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Guidelines for eligible SG Teachers Promotion as School Assistant (Special Education) In the districts concerned. File No.ESE02-34/149/2019-M AND U-CSE.

File No.ESE02-34/149/2019-M AND U-CSE

School Education  Department,  Government  of  Andhra  Pradesh School Assistant  (Special Education) 

Guidelines for eligible SG Teachers Promotion as School Assistant (Special  Education) In the districts concerned. 

    Govt  of  Andhra  Pradesh  has  issued  orders  vide  reference  G.O.Ms.No.65, School  Education  (Ser.II)  Dept.,  dated:  28.09.2018  to  fil  the  School  Assistant (Special  Education)  30%  through  promotion  and  70%  through  direct recruitment  in  the  total  approved  and  sanctioned  860  posts  under  IEDSS.

Eligibility  for  Promotion: 

    The  S.G.  Teachers  who  are  working  in  MPP/MPUP  schools  and  Govt. Primary/Upper  Primary  Schools  having  the  prescribed  professional  qualifications

B.Ed  -Special  Education  recognized  by  the  Rehabilitation  Council  of  India  or B.Ed.-General  &2-year  Diploma  in  Special  Education  recognized  by  the Rehabilitation  Council  of  India  or
Higher  qualifications  in  respect  of  qualifications  in  Special  Education  from their  respective  districts,  are  eligible  for  promotions  as  School  Assistant (Special  Education)  in  the  same  district  only.

Allotment  of  School: 

*   Government  of  AP  has  alotted  the  schools  based  on  the  number  of  Children with  Special  Needs  (CwSN)  enro led  in  classes  9th&  10th  by  duly  alotting  one school  in  each  Mandal.  The  remaining  schools  in  the  districts  are  identified based  on  the  highest  number  of    CwSN  enroled  in  classes  9th&  10th  in  schools in  the  district  concerned.  (List  annexed).

*   The  School  Assistant  (Special  Education)  shall  re-deploy  based  on  the enrolment  of  CwSN  in  the  same  school  or  other  schools  near  by  from next  academic  year  for  the  cause  of  effective  implementation  of  Inclusive Education  for  CwSN.

*   The  School  Assistant  (Special  Education)  shal  visit  the  other  high  school  in his/her  Mandal  whenever  required,  to  support  CwSN  in  School  subjects.
Main  Job  Role  of  School Assistant  (Special  Education): 

The  job  role  of  the  School  Assistant  (Special  Education)  is  as  same  as regular  School  Assistants  in  the  department.  In  addition  to  the  regular  job role  of  the  School  Assistant  (Special  Education)  is  as  fo lows.

a.  School  Assistant  (Special  Education)  needs  to  give  confidence  to  CwSN  to join  in  schools  and  retain  til  the  successful  completion  of  secondary education.

b.  The  School  Assistant  (Special  Education)  needs  to  take  care  of  al  types  of CwSN  of  the  school  concerned.  Train  the  students  in  coordination  with  the teaching  &  non-teaching  staff  of  the  school.

c.  He/she  needs  to  put  effort  to  strengthen  the  CwSN  abilities,  learning competencies  in  school  subjects  and  also  work  for  the  al-round development  of  CwSN  in  the  schools  concerned.

d.  He/she  also  shal  provide  counseling  to  the  parents,  help  in  identifying  the needs  of  CwSN  and  resources,  participate  in  the  assessment  teams, support  in  teacher  training  programmes,  mobilization  of  educable  CwSN  to schools,  identifying  extremely  dependent  children  for  sanction  of  escort /transport  alowance,  mobilization  of  children  for  physiotherapy  camps  and other  therapeutic  interventions,  enumeration  of  CwSN  who  might  need minor  corrective  surgeries,  advocacy  for  Inclusive  Education  for  CwSN  and to  assist  the  teacher  in  classroom  management  techniques  of  CwSN  and other  time  to  time  activities  in  the  benefit  of  Children  with  Special Needs.Also  provide  counseling  on  maintenance,  care  and  usage  of distributed  assistive  devices.

e.  School  Assistant  (Special  Education)  shal  undergo  al  trainings'  provided  by the  department  whenever  required  either  administrative  issues  or  academic issues.

f.  School  Assistant  (Special  Education)  shal  invariably  attend  to  school  along with child-specific, need-based Teaching Learning Material with the supportof subject teacher concerned.

g. School Assistant (Special Education) shall orient the school teachers oneffective Inclusive Education and special methodology of educating CwSN

h. School Assistant (Special Education) should record all the information suchas demographic particulars, medical history etc of the child in theprescribed formats. He/she shall prepare Individualized Educational Plans(IEPs) for all CwSN who are designated as CwSN and shall update the IEPsregularly and assess the goals set by them. The shall be discussed withHMs and other team members.

i. The School Assistant (Special Education) may be re deployed based on theenrollment of the CwSN in the same school or other school based on theenrollment, from time to time, to further the cause of Inclusive Educationfor CwSN.                     

Commissioner of School Education & Ex- 
Officio Project Director, 
Samagra Shiksha (RMSA), AP,Amaravati.



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