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G.O.Ms.No.89 , Dated:18 .07.2016. Conversion of Social Welfare Hostels in the State into Social Welfare Residential Schools in a phased manner – 2016-17


 GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH                                ABSTRACT 

Social Welfare Department- Conversion of Social Welfare Hostels in the State into Social Welfare Residential Schools in a phased manner – 2016-17 (2nd Phase) Orders– Issued

   SOCIAL WELFARE (EDN.1) DEPARTMENT         G.O.Ms.No.89            Dated:18 .07.2016

Read the following:
1. G.O.Ms.No. 45, S.W. (Edn.1) Dept ., dt . 10.07.2015 
2. G.O.Rt .No. 2980, G.A. (SC.A) Dept ., dt . 01.10.2015. 
3. Minutes of meeting of Committee of the Secretaries of Welfare      Departments,   held on 24-11-2015. 
4. Lr.No.C1/4622/205 dated 5-2-2016 of the DSW., A.P. addressed to all the District  Collectors. 
5. D.O.Lr.No. 7689/Edn.1/2015, S.W. (Edn.1) Dept., dt. 03.03.2016 
6. G.O.Ms.No 22, S.W.(RS.2) Department , dated 20-2-2016 
7. G.O.Ms.No 48, S.W.(RS.2) Department , dated 16-4-2016 
8. From the DSW., AP., Hyd. Lr.No.Rc.No.C1/4622/2016, dt . 13-5-2016 
9. From the DSW., AP., Hyd. Lr.No.Rc.No.C1/4622/2016, dt . 25-6-2016       & 12-07-2016 
10. Meeting of the Committee of Secretaries of Welfare Departments, held on 13-07-2016.



The Government of Andhra Pradesh endeavours to provide quality education to the children of the Scheduled Caste community in order to achieve sustained inclusive growth. As part of this endeavour and in order to leverage the acknowledged superior ecosystem of the Residential School system viz. a congenial integrated study & stay environment leading to the all round development of the students, better standards of educational attainment, good infrastructure, etc . the Government have decided to convert all the Social Welfare Hostels in the State into Residential Schools in a phased manner. To facilitate the transition, the Government has taken steps vide the reference 6th & 7th cited for the sanctioning of new Residential Schools and ramping up of the infrastructure in the existing Residential Schools of the Social Welfare Department.

2.  The Government have issued orders, in the reference 1st read above, for the conversion of (199) Hostels into Residential Schools in 2015-16 (1st Phase) and the orders have been implemented.

3.  Further, in the reference 2nd read above, the Government have constituted a Committee of Secretaries of Welfare Departments to examine and suggest the comprehensive proposal & action plan on the conversion of Hostels into Residential Schools in a phased manner in the State. The Committee of Welfare  Secretaries has met on 24.11.2015 to discuss about the strategy / action plan to be adopted for conversion and constituted an Inter Departmental Committee at the  State Level with all the HODs of the Welfare Department as members for the finalization of the guidelines for the conversion of SC/ST/BC/MW Hostels into Residential Schools.

4.  The Inter Departmental Committee has met on 10.12.2015 and discussed & finalized the action plan, strategy for implementation, criteria & guidelines to be adopted & it was decided that the proposals for conversion of the Hostels into Residential Schools will be prepared & supervised by the District Level committees headed by the concerned  Joint Collector-II/P.O.ITDAs.  The strategy and guidelines for conversion of Welfare Hostels into Residential Schools were communicated to all the District Collectors by the Director of Social Welfare in the reference 4th cited & vide the reference 5th cited all the District Collectors were in the State were instructed to finalize the proposals for the year 2016-17 in terms of guidelines mentioned, in the reference 4th read above.        

5.   In  the reference 8th read above, the  Director of Social  Welfare,  has informed that all  the District  Committees have furnished the initial proposals for the conversion of Social  Welfare Hostels into  Residential  Schools during the year 201617.(2nd Phase)

6.   The  initial  proposals  received  from  the  District  Level Committees  were  vetted with  respect to the guidelines framed  by  the Internal  Departmental Committee  in  a Review  Meeting  / Work  shop  held  by  the  Director of Social  Welfare & Secretary, APSWREIS.,  with  all  the Joint Directors/Dy. Directors of Social  Welfare Department and  Convener   Principals  of  A.P.  Social  Welfare  Residential  Educational Society  on 12.06.2016 &  13.6.2016  and certain  modifications  were  suggested. The  draft proposals,  so finalized,  were referred back to the all  the District Collectors for confirmation & approval.

7.  Basing on  the confirmation reports received from  all  the District Collectors, the Director of  Social  Welfare, AP., vide  the references 9th & 10th cited has furnished the abstract statement of the 2nd  Phase of  conversion  of  Hostels proposed during  2016-17  ,both district wise & class wise,  and he has proposed to  shift (13,509)  boarders  from  (272)  S.W.  Hostels  i.e., (7,989)  boarders  to  the  nearby Residential  Schools,  and (5,520)  boarders  to  the  nearby Welfare  Hostels  in  respect of (13)  Districts of the State.  The  said  proposals were placed  in  the meeting  of  the Committee of Secretaries of Welfare Departments held on 13.07.2016.

8.  Government after careful  examination of  the proposal  of  the Director of  Social Welfare, hereby decide  to  shift (13,509)  boarders  from  (272)  Social  Welfare  Hostels i.e.  (7,989)  boarders  to  the  nearby Residential  Schools  and (5,520)  boarders  to nearby Welfare  Hostels  in  the  2nd Phase  during the  year 2016-17 , as  per the details annexed to this order.

9.   Government also directs the Director of  Social Welfare and  the Secretary, APSWREIS  to  ensure  the implementation  of  the following steps to ensure that the transition is implemented in a planned and smooth manner:

a) The  Joint Collector-II, who are the Chairmen & the P.O.  I.T.D.As who are the Co-Chairperson of the District Level  Committees for formulating the plan  of action and  implementing  the strategy  for the conversion  of  Hostels to Residential Schools shall be the Nodal  Officer at the District Level  for ensuring the implementation of this order.

b)  The   Joint Collector-II  & the P.O. I.T.D.A. shall  immediately  call  the  meeting          of the District Level  Committee & finalize the District    level    implementation plan for the conversion under the guidance of the District  Collector.

c) The  concerned Joint Director/ Deputy  Director  of  Social  Welfare,  who  are     the Convenors  of the  District Level  Committee  &  the  Principal Convenor,  APSWREIS shall render all the necessary assistance to the  Joint Collector-II/P.O. I.T.D.A.s.

d) The counselling  of the hostel  boarders and their  parents by  the concerned  Hostel Welfare Officer, under the supervision of the A.S.W.O.s, is mandatory. The  boarders and the  parents  shall  be  enlightened about the  benefits accruing by        transiting to the Residential School system.
e) The Hostel  Welfare Officers shall ensure proper  discharge  of  the  boarders  in               the School  and Hostel  records and they  shall  personally  escort each student along with their belongings to the Residential  School/Hostel,  hand  over the child to the  custody  of the  Principals/Hostel  Welfare Officers only, get the admission of  the  child completed and obtain  proper  acknowledgement. The  parents shall also be encouraged to  accompany  the children, as per their convenience, so that the children feel comfortable.

f)  The  D.E.O.s shall  issue necessary  instructions to the  M.E.O.s/Head  Masters   of the  concerned schools to issue the  Transfer Certificates and  other  documents to the boarders  of  the Hostels as & when requested  by  the  H.W.O.s without delay.

g)   The  Principals/Hostel Welfare  Officers  shall  ensure that the admission  process is  completed without delay  and  acknowledgment  is  give  to  the                 concerned  Hostel  Welfare Officer.  They  shall  also counsel  the parents who     are accompanying the children.

h)  The  Principals/Hostel Welfare  Officers  shall welcome  the  children  and  make         them comfortable in the new environment.

i)  The  Principals  shall  introduce to the  children to their concerned  class  teacher who shall escort the child to the class and the dormitory.

j)  The  Principals  shall  issue  an  order  appointing  all  the staff  members of  the Residential Schools as mentors to not exceeding (5) children.

K)  The mentors  shall act as the friend &  guide to the transited students and shall visit the child daily  in  both the classroom and dormitory environments. The mentor shall  resolve  any minor problem that the child  may be  facing and any larger issue shall be brought to the notice of the Principal.

 l)   The Principals  shall arrange for the academic  assessment of every transited   child and ensure that  remedial  classes are  held  till the child attains parity with the other students.  The Remedial classes  in English  shall  be held compulsorily for all the transited children.

m)   The  Principals/Hostel  Welfare Officers  shall  open separate  attendance watch registers for the transited students and shall  monitor the attendance of the transited students on  daily basis. The  return of the  transited students after holidays shall also be particularly monitored.

n)  The mentor/Hostel  Welfare Officer  shall  visit the houses  of the transited children,  in  case  any dropping out  is  observed,  counsel  the child  and  their parents and ensure that the child rejoins the institution.

o)   The entire transition process & the weekly  attendance of the transited children shall be  entered  in  the facility  provided  in  the  e-Hostel  package http://swhostels.cgg.gov.in/ap  both  by  the Hostel  Welfare  Officers  & the Principals  of  the  Residential  Schools and shall be  closely  monitored by  the concerned  Deputy  Directors of Social  Welfare  and  the  Principal  Convenors  of  the Residential Schools.  The Director of  Social Welfare & the Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Residential  School  Society shall  take necessary action as directed above and ensure that the  transition process is  completed latest by  the 31st of July, 2016.



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