Monday, 29 October 2018

Guidelines on Submission of Number Statements and Budget Estimates 2019-20 by each DDO

Guidelines on Submission of Number Statements and 
Budget Estimates 2019-20 by each DDO 

All DDOs can login with their DDO Code as “User Id” and budget as “pass word” in Portal. 

All After login DDOs can access the following services.

1. Employee Details.
2. Number Statements.
3. Budget Proposal for 2019-20.
4. Final Submission.
5. General.

1.  Employee Details:  

1. Select “view employees menu” under employee details to update. If any employee under your DDO is not visible, please add.

2. Employee pay particulars are in Rupees.

3. DDO is also responsible to enter the GIA Employees, Contract / Outsourcing employees etc., if any.

4. After finishing Employee Details conformation, Go to Final submission menu and submit by selecting “Employee Details” option.

5. Proforma – I will be opened only after conformation of Employee Details.
2.  Number Statements:  

    There will be total (8) Pro-forma to be submitted by DDOs.

1. Proforma-I  (010 – Salaries)

2. Proforma – II (310/311- GIA salaries)

3. Proforma-III (270/273 – Work charges Establishment)

4. Proforma-IV (300 – Outsourcing and Contract Service)

5. Proforma-VI (020/021 – Daily Wage employees)

6. Proforma-VII (140 – Rents, Rates, Taxes)

7. Proforma-VIII (130/134 – Hiring of Private Vehicles)

8. Proforma-IX (510/511 – Maintenance of Motor Vehicles)

    All the Proposals should be in Thousands Only

3.  Final  Submission: 

1.After  finalizing  the  Proforma  data  entry,  the  DDOs  should  submit to  the  SCO  by  selecting  Final  Submission.

2.  If  any  Proforma  is  not  relevant,  then  select  “Not  Applicable”.
4.  Budget  Proposals  2019-20: 

1. DDO  is  provided  with  Revenue  Head  of  Accounts  which  are operated  by  the  DDOs.

2. DDO  is  responsible  to  submit  the  proposals  for  201920.

3. Click  on  the  Refresh  button  corresponding  to  each  and  every Head  of  Account  to  save  the  details.

4. Select  “Note  pad  button" to  submit  the  justification  for  the   proposals.

5.  General:

     You  can  post  your  queries  if  any,  under  this.  You  can  know  your query  status  also.


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