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Village Secretariats - Establishing Completely Operational Village Secretariats in the State - Certain Instructions - Issued. U.O Note No.751/VS/2019, Dated: 15-10-2019

# 12-47, PVS Icon,Tadepalli-522501,Guntur District.

U.O Note No.751/VS/2019                        Dated: 15-10-2019

Sub:  PR&RD Department - Village Secretariats - Establishing Completely Operational Village Secretariats in the State - Certain Instructions - Issued
- Reg.

Ref:  Minutes of the Meeting dated:15.10.2019 at chambers of the Secretary to Chief Minister, Chief Ministers Office,IGC, Amaravati.


    Vide reference cited above, a meeting Is held by the Secretary to Chief Minister for a review on the preparedness on establishment of fully functional Village Secretariats in the State. Pursuant to the said meeting,certain instructions are issued with respect to each of the following items,for taking necessary action.

1.  Buildings:-
a. Wherever there Is a Gram Panchayat BuildlngNillage Secretariat office and sufficient space Is not available therein, additional office space shall be leased as far as possible near to the existing building to accommodate the newly posted 10 to  11functionaries.

b. Where there Is no GPNillage Secretariat building, construction of permanent office building may be taken up, required land not less than 25 cents (1250 sq yards) beIdentified and a report along with sketch be submitted to Immediately. Till such office space is ready
for occupation, a building to house 10lo 11 functionaries shall be taken on lease by 20111 October, 2019.

c,    Where more than one Village Secretariat is to be established in a Gram Panchayat, additional building with an office space for 1O to 11 staff is to be
taken onlease.

d.    All the buildings should be spruced up with proper name board with the given designs.

2.  Exteriors:- All the buildings where the office of Village Secretariats will be situated. shall be painted with approved colour designs communicated earlier. The exteriors of building shall be the made ready by 25th October, 2019.

3.  Interiors & Electrification:-
i.  Quality Wiring, Extension Boxes, Fans, Lighting,Adequate Switch Points for 2 desktop computers, printer, scanner. lamination machine, and UPS shall be made available in every office of the Village Secretariat.

ii. Process shall be completed by 25th October,2019.

4.  Provide furniture as per scale/models communicated, which shall be procured from standard companies and supplies shall be in place by 5th November, 2019.
5.  Internet Connectivity:-
I. Co-ordinates (Longitude and Latitudes) of the Village Secretariats shall be captured in next two days and details are to be communicated to without fail.

ii. Explore connectivity from Fibrenet Corporation,BSNL or other providers.

iii. Connectivity is to be provided either wired/wireless or through Dongle.

iv.  Where there is no connectivity, nearest source of connectivity shall be identified either at Manda! Praja Parishad offices or a neighbouring Gram Panchayat or any such place where connectivity can be secured.

v.  Rates for procurement of Internet connectivity - finalized rates will be
communicated for procuring themlocally.

vi.  Net connectivity shall be provided by 5th November,2019.

6.  Notice Board shall always display the existing lists of beneficiaries of the concerned population of 2000, viz.. Pensions, Ration Card holders, development or welfare schemes of the government,at all the Village Secretariat offices.

7.  Counters shall also be made available in the office of Village Secretariat for conduct of Spandana programme to receive grievances, and provide services etc.,

8.  Stationery:-
i.  To be procured by Gram Panchayats. through District Purchase Committees (DPCs).

ii.  Required specialized stationery like security papers for printing of certificates and others are to be procured through Mee Seva (Director ESD).

9.  Hardware:-
1.  Delivery  of  Desktops, Lamination machines,  Cell Phones. CDs should  be tracked and kept in secured places.

ii. Distribution of  the supplied  hardware  should  be done  carefully with proper acknowledgement.

iii. Required support for their installation and warranty with proper documentation shall be ensured.

iv. Replacement of defective  hardware shall  be ensured promptly with proper record keeping.

10.  Software - All Mee Seva services shall be made functional with the consultation of Director  (ESD).

11.  Trainings -All the trainings shall be meticulously conducted as per training calendar.

    All the Chief Executive Officers, Zilla Praja Parishads and District Panchayat Officers are hereby requested to take immediate steps for establishing completely operational Village Secretariats with the requisite physical infrastructure as per time lines indicated above. In case of any queries, clarifications may be obtained from the office of the undersigned.

Yours faithfully,



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