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G.O.Ms.No. 250, Dated:06.09.2012. NEW PENSION SYSTEM - Contributory Pension Scheme –Implementation of New Pension System (NPS) in the State – Further Orders


 NEW  PENSION  SYSTEM  - Contributory  Pension  Scheme  –Implementation of  New Pension System  (NPS)  in the State  –  Further Orders  –  Issued.

G.O.Ms.No.  250                 Dated:06.09.2012 

Read  the  following:-
1.  G.O.Ms.No.509, GA  (Spl.B)  Department, dated  04-09-2010.
2.  G.O.Ms.No.196, Finance  (Pen.I)  Department, dated 24-07-2012.


In  the  G.O.  1st  read above Government  appointed  the Pay  and Accounts  Officer, Hyderabad (PAO)  as  State Nodal Officer,  for  all  NPS  related activities  on the New  Pension System  (NPS)  for the  members  of  the All  India  Services  (AIS).   It  was  also  instructed therein that the  PAO  shall  take  necessary  action  as  per the  guidelines  laid  down  by  the Government  of  India,  for  the entry  of  members  of  AIS  Officers  who  joined the services  on  or after 01.01.2004  into the  NPS.  He  was  also  instructed to issue necessary  instructions  to the District  Treasury  Officer  (DTO)  /  Treasury  Officer  (TO), as  he  is  the designated  authority for  settlement  of  all  the  pensionary  benefits  relating to  AIS Officers.

2. The Director  of  Treasuries  and Accounts,  AP,  Hyderabad and  the Pay  and Accounts Officer, Hyderabad  have brought  to  the  notice  of  the Government that  certain difficulties  are being experienced in uploading contributions  towards  NPS in  respect  of  members  of  All India  Services  coming under  the  purview  of  NPS and  also  in  drawal  and remittance of Government  matching contribution  and transfer  of  funds  to the  trustee  bank.  

3. Government  has  also  reviewed  the existing procedure  of  uploading  information  of NPS  contribution by  the  employees  and drawal of  Government  matching  contribution laid down  in  G.O.  second read  above with  a  view  to  further streamlining  the procedures.

4. Government  accordingly  issue  the  following  further  instructions  for  strict  compliance by  all the Drawing and Disbursing  Officers,  Treasury  Officers  and  the  Pay  and  Accounts Officer, Hyderabad.  

      i. The  Drawing Officers  in  the state shall  be personally  responsible  for prompt recovery  of  contributions  towards  NPS  in regular  as  well  as  arrear pay  bills,  arrears of  D.A.  etc.,  except  surrender leave  by  following  the procedure  prescribed.

      ii. The Treasury  Officer  shall  be held responsible  for  the  transactions  till the SCFs  are matched and booked and reconciliation of  funds  transferred to  the  Trustee  Bank.   This  process  shall  be completed by  10th  of  every  month.

      C.P.S.   contributions of  All  India Services  Officers:
      iii.  In  respect  of  the members  of  the All India Services  working in Government Departments  at  places  other than at  Hyderabad,  the Treasury  Officers,  who  are admitting the Pay-bills  based  on  the  pay  slips  issued by  the  Pay  and Accounts Officer,  Hyderabad, shall upload details  of  deductions  towards  the Contributory Pension Scheme  (New  Pension  System)  both  for Employee and Government contributions  in the same  manner  as  is  being  done in  respect  of  all other Government  employees, and intimate the  details  to the  Pay  and Accounts  Officer, Hyderabad.

      iv.  In  respect  of  the members  of  the All India Services  working in Government Departments  in twin  cities  of  Hyderabad and Secunderabad, the Pay  and  Accounts Officer,  Hyderabad  shall upload details  of  deductions  towards  Contributory  Pension Scheme  (New  Pension System)  as  in the case  of  other  Government  employees working in  twin cities.

       v. In  respect  of  the  members  of  the All  India  Services  who are deputed  to  foreign service,  the foreign  employer shall  deduct the  employee’s  contribution  and remit along  with  employer’s  contribution  in the form  of  two separate cheques to the Pay and Accounts  Officer,  Hyderabad, along  with  details  of  PRAN  and the Pay  and Accounts  Officer,  Hyderabad,  shall remit the funds  to the Trustee Bank  and upload the information.
       vi. The Pay  and Accounts  Officer, Hyderabad  shall invariably indicate the  amount of deductions  to  the  Contributory  Pension  Scheme  in the pay  slips  to be issued to the members  of  All  India  Services.

       vii. The Pay  and Accounts  Officer,  Hyderabad,  as the State Nodal  Officer,  shall be responsible  for  recovery  and remittance  of  the  contributions  of  all the  members  of All India Services  (covered under the  CPS)  irrespective of  the place of  work  of  the members.   He  shall, therefore,  coordinate  with  the Treasury  Officers  and the Foreign Employers  for prompt  deduction,  remittance  and uploading of  the relevant information.

5. All the Departments  of  Secretariat  and all Heads  of  Departments  are requested to issue  necessary  instructions  to  all the Drawing and Disbursing  Officers  to  follow  the above instructions  scrupulously.  




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