likewise Petrol, Stations I Kirana, Shops I Grocery, Shops I Vegetable, Vendors I Fruit, vendors/ Phannacists also collet money from the customers and in the process they may come into contact with contam inated notes. There is one more section of society i.e. RMP Doctors who are not having awareness about the virus, are treating and collect money from out patients and they are also getting infected, (as reported in Guntur) and also infecting others, who come to them for treatment. The LAB Techn icians also, it seems are not following SOP to collect Swabs/ blood samples from various patients to Diagnose various diseases. The Lab Technicians shall take all precautions
while collecting samples and while conducting tests.

f- Rc.No.203_23...ted +ve cases PDF [] -..
Therefore, in the light of above the following guidelines are issued.

1. All Unit Officers are requested give vide publicity that public shall make use of onJine transactions and accept the cash only after san itizing themselves & currency notes. Not arc the saliva for counting the cuJTency notes.
2. Avoid collection of currency notes for 2 more weeks till 14.04.2020.
3. Avoid vi siting of red zone areas even on essential commodity business.
4. All Unit Officers are requested to make arrangements to get tested  all village volunteers/ward vol1.1nteers /Police  perso1mel on Red Zone bundobust  duty.
5. All Unit Officers are requested not lo accommodat e many in one quarantine Centre, without arranging a separate room I wash room to each person.
6. All Unit Officers are requested to get condu:;ted tests for DR/DRC on priority basis as they have been in quarantir.e for many days.
7. All Unit Officers are req uested to liaise with DMHO/Dist. Collector and see that SOPs are issued to iLab Technicians on how to take swabs I diagnose COYID/other diseases also.
8. All Unit Officers are req uested to get details about attendees of "DEOBAN DI in the U.P. for the last one month and see that they are also shifted, if any, to the quarantine centers as reported in Ad ilabad District of Telangana. They are also requested to send details of attendees to the
C.O. immediately .

All Unit Officers are requested to take above steps and report compliance.

All CsP All SsP
Copy to IGP, Guntur Range. Copy to All Range DlsG.

1?>\ .
for Director General of Poli

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