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The beneficiary  i.e., Mother/Guardian  is eligible for Rs.15,000/-  per annum  irrespective of  number of children  of that  family  studying  from  class  I to  Xll.

 The The  Mother of the child should  be from  household that is below  the  poverty line as  per the  norms  prescribed by  the Government  of Andhra Pradesh. 

The The  Family  should  be in  possession of a  White Ration  Card issued  by the  Government.  Family  is defined  as Father, Mother and  dependent  children. 

The The  beneficiary/Mother shall possess valid  Aadhar  card  or having applied &  verified. 

The To  the extent possible the  Aadhar  card  details  of  children studying  between Classes  I to  Xll  be made available.  The  Aadhar details  shall  be collected  only with the  consent  of beneficiary. 

The In  case  of the  demise  or  absence  of the  Mother, the  quantum of Rs.  15,000/-  shall  be  paid  to the  natural Guardian  of the  child. 

The The  valid  ration  card  data  base shall be  subjected to the  6 step validation.

The The  Children of  the  beneficiary  should  be studying in  Classes  I to  Xll  in  Government/ Private Aided/Private  Un  Aided  Schools/ Junior Colleges  recognized  by the  Government  of Andhra Pradesh including Residential  Schools/Jr.Colleges. 

The  For  orphans/ street  children,  who are  admitted  in  schools through voluntary organization,  this  benefit  will  be extended in consultation  with Department  concerned. 

The The  mother/beneficiary  shall ensure at  least 75% attendance of the children. 

The If  the  child/children discontinue  their  studies  in  the  middle of the  academic  year, they will not be eligible for  the  benefit  for that  academic  year.  However  all efforts  shall  be made to  bring back  that  child  to the school. 

The The students  studying  in  the  eligible institutions  in  Classes  I  to Xll  shall  be taken  as a  single cohort  for identifying  the beneficiary  mothers for  grant  of incentive under  the  scheme. 

The State/CentraI  Government and PSU  Employees,  Government employee  pensioners (including PSU,  Central  Govt  etc),  Income tax payers are  not eligible  for claiming  financial assistance  under this  scheme. 

The Every  beneficiary  [Mother should  have Savings Bank Account in  any Nationalized  Bank or  Post  Office  in  the  vicinity of  the Village. 

The The amount  of Rs.15,000/-  shall  be transferred  to  the beneficiary's  unencumbered Bank Account  in  the  month  of January every year  through online till the  child  continues his/her Education  upto  Class  XII. 

The The financial assistance  shall  not be continued to the  Child beyond completion  of Class  Xll. 


The A separate  web site for the  programme  shall  be created for this  purpose  and  linked to the  Commissioner  School  Education Web Portal. 

The Data  submitted  by the  heads of institutions  with regard  to student  enrolment  as per the  given  proforma  consisting of Name,  age,  parent name,  Caste (General, SC, ST,  BCS, Minority), Disabled Children, etc. shall  be the  single source  of data  based on  which the  financial assistance  will  be released under "JAGANANNA AMMA VODI" programme  after  due validation and  after  cross  validations with  Childinfo/UDlSE  data  and  other data  of Civil  Supplies  and  other departments. 

The The immediate inspecting officer of  that  institution  should certify those details for payment. 

The The  Gram  Volunteer shall  be focal  point for  authenticating  the data.  The Gram  Volunteer will be participating  as mentioned below. 

     • Based on  the  validated  data,  mothers  of the  respective area  will  be tagged to the  Gram  Volunteer  concerne . 

     • The data  of mothers  shall  be transferred in hard/digital forms  in  a prescribed format  to the  respective Gram Volunteer. 

     • The Gram  Volunteer will collect  the required data  in  the format  in  coordination  with the  School  Complex  HMS and  submit  the  same to the respective MEOs for authentication  

     • The Gram  Volunteers collect  the  data  of  father/Guardian in  the absence of mother  and  submits  to  MEO for entry. 

The Thereafter  the  concerned  District  Educational Officersu /District Vocational  Educational Officer/  Regional  Educational  Officer, Intermediate  Education  should release financial assistance to the  savings bank  account  of  the  beneficiaries through online duly following  the TSP/ SCSP components. 

The Any fraudulent  use of JAGANANNA  AMMA  VODI  Programme by the  schools  / inspecting  officers,  DEOs/  District  Vocational Educational Officer/Regional  Educational Officer, Intermediate Education  and  beneficiary mother, will  be viewed  seriously. 

The The District  Educational  Officers  /District  Vocational Educational Officer/Regional  Educational Officer, Intermediate Education  should submit  reports to the  District  Collector concerned. 

The The Departments  of  Information  Technology  & Communications  and  Real  Time Governance  and  Civil Supplies shall  provide  all technical  assistance  for  development of software application, collation/  validation  of data  from  the concerned  internal offices  and  schools  for  the  effective implementation  of  the  JAGANANNA  AMMA VODI Programme. 

The All  the Regional  Joint Directors  of  School  Education  and Intermediate  Education  shall  submit  periodical  reports to the Commissioner  of School  Education/Commissioner  of Intermediate  Education from  time to time. 

The The beneficiary  list shall  be displayed  in  the  village/ward secretariat  for social  audit. 



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