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Issuance of Ordinary Passport to Government Servants, PSU/ Autonomous body employees.

No.VI/ 401/ 01/ 05/ 2014
Government of India 
Ministry of External Affairs
CPV Division

Patiala  House Annexe, Tilak  Marg
 New Delhi, 26th May, 2015


   Subject: Issuance of Ordinary Passport to Government Servants, PSU/ Autonomous body employees, et al.

    In tune with the Government's objective of 'Minimum Government, Maximum Governance' and with a view to simplifying the procedure for issuance of Passport to Government Servants, PSU/Autonomous body employees, et al, the matter has been reviewed. In order to facilitate issuance of Passport to Government employees, et al; who find difficulties to obtain Identity Certificate (IC) / No Obj ection Certificate (NOC) from their department, it has been decided to introduce  a new  feature  wh ich  is termed as 'Prior Intimation' letter to the controlling authority by the  Passport· applicant  before  submission  of a Passport application.
2. Basically, Prior Intimation is a letter from the Passport applicant giving intimation to  his/ her  Controlling  IAdministrative  Authority  (employer) regarding submission of Passport application. This can be submitted by the applicant In the format of 'Annexure -N '. After submission of Passport application by such an employee, the copy of this Prior Intimation would be sent to the same Controlling/Ad ministrative Authority under which the employee is working. In case the employer has any obj ection regard ing issuance of Passport to that employee, they may revert back to concerned Regional Passport Office mentioning the details of such objecti on. However, the final decision will be taken by the concerned Passport Issuing Authority. If Prior Intimation is submitted by  the  applicant,  Passport would be Issued  on the basis of Pre-Police Verification, however  the provisions of Police Verification  in  reissue cases will remain  applicable.

3. Henceforth, anyone of the following documents can be submitted by Government Servants, PSU/Autonomous body employees, et al. for submission of application for  Passports:

(a) Copy of Prior Intimation to Controlling / Administrative Authority; or
(b) No Objection Certificate from Controlling / Administrative Authority; or
(c) Identity Certificate from Controlling / Administrative authority.

4. No Objection Certificate (NOC) is issued in the format of 'Annexure-M' by the Controlling /Administrative Authority of the employee working under them for obtaining Passport by any Government Servants, PSU / Autonomou s body employees, et al. If NOC  is submitted Passport will be issued on Post-Police Verification basis.

5. Identity Certificate (IC) is issued in the format of 'Annexure-B' by the Controlling /Administrative Au thority of the employee working u nder them for obtain ing Passport by any Government Servants, PSU / Au tonomou s body employees, et al. If IC is submitted Passport will be issued on No-Police Verification basis.  The spouse of such employees, and dependent children up to the age of 18 years, has an option to submit JC for expeditious issu e of passport. In case of JC, the applicant is also required to su bmit 'Annexure-1'.
6. It may be noted that the following provisions will remain applicable as mentioned below:

a. \Vhile IC should be issued preferably on Official Stationery (letterhead); NOC on plain paper with signature/ stamp can be accepted, on the assumption  that such offices are u sing plain paper for day to day correspondence. Prior Intimation (Pl) is required to be submitted on plain paper by the Passport applicant.

b. Telephone, fax and e-mail id of the Controlling / Administrative Office (to the extent available) should be indicated in all the three documents for the purpose of con firmation.

c. Military personnel with c/ o APO address (e.g. 56 AP0/99 APO) may submit applications at their station of posting or at their permanent address, and write their permanent address in passport [against present address  othen.visej. Spou se  of  such  personnel  [and  adult  children,  when   spou se   has expired/ divorced) may receive the passport, \vith authority letter, either by hand or by post. This would apply to similarly placed Air Force/ Navy personnel as well.

d. If Governmen t/ PSU employees, et al. are transferred after su bmission of the passport application or passport is returned undelivered due to such  transfer, the same be re-d ispatched , on request (along with copy of transfer order). at the new address, after correction/endorsement of address. However, i f poli ce verification was required and was not completed, it will be done at the  new place.

e. The valid ity of the documents men tioned at para-3 will be six months from date of issue.

7. While the revised prov1s1ons deal only with passport issuance, the requirement by the Government employees to obtain prior permission from his/ her Department / Ml.nistry for travelling abroad as per Conduct Rules will remain unchanged as per the instructions issued by the Department of Personnel & Training and respective authorities.

8. Ministries of the Cen tral Govern ment, and the State Governments/ Un ion Territories are requested to circulate these in structions to all the employees working under  them,  including those  in  attached  and  subordinate iJffices, and  statutory bodies.

(Muktesh K Pardeshi) 
Joint Secretary(PSP) & 
Chief Passport Officer

All Ministries/ Departments of the Government of India
All State Governments/ UT Administrations

Copy to : All PIAs in India and Abroad



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