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Ananda Lahari Abhyasana (ALA) Extension of programme to classes 3 - 5 in 1573 schools during A.Y 2019-20 - Effective implementation of the programme. RC.No.11, Dated: 19-06-2019

File No.ESE02-22/4/2019-SCERT

Present: K. Sandhya Rani, I.Po.S

RC.No.11/C/SCERT/2016                  Dated: 19-06-2019

Sub: School Education - Ananda Lahari Abhyasana (ALA) Extension of programme to classes 3 - 5 in 1573 schools during A.Y 2019-20 - Effective implementation of the programme - Certain guidelines issued - Reg.

1. MoU between RIVER,TIDE and Govt of Andhra Pradesh.
2. Minutes of the State level Review on 22nd June


     All RJDs, DEOs, and Project officers of SSA are aware that Aanda Lahari Abhyasana (ALA) is being implemented in 1573 Primary Schools @ 2 schools per Mandal. It has created lot of excitement and int r st among students, Teachers, parents and community. Enrolments are also increasing.

     In the above context, all the Dist ict Educational Officers and Project Officers in the state are informed that, it is proposed to extend ALA programme to classes 3 -5 during the AY 2019-20. For Close monitoring of the programme is very essential for the effective implementation of the programme. In view of this, certain guidelines are issued below.

I. Regarding trainings;

A. MEOs ORIENTATION(22-06-2019)

a.     It is very much crucial to organize half day orientation to all MEOs before the conduct of teacher trainings, in 2 spells of half day each to make them aware of MGML (ALA) pedagogy and also to educate them on the checklist to be monitored in ALA schools. They will have to obtain knowledge on assessment procedures of ALA also in this context.

b.     Please observe this change…MEOs orientation should be conducted on 22nd June and planning of master coaches should be done on 21st June. Please inform MEOs to visit one ALA school before coming for orientation for better understanding.

c. Utilize the services of best core team members and master coaches for MEOs orientation as per the requirement. The master coaches who are orienting the MEOs shall remain in the orientation venue and the rest of the master coaches can move to their respective division training centers to get ready for the divisional trainings.

d. ALA School Teacher trainings (Spell-1 -23rd June to 26th June & Spell-II -27th June to 30th June)

e. Ensure the availability of sufficient number of ALA 3,4 & 5 kits along with work books in the training locations. Please provide teacher manuals from their concerned school kits.

f. Master coaches should collect hand outs/reference material from the AMOs on planning day and the same shall be used during the divisional level trainings.

g. Ensure the participation of every single ALA school teacher to attend 4 days orientation without fail. One teacher should attend one spell and the other teacher should attend another spell.

h. AMOs can engage any sectorial officer or local MEO to act as course coordinators.

II. Administrative:

a. DEO/P.O/MEOs should monitor closely and support in relieving the master coaches and arranging deputation to t e master coaches schools.

b. In spite of our several requests made regarding replacement of schools without proper infrastructure, still there are some schools with a single room.Please take necessary ac ion for proper arrangements.

c. If any replacements required in view of insufficient classrooms/single teacher schools among the 121 schools in Bhimili Constituency, AMO is permitted to replace t em with the suitable schools with the due instructions to the teachers to attend the training from the newly identified schools. Communicate the particulars of replaced schools along with UDISE codes to SCERT immediately.

d. Issue necessary guidelines to conduct ALA Day every month at Master Coach cluster level on first Saturday of every month.

e. MEOs/Complex H.Ms should take lead in organizing ALA day meetings by inviting other school teachers also to visit ALA day meetings and to know the best practices from ALA schools.

f. DEOs and P.Os have to further ensure that not to depute the teachers of
ALA schools for 10th class/intermediate invigilations, spot valuation duties, or deputation to other schools for work adjustments or any other out of school programmes.

g. DEOs should arrange deputations to ALA schools  in case of any long
leaves,maternity leaves etc.

III. ALA E.M and URDU schools:

a. Government has permitted to introduce ALA Progamme in English Medium and Urdu medium schools. Hence please send the updated requirement of E.M .ALA kits requirement by 24th of June.

b. For implementation of URDU medium a please identify 20% schools from your district Urdu schools for implementation of ALA programme as per the
norms and submit the identified schools list to SCERT by 30th June without fail.

Criteria for selection of U.M. ALA schools.

a. It should be a Double Teacher school
b. Total Strength of the school should be not less than 40
c. School should have sufficient classrooms (2 minimum) with good space to accommodate the Physical infrastructure to be provided.

For Commissioner of School Education



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