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G.O.Ms.No.14, Dated: 6th January, 1965. Organization and methods-SpecialIncentives for outstanding good work and awards for suggestions of extremely usefulnature-Scheme-Introduced.

                                     GOVERNMENTOF ANDHRA PRADESH                                    

Organization and methods-SpecialIncentives for outstanding good work and awards for suggestions of extremely usefulnature-Scheme-Introduced.

G.O.Ms.No.14,                                                 Dated: 6th January, 1965.
Read the following :-
1. Govt. Memo. No. 825/624 G.A.(O&M, dated 13th October, 1962.
2. G.O. Rt.No. 1015 G.A. (O&M),dated 17th July, 1963.
In the Government Memorandum firstcited (copy enclosed) a scheme was introduced for the grant of special incentives toGovernment servants in the form of rewards or advance increments for ‘outstandinglygood work’ both to technical and non-technical personnel-whether Gazetted orNon-Gazetted. In the G.O second cited, a Committee was constituted to scrutinise theproposals received form the Departments in this respect.
2. The Government of India haverecently introduced a ‘Suggestions Scheme’ providing for the grant of cashawards for suggestions emanating from Government servants for improvements in office andadministrative procedures with a view to stimulating original thinking among. governmentservants and thereby improving efficiency and productivity in Government Offices. Aftercareful consideration of this Scheme the government have decided to adopt is subject toincluding therein provision for the grant of awards for (1) Class IV employees also and(2) outstandingly good work as per the orders already in force. The details of thecombined scheme will be as shown in the Appendix to these proceedings. It will come intoforce with effect from 1st January, 1965.
3. The Government direct that theproposals already received form the Departments for the grant of incentive awards from theDepartments for the grant of incentive awards under the existing orders shall also beconsidered under this scheme.
4. All.Departments are requested togive widest publicity to the Scheme amongst their employees.
(By Order and in the name of theGovernor of Andhra Pradesh.)
                                                   ChiefSecretary to Government.
All Departments if Secretariat (allSections).
All Heads of Departments.
All Collectors.

SUB:-Organisation and Methods-Incentivesfor good work.
The incentive for good work in usually agood remark in the character roll and its effect on promotion. However, promotion fromgrade to grade under the Service Rules is on the basis of selection, on the basis ofoverall efficiency, seniority approximately equal. In addition to the usual methods ofrecognising good work by way of remarks and red entries in character rolls and occasionalaccelerated promotion, the Government, on the recommendation of the Administrative ReformsCommittee, have decided that a special incentive in the form of areward of advanceincrements may be given for outstandingly good work both to technical and non-technicalpersonnel whether Gazetted or non-Gazetted,
In order to ensure some uniformity in theinterpretation of the word outstandingly good work and to prevent its excessive orimproper use, it is considered that all proposals to the Government for grant of advanceincrements or rewards in pursuance of the decision in para 1 above be scrutinesed by asmall Committee consisting of an officer of the General Administration Department, Financeand Administrative Department sponsoring the proposal. The proposals should, for thepresent, be sent to the General Administration (O&M) Department for being examined byGovernment.
It is difficult to prescribe exact testsfor cases by the following among other factors may justify the work being treated as‘outstandingly good’.
Display of energy, Zeal, initiative andoriginality which are noticeable and unquestionably well above the average.
Adoption of procedures or methods whichdisplay thought and a sense for the practical and which result in improved efficiency inthe department or speed in the disposal of work.
Specific successful action, to preventsignificant financial loss to Government, eschew wasteful practices and the like.
‘Suggestions and Incentive AwardsScheme’
I. Scope of the Scheme.-The Schemeshall cover all State Government employees including Class IV Employees. It shall extendto all categories of staff (Technical or non-Technical) irrespective of their rank andstatus but shall exclude all Judicial Officers.
I. (a) The scheme shall also beextended to retired Government servants, to invite suggestions from them for improvementsin organisation and job methods and procedures as distinct from changes in policy and formaintenance of integrity in administration to help in improving the tone ofadministration. In the case of suggestions which are accepted finally for implementationafter careful scrutiny and study the persons concerned will be suitably rewarded either incash or by issue of letters of appreciation or commendation or merit certificates, as thecase may be.
II. Suggestions and Servicesqualifying for awards.-(a) Suggestions for improvement in organisation or job methods andprocedure, as distinct from changes in policy. Sometimes a lead might be given by theDepartments themselves by indicating subjects or points on which suggestions would bespecially welcome. (This would be particularly suitable when new procedures are beingplanned or existing procedures reviewed Suggestions could also be invited on specificaspects).
(ii) Suggestions for maintenance ofintegrity in administration may also be eligible for awards, since they can help inimproving the tone of administration.
(b) Outstanding Services.-Thefollowing among other factors may be taken into account to treat any work as‘outstandingly good’:-
(i) Display of energy, zeal,initiative and originality which are noticeable and unquestionably well above the average;
(ii) Adoption of procedures ormethods which display thought and a sense for the practical and which result in improvedefficiency in the Department or speed in the disposal of work; and
(iii) Specific successful action toprevent significant financial loss to Government exchew wasteful practices and the like.

III. form of Awards.-(1) Award may be in any of the following forms-
  1. Cash awards.
  2. Letters of commendation or Merit Certificate.
  3. Entry of appreciation in the character roll.
  4. Advance increments (with or without cumulative effect).
  5. Accelerated promotion.
(2) Cash Awards.- Whereverimprovements resulting from the suggestions or ‘outstandigly good work’ arecapable of being assessed in fairly precise monetary terms, the amount of the award in anyparticular case shall not normally exceed 5% of the annual saving or Rs. 1,000 (Rupees onethousand only) whichever is less.
(ii) Even in cases where the resultsof the suggestions made cannot evaluated in precise monetary terms, but the suggestions inthemselves are useful for adoption, suitable monetary awards may be given the quantum ofsuch awards being decided adhoc in each case depending on the importance of the suggestionbut subject to the overall ceiling Rs. 1,000 (Rupees one thousand only). The sameprinciple may be followed in the case '‘utstandingly good work’ also.
(iii) The award may take the form ofcash payment or National Savings Certificates/Prize Bonds/Defence Bonds etc., or gifts ofuseful articles such as fountain pens, watches etc.
(3) Letters of commendation/Meritcertificates.-(i) These may be awarded to employees who have made suggestions considereduseful for adoption but in whose cases the decision is not in favour of any other kind ofawards.
(4) Accelerated Promotion.- Asaccelerated promotion confers a permanent benefit it may be proposed only on the basis ofconsistently oustanding performances and not on the basis of occasional flashes ofbrilliant ideas or work. Possession of merit certificate or letter of commendation shallnot be taken as the basis for preferential or accelerated promotion.
(5) General.- The event of grant ofevery award shall be mentioned with brief particulars in the character roll of theemployees for the year concerned.
IV. Screening Committee.-(i) TheCommittee set up in G.O. Rt. No,. 1015, General Administration (O&M), dated 17thJuly, 1963 will scrutinise the proposals received from departments and suggestions fromindividual Government employees. It may co-opt other members whenever considerednecessary. The Administrative Reforms Wing in the General Administration Department willprovide the necessary Secretariat assistance.
(ii) This Committee will beempowered to make awards up to Rs.1,000 (Rupees one thousand only) in each case subject tooverall ceiling of Rs. 25,000 (Rupees twenty five thousand only) per annum. Necessaryfunds for this purpose will be provided in the Budget of the General AdministrationDepartment.
(iii) This Committee will berequired to meet at least once in three months. A general report on the cases consideredand the incentive awads recommended by the committee will be published in the AndhraPradesh Gazette.
V. Procedure to be followed.-(1) Theprocedure to be adopted is for concerned Government servant to communicate his suggestions(Typewritten and in quadruplicate) to the Administrative Reforms Wing of the GeneralAdministration Department. The Administrative Reforms Wing will refer the suggestionsomitting mention of the name of the author to the Head of the Department and ascertain hisviews thereon before taking decisions on the suggestions.
(2) The award should be made onlyfor suggestions which are accepted for implementaton after careful scrutiny and study.Suggestions which in the opinion of the Committee are prima facie good , but would requireto be tested for workability should first be tried out before a final decision regardingtheir fitness for award is taken.
VI. Publicity.-Due publicity shouldbe given for the accepted suggestions and the outstandingly good work of the particularGovernment employees who are rewarded under this scheme. The names of the concernedGovernment employees, their suggestions or work which is rewarded and improvementsresulting therefrom indicating wherever, feasible the monetary savings and the form andthe quantum of the award made, may also be published in the Annual Administration Reportsof the concerned Departments. This arrangement will also provide a safeguard againstpossible plagiarism. Awards may be presented to the winner on suitable occasions byMinisters/Secretary/Head of the Organisation as this would add to the satisfaction of theconcerned employees.
Vii. Genera.-Authors of rejectedsuggestions and Departments whose proposals for the grant of incentive awards to theemployees have been rejected should as far as possible be informed of the reasons forrejection this could ensure that those or similar other suggestions or proposals are botrepeated.


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