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G.O.MS.No 63, Dated: 17-04-2018. The Andhra Pradesh State and Subordinate Service Rules, 1996 – Amendment to Rule-22-A(2) relating to 33 1/3% reservation for Women Horizontally in Direct Recruitment to Public Services


The Andhra  Pradesh  State  and  Subordinate  Service Rules,  1996  –  Amendment to  Rule-22-A(2) relating to  33  1/3%  reservation  for  Women  Horizontally  in Direct  Recruitment to  Public  Services  –  Orders  – Issued.
G.O.MS.No.  63                                        Dated: 17-04-2018 

Read the following:
1.  G.O.Ms.No.436,  General  Administration  (Services-D)Department, Dated: 15.10.1996.
2.  G.O.Ms.No.65, General  Administration  (Services-D)Department, Dated: 15.02.1997.
3.  G.O.Ms.No.40,  Dept  for Women, Children,  Differently Abled  & Senior  Citizens(Prog.II), dated:25.7.2016.
4.  From  Secretary,  Andhra Pradesh  Public  Service Commission, Lr.No.225/RR/2018 dt:06.04.2018.


     According  to  sub-rule(2) of  Rule  22-A(pertaining  to  Women reservation in  appointment)  of  Andhra  Pradesh State  and Subordinate Service  Rules, 1996 provides  for  vertical  direct  recruitment  to  the  posts  for which  women  and  men  are equally  suited,  there  shall  be  reservation  to women to  an  extent  of  33 1/3% of  the  posts in  each  category  of  Open Competition, Backward  Classes  (Group-A),  Backward  Classes  (Group-B), Backward Classes  (Group-C), Backward  Classes  (Group-D),  Backward Classes  (Group-E),  Scheduled  Castes,  Scheduled  Tribes  and  Physically Handicapped and   Ex-servicemen  quota. 

2.       In  this connection,  the Hon’ble Supreme Court  in  Rajesh  Kumar  Darla Vs Rajasthan  Public  Service Commission  held  as follows:- 

            ‘Social  reservations  in  favour  of SC, ST  and OBC under  Article 16(4) are  ‘vertical  reservations’.  Special reservations  in  favour  of physically handicapped,  women, etc.  under Articles  16(1) or  15(3) are  ‘horizontal  reservations’’.  Where  a vertical  reservation is  made in favour  of  a Backward  Class  under  Article  16(4),  the  candidates belonging  to  such  Backward Class,  may  compete  for  non-reserved posts  and if  they  are  appointed  to  the  non-reserved  posts on  their own  merit,  their number  will  not  be counted against  the  quota reserved  for  the respective Backward  Class.  Therefore, if  the number of  SC  candidates, who  by  their own  merit,  get selected to open  competition  vacancies,  equals  or  even  exceeds  the percentage  of  posts  reserved  for SC  candidates,  it  cannot  be  said that  the  reservation  quota  for  SCs  stood filled.  The entire reservation  quota  will be  intact  and available  in  addition  to  those selected  under open  competition category. 

           But  the  said  principle  applicable  to  vertical  (social) reservations,  will  not  apply  to  horizontal  (special)  reservations. Where a special reservation  for  women  is  provided within  the social  reservation  for  SCs, the proper  procedure is first  to  fill up the  quota for SCs in  order of  merit and  then  find out  the  number of  candidates  among  them  who  belong  to  the special reservation group  of  ‘Scheduled  Caste  Women”. If  the  number  of  women  in such  list  is equal  to  or  more  than  number  of special  reservation quota,  then there  is  no  need  for  further  selection towards the special  reservation  quota.  Only if  there is  any  shortfall,  the requisite number  of  Scheduled  Caste Women  shall have to  be taken  by  deleting  the  corresponding  number of  candidates  from the  bottom  of  the  list relating  to  Scheduled  Castes’.

3.       In  pursuance of  the  aforesaid direction  of  the Hon’ble Supreme Court,   in  the  G.O  third read  above,  orders  were issued  providing 33  1/3% reservation  to  Women  horizontally, in  each  category  ie., OC, BC-A, BC-B, BC-C, BC-D, BC-E,  SC,ST and Physically  Handicapped,  Ex-serviceman  and meritorious sportsperson  in  the  matter  of  direct  recruitment to  the  posts,  for which  men  and  women  are equally  suited, by superseding  the earlier  orders issued  in  the  matter  to  give statutory effect  to the above orders, it  has  been decided to  amend  sub-rule(2)  of  Rule-22A of  the  Andhra  Pradesh State  and Subordinate  Service Rules, 1996, suitably. 

4.       Accordingly,  the following  notification  will be  published in  the Andhra Pradesh Gazette:-


      In  exercise  of  the  powers  conferred by  the  proviso to  Article  309  of  the Constitution  of  India  and of  all  other powers  hereunto  enabling,  the Governor  of  Andhra  Pradesh,  hereby  makes  the  following  amendment  to  the Andhra  Pradesh  State and  Subordinate Service Rules,  1996,  issued  in G.O.Ms.No.436,  General Administration  (Services-D)  Department,  dated  the 15th  October, 1996 as subsequently  amended  from  time  to  time.   

       The  amendment  hereby  made  shall  be  deemed to  have  come  into  force with  effect  from  the  25th July,  2016.


       In  the  said  rules,  in  rule-22-A, for  sub-rule (2), the following  shall  be substituted,  namely:-     

         "In  the  matter  of  direct  recruitment  to  posts  for  which women  and men are equally  suited,  there  shall  be  reservation  to  women Horizontally  to  an  extent  of  33  1/3%  of  the  posts  in  each  category  of Open  Competition,  Backward  Classes (Group-A),  Backward  Classes (Group-B), Backward  Classes  (Group-C), Backward  Classes (GroupD), Backward  Classes  (Group-E),  Scheduled  Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Physically Handicapped and  Ex-servicemen and Meritorious Sportsperson  quota".




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