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G.O.Ms.No. 69, Dated: 27 -05-2011. Sanction of two notional increments for the untrained service to the untrained teachers belonging to SC, ST and BC categories and Special Vidya Volunteers on the date of entry into regular time scale

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School Education – Sanction of  two notional increments  for  the untrained service to  the untrained teachers  belonging  to  SC,  ST  and BC categories and Special Vidya Volunteers on the date of  entry  into  regular  time  scale – Permission  – Accorded  - Orders – Issued.

G.O.Ms.No. 69                  Dated:  27 -05-2011 

Read the  following:-
1.  G.O.Ms.No.14,  Education (Prog.II.2)  Department,  dated  24.02.2003.
2.  G.O.Ms.No.748,  Education (SE-.SP.R&E.2)  Dept.,  dated  27.08.2004.
3.  G.O.Ms.No.130,  Education (Ser.V)  Department,  dated 26.10.2005.
4.  G.O.Ms.No.2,  Education  (SE-Ser.III)  Department,  dated 05.01.2009.
5.  Govt.  Memo.No.8663/SE-Ser.I/2010, dated  01.07.2010.
6.  Representations  from  Teacher  Unions and  Teacher  MLCs and MLAs.
7.  Govt.  Memo.No.4199/SE-Ser.1.2/2010, dated  21.07.2010. 8.  From  the  Commissioner  & Director  of  School Education,  A.P.,  Hyderabad Lr.Rc.No.2974/D1-2/2010,  dated 04.09.2010  and  22.11.2010.


O R  D  E  R :

         In  the G.O.  1st  read above,  Government  have  permitted to  engage the selected (untrained)  candidates  of  DSC 2002 as  Special Vidya Volunteers and enroll them  in a Special Training  Programme commencing  from  March 2003 on monthly  stipend of  Rs.1000/- and  the candidates so  selected  shall be directed  for  practical training  by  the DEO  on  merit-cum-choice basis and shall undertake project  and course work  as may  be prescribed  for  becoming  eligible to  be  appointed as  Teachers.

 2. Subsequently,  on the representation of  Special Vidya Volunteers  belonging  to SC/ST/BC/PH  categories, in  the  G.O.  2nd  read above,  Government have enhanced the amount of  monthly  stipend from  Rs.1000/- to  Rs.1500/- per  month during  the second year  starting  from April 2004 and the training  period of  Spl.  Vidya Volunteers will  be construed as apprenticeship period and regular  scale shall be paid as soon as the candidates  successfully  complete  the training programme.
3. In  the  G.O.  3rd  read  above,  Government  have  permitted  the  Director  of  School Education,  to  appoint  the Special Vidya  Volunteers  as teachers  on regular  scale of  pay  with prospective  effect  from  the date of  issue of  the  said G.O.  by  relaxing  the need for  selection through  DSC as  they  were  already  selected  in DSC 2002.

4.  In  the G.O.  4th   read above,  Government  have issued orders to  count the period  of apprenticeship of  two years of  the teachers who were  appointed as apprentice  from  1994 onwards in Government/ZPP/MPP Schools for  purpose of  sanction of  notional increments  and to  sanction two (2)  notional increments with  effect  from  01.04.2009 and credited to  the  G.P.F. Accounts only  after 01.04.2010 and  then  onwards they  will be added to  their  salary.

 5. However,  when  the  Director  of  Treasuries  &  Accounts,  Hyderabad,  sought  for  a clarification  for  payment of  arrears  ordered in  G.O.Ms.No.2,  Edn.,  dated 05.01.2009 the  following  clarifications have been issued,  vide Memo.  5th  read  above:-

    (i)    The period of  two  years apprenticeship of  the  teachers be counted  for  the purpose of  sanction of  two (2)  Notional Increments  in the regular  scale of  pay  on completion of  the apprentice period  and on  assigning  the Pay  Scale.

   (ii)    The  fixation of  pay  shall be  done notionally  on  completion of  the  two years apprenticeship period and on assigning  the Pay  Scale  from  time  to  time  upto 01.04.2009;

   (iii)   Consequent  on notional fixation,  the  monetary  benefit  shall be  given  from 01.04.2009  only;

   (iv)    The arrears  from  01.04.2009  to  31.03.2010  shall be credited  to  the  G.P.F. Accounts of  the individuals in respect  of  the employees appointed before 01.09.2004 and  10%  of  basic pay  and DA on the  arrears shall be credited to  the Contributory  Pension Scheme in respect  of  the  Teachers  appointed on  or  after 01.09.2004 and the balance of  arrears shall be credited to  the Compulsory Savings Scheme;

   (v)    The  fixation benefit  w.e.f.  01.04.2010 shall be  given in cash by  adding  the  same in the salary  for  the  month of  April,  2010,  payable  on 1st  May,  2010.

6.  Subsequently,  certain  Teacher  Unions and  Teacher  MLCs and  MLAs have  represented to  Government,  for  extension of  the benefits  of  sanction of  two notional increments  for  the apprentice period  given in  G.O.Ms.No.2,  Edn.,  dated 05.01.2009,  to  the Special Teachers and Untrained Special Vidya Volunteers also.   Simultaneously,  the Joint Action Committee of Employees,  Teachers  Workers and Pensioners have  also  included the following  request  in their demands submitted to  the  Government:
         “Two  notional increments  will  be  sanctioned to  the untrained teachers belonging  to  SC, ST  and BC categories and Special Vidya Volunteers  for  the period of  untrained service on the  date  of  entry  into  regular  time  scale” 

7. A Group of  Ministers  which  was constituted to  look  into  the demands  of  Joint  Action Committee of  Employees,  Teachers &  Workers convened a meeting  with the Joint  Action Committee of  Employees,  Teachers  and  Workers and A.P.  Secretariat  Employees Coordination Committee on  23.01.2011,  in the presence of  Hon’ble Chief  Minister,  to  resolve the demands placed before  the Government.   After  detailed deliberations,  an agreement  was entered into  by  the  Government  with  JAC.     In  the agreement entered into  by  the  Government with JAC among  the agreed demands,  the  following  item  (item  No.iv)  pertaining  to  School Education Department:    iv.

         iv. Two Notional increments  will  be sanctioned to  the untrained teachers  belonging  to  SC, ST  and BC categories and Special Vidya Volunteers  for  the period of  untrained service on the  date  of  entry  into  regular  time  scale.

8.    Accordingly,  after  careful consideration,  Government hereby  accord  permission to  the Commissioner  & Director  of  School Education,  Hyderabad,  to  sanction two (2)  notional increments  for  the period of  untrained service  to  the untrained teachers  belonging  to  SC,  ST and BC categories and Special Vidya  Volunteers,  on the date of  entry  into  regular  time  scale.   The  fixation of  pay  shall  be done notionally  on assigning  the regular  time  scale.   Consequent  on notional fixation,  the monetary  benefit  shall  be  given from  01.02.2011.

9. The Commissioner  &  Director  of  School Education,  A.P.,  Hyderabad shall take necessary  action  accordingly.

10. This order  issues with  the concurrence of  Finance (FR.II)  Department,  vide their U.O.No.10721/197/F.R.II/2011, dated:  24.05.2011.



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