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1.    A Service Register should be maintained by the Head of Office for every Government Servant (Gazetted and Non-Gazetted) holding a substantive post on a permanent establishment or officiating in a post or holding a temporary post likely to last for more than one year.
(, F&P(FW.Admn)Dept., Dt.13-10-1976.)

2.   The Service Register must be maintained in respect of contingent employees who are subsequently converted as class IV employees.(, F&P(FW Pen.I) Dept, Dt.29-4-1983)

3.     The Service Register of an employee appointed on or after 10-12-1999 must be maintained in the S.R. Form prescribed in the G.O. Ms. No. 200, Finance and Planning (FWFR-I) Dept, Dt. 10-12-1999.

4.        Service Registers must be under the custody of Head of the Office (Sub Rule (2) of FR 74 Annexure – II)

5.     Service Register of an NGO transferred to other office should not be handed over to him. It must be sent by post to the Head of the Office to which the NGO is transferred with up to date entries. (Sub-Rule 2 of Rule 74 FR-Annexure-II and Fin Dept. Dt.30-7-1966 and, F&P Dept, Dt.8-10-1984).

6.        In case a person is newly appointed to a post, it is the responsibility of the Head of the Office/DDO to verify all the required particulars of the person like, proceedings of the authority in which he is appointed, age, date of birth, educational qualifications, caste, physical fitness certificate etc., All such particulars should be subsequently entered in the SR of the individual and duly attested.

7.        It is the duty of the Head of the Office/DDO to see that all the particulars of list of family members of the employees, relationship, declaration of probation, regularization, promotions, options, transfers, pay fixations, punishments imposed, increments sanctioned, employees ID number, Local status and caste etc., are to be recorded in SR and attested by the Head of the Office/DDO.

8.        The Head of the Office/DDO should record the particulars of deputation of employees on Foreign Service. (, F&P Dept., Dt.17-1-1993).

9.    The particulars of Home Town as declared by the employee and as accepted by the controlling officer should be recorded in SR of the employees besides entering the particulars of LTC availed by the employee and attested by the Head of the Office (Clause (b)(i) of Rule 8 of LTC Rules and 15, F&P Dept., Dt.17-1-1993)

10.   It is the responsibility of the Head of the Office/DDO to see that the monthly subscription under APGLI & APE GIS are recovered correctly at the prescribed rates of the employee and the Head of the Officer / DDO will be held personally responsible for the short fall of the recovery. (Para 3(iii) of, F&) (FW Admn-II) Dept., Dated 14-12-1994 and G.O.(P) no.288 (F&P Admn.II) Dept. Dated 10-10-2005.)

11.  Nominations under GPF, Gratuity etc., of the employee should be recorded in the SR and attested by the Head of Office/DDO.

12.     It is the responsibility of Head of Office/DDO to attest the leave account of the employee.

13.     Conduct and character of the employee should not be recorded in the SR of the employee (Rules under FR 74(9)(iv) Annexure –II Part –I)

14.     Duplicate SR can be maintained by the employee and all the entries in such duplicate SRs should be got attested by the Head of the Office/DDO only. (,Fin(FR) Dept., Dt.22-6-1964)

15.     It is the responsibility of the Head of the Office/DDO to rebuilt the SR in case it is lost based on the collateral evidences available. ( F&P (FWPS-I) Dept. Dt.11-6-1980)

16.     The service records of the Heads of offices may be maintained in their own offices instead of in the offices of their immediate superior officers, and the entries therein recorded on the basis of actual events. (G.O.Ms.No.21, F&P Dept., Dt.25-1-1977)

17.  The Head of the office is the custodian of service registers of the employees in his office. (Sub-Rule 2 of FR 74 Annexure II).

18.    New Format of Service Register has been prescribed in G.O. Ms. No. 200, Finance and Planning (FWFR-I) Dept, Dt. 10-12-1999.  The new format of SR provides all columns required to be filled up in respect of various types of service particulars. The head of Office will be perfect in discharging his responsibilities if he verifies the columns provided in the SR when opening a SR. the Head of office should insist for the new format of SR as provided in the above G.O.

19.     Entries in Service Register should not be made with pencil (Govt. Memo no.72246/C1/1495/FR-I/66-2, Finance Department, Dt.30-7-1966)

20.     It is the responsibility of the Head of the office/DDO to issue notices to all the employees in his office to go through the SR and correctness of the entries made in the SR.(Govt.memono.51840/2134 Fin. Dept, Dt.9-11-1964)

21.     It is the responsibility of the head of the office/DDO to record service verification certificate in the SR of the individual in the April every year. (, F&P Dept., Dt.7-11-1977)

22.  The head of the office has to certify in the capacity of Pension sanctioning authority, that he has verified the services with reference to pay rolls, pay fixations, including AAS, appointments /pay fixations from time to time fill the date of retirement. (Govt. Cir. Memo no.42/PSC/2012, F&P, Dt.17-12-2012.)

23.        The S.R. should contain:-

A.  Bio-data of the employee at the time of joining in to service including identifications and photograph

B.  All kinds of promotions

C.  Regularizations and probation declarations of all cadres

D.  General Education and Technical Education qualifications.

E.   Departmental Tests.

F.   List of Family members

G.  Nominations under GIS, APGLI, GPF and Pension

H.  All kinds of punishments.

I.     All kinds of Long term Loans and Advances

J.   Availment of LTC/Home Town

K.  Sanction of partfinal withdrawl of GPF

L.   Leave Account

M.  Employee ID Number

N.  Local Status.

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