Sunday 11 June 2017

Rc.No.41, Dt: 10-06-2017. బడి పిలుస్తుంది....విద్యా వారోత్సవాలు....12.06.2017 నుండి 18.06.2017

బడి పిలుస్తుంది....విద్యా వారోత్సవాలు....12.06.2017 నుండి 18.06.2017
Rc.No.41                                            Dt: 10-06-2017.

 Sub:   School Education  Department-  Conduct  of  “Badi  Pilustondi  -Vidya Varotsavalu” programme for the year 2017-18 from 12.06.2017 to 18.06.2017 –Conduct of programme and activities –Instructions Issued- Reg.*

Ref: Action plan on “Badi Pilustondi -Vidya Varotsavalu ” programme


All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, District Educational Officers and Project Officers, SSA in the state are instructed to implement “Badi Pilustondi   -Vidya   Varotsavalu”   program   during   the   period   12.06.2017   to 18.06.2017. This year the Badi Pilustondi program is being undertaken in a different manner. All the DyEOs. MEOs, AMOs of SSA, Headmasters, and Teachers may make note of the same and take necessary action accordingly.

The broader objectives of the “Badi Pilustondi – Vidya Varotsavalu” Campaign are to ensure that

1.  All children in the age group of 6-14 years shall be enrolled in the schools.
There shall be no dropouts/ never enrolled children in any village.
2.  No child shall be employed as child labour.
3.  Quality education shall be imparted to all children, in all schools, through
regular monitoring and continuous evaluation of the children’s learning levels.

The “Badi Pilustondi - Vidya Varotsavalu” campaign will be launched formally by the Hon’ble Minister, HRD on reopening of schools on 12th June 2017 at Vishakapatnam. All through the week it is proposed to take up the program in an innovative and interesting manner with children as the focus.

Hence, it is instructed that during the First Week of school reopening, the “Badi Pilustondi - Vidya Varotsavalu” program the focus should be on students who have come to the school. They should be welcomed in a special manner and each day of the week at school made an exciting, enjoyable and interesting experience to them. The day wise activities listed in the annexure should be taken up at the school level to engage the students and also to attract the children outside the school. It is requested to make it a memorable experience to the children, so that they feel motivated and excited and bring the other children from the neighbourhood to attend the school

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