Saturday, 6 February 2016

RC 558 Dt.6.2.16. International Fleet Review Exhibition Event from 5th - 10th February,2016 at Visakhapatnam

            Rc.  No. 558/B3/Sci/SCERT  /2015                                     Dated: 6-2-2016

    Sub:-      S.C.E.R.T.,    A.P.,     Hyderabad   -   International   Fleet  Review  Exhibition   Event  from   5th - 10th February,2016   at Visakhapatnam    -  Sending  the  State  Level Winners   of INSPIRE  Exhibitions and  Winners    of  Science   Exhibition    to   participate    in  Fleet   Review   Programme   on  10 th Feb. 2016   -   Orders  -  Issued-  Reg.

All the  District   Educational   Officers  in the  State  are informed   that,  the  MHRD, GOI, Hyderabad  has decided   to  send  the  State  Level  winners   of  INSPIRE Exhibitions   held  at Visakhapatnam    and  Vijayawada, Krishna   and  State   Level  winners    of  Science   Exhibition    winners    held  at  Bhimavaram,    W.G.    District   to participate  on  10-2-2016   in the  International     Fleet  Review  Programme   is being  conducted   by the  Indian
Navy  Force at Visakhapatnam.

participate in the above said programme on 10-2-2016. The District Teams ( ie., State Level Winners + one Escort Teacher / DSO only) should reach the Visakhapatnam on 9th Feb.2016 night to participate in the Fleet Review Programme on io" Feb.2016 morning.

 The District Educational Officer, Visakhapatnam will made accommodation and boarding arrangements to all the participants at Visakhapatnam. Please contact Smt. Nagamani, Dy.EO, Visakhapatnam for further details Cell No. 9441927298 The District Educational Officer, Visakhapatnam, is requested to make all necessary arrangements ie., stay and boarding to the District Teams at Visakhapatnam for 116 participants from all districts for the above said purpose and State Level Officers.

                 List of candidates selected


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