Tuesday 9 February 2016

RC 20 Dt.8.2.16. DSC 2014. Revised Schedule of Preparation of Selection lists and Verification of Certificates


Rc. No.20/TRC-2/2015       Dated:   08-02-2016.

    Sub:-      School   Education-    TET-CUM-TRT-2014-       Preparation    of Selection    Lists, Verification    of the  Certificates    and  Revision    of Schedule   -  Instructions     -  Issued Reg.

    Ref:-      1.  G.0.  Ms.   No.38,   Education,    Dated:   19.11.20142.  Govt.  Memo  No.   123047/Exams/2014     dated:25.01.20163. 
    This  Office  Proc. 2. Re. No.20/TRC-1/2016     dated:29.0l.2016

The attention  of the District  Educational    Officers in the State  is invited to the references read above and they are informed  that in the reference    3rd read above, the Government have permitted    the  Commissioner   of School Education,  A.P.,  Hyderabad   to  take   up the  further recruitment   process  in respect  of 8086 notified  vacancies including   3 S.A.(Phy.  Edn),  7057 SGTs and  1026  language   Pandits duly following  the  guidelines   issued in  the G.O. 1st   read above. Accordingly, the guidelines   for preparation  of selection  lists  are issued hereunder:

1.  A Provisional merit  cum roster list shall be prepared   out of qualified  candidates   to the extent of vacancies notified  for each category of posts.

2.  Draw the Provisional  selection   list as per  Merit  list  basing on  the Rank  assigned  to the candidate  and as per the Roster notified in  the web.

3. While   drawing  the  Provisional   Selection  List, 300  Roster Cycle should   be followed scrupulously.

4. Percentage of Local and  Non local has to be followed   basing on the Presidential  Order.

5. After  preparation  of provisional   list ,verification  of earlier TET score   by original   card, Original  qualification  certificates,  Proof  of age, Original  caste/PH/any such qualification certificate  claimed  by  the  candidate    in   the  application    shall  be  undertaken   by the officer/  Committee authorized  by the  Commissioner and Director of School  Education.

6. No correction  such   as changing   of Community, Date  of birth,  qualification  TET  marks should    be   entertained.     As  such   basing   on  the   details  submitted,   the   ranks  are generated.  Hence, any corrections, will lead to re-drawing  of merit list.

7.  If the certificates  are not found to be genuine /correct and if the candidate fails to Produce   the   certificates   required  at the  time  of  verification  or  if  the  candidate   is absent for verification  of certificates,   such  candidates  shall forego the right of selection, and next eligible  candidate  shall   be considered  for certificates  verification.

8. After verification  of certificates   by the authorized  officer  as designated in the  reference 3rd read  above, the final selection  list shall be prepared and published.

9.  The number  of candidates  shall not  be more  than the number of vacancies notified  for that particular category.

10. In the process,  posts  if  any unfilled for any reason whatsoever   shall  be carried forward for future recruitment.

11.  After such publication,   there shall not be any waiting list and selection  made  shall be final.


    1. While  verifying  the  Certificates, the  District  Educational Officers should ensure  that No candidate with  backlogs in D.Ed comes under Selection and such candidates should not be considered under any circumstances.

    2.The Court cases  relating to  local/  Non- local  status should be considered basing on the orders issued by the Hon'ble APAT /High  Court.

   3. The Court  Cases relating  to  qualification,   subjects,  community   and  on any  other matters shall  be considered basing on the orders of the Hon'ble  APAT, if any, in terms of the  guidelines  issued in G.O.   Ms. No.  38, Education Dated:19.11.2014   and with respect to the Online Application  Form submitted  by the candidate.


The verification of certificates should be done thoroughly.

   4. While  verifying  the  certificates  in   respect of  the  differently   abled  candidates,  the District  Educational   Officers  should  ensure  that  the   certificate   is  issued  by  the Competent Authority  as specified  in Proc. Re.  No.20/TRC-1/2016 dated:29.01.2016 of CSE,  A.P., Hyderabad. The District  Educational Officers  should  also ensure that  the Certificate issued is prior to the date of submission of application  by the candidate.

   5. No extension  of time  shall  be allowed  to the  candidates to  produce  the  requisite Certificate.

   6. Qualifications    prescribed   for    LPT    and   SGT  in   G.O.   Ms.   No.   38,    Education Dated:19.11.2014 should be followed.


   7. While  making  selection   under  Ex-Servicemen category, the  candidates   who  are Ex Servicemen themselves should  only  be considered. The Spouse, Kin of the Ex-Servicemen should not be considered.
The District  Educational  Officers are further  informed that, as per the tentative schedule communicated, the verification and uploading  of certificates of provisionally selected candidates at District  level through online  has to be taken up from 09-02-2016   to 15-02-2016.   But the same has been revisedand it is  to be taken up from 11.02.2016   to 16.02.2016.    in addition  to the procedure already communicated for verification of certificates,the followingguidelines  are prescribed.

1. The District  Educational  Officer should  confirm the list  of provisionally  selected  candidates placed on the URL  of the District Collector.

2.After confirmation, the list of candidates who haveto attend for verification along with the date and venueshallbe generatedon www.apdsc.cgg.gov.in.

3.Invariably,  an SMS alert to this effect will  be delivered  to the Registered Mobile  Number of the candidate.

4. The   candidate   inturn    should   download     the    Provisional     Selection     Letter   from www .apdsc.cgg.gov. in.

5.The candidates should  bring the Original  Certificatesalong with  the provisional selection  letter downloaded to the venue notified by the DEO on the date prescribed in  provisional selection letter.

6.The DEOs  should give a wide  publicity  on the above points  by getting it published  in the local daily  newspapers
The District Educational Officers are further  informed  that the guidelines, necessary orders for conduct of counselling and issue of appointment  orders to the selected candidates shall be issued separately.
Therefore, the District  Educational Officers are requested to follow  the above instructions scrupulously  and any deviation in the matter shall be viewed seriously.

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