Monday, 11 February 2019

Municipal Administration Department - Filling up of certain categories of Municipal Teachers through promotions - Further instructions and revised schedule issued. Lr.Roc.No.3276, Dated: 11-02-2019.


Sri K. Kanna Babu, LA.S.,
Director of Municipal
IV Floor, Sri Krishna Enclave,
Gorantla, Guntur - 522 034.

1)All Regional Director-cum￾AppellateCommissioners of
Municipal Administration,
Guntur and Ananthapuramu.
2) The Commissioners ofGVMC and VMC.

Lr.Roc.No.3276/2017-J3,          dated.11-02-2019.

Sub:  Municipal Administration Department - Teaching Establishment - Filling up of certain categories of Municipal Teachers through promotions - Further
instructions and revised schedule issued - Regarding.

1) Govt.Memo.No.573468/D 112018-2, dated.05.02.20 19.
2) Govt.Memo.No.573468/DI/2018-3, dated.05.02.2019.
3) This office Lr.Roc.No.3276/2017/B-I, dated.07.02.2019.
4) This office Lr.Roc.No.3276/2017/B-2, dated.07.02.2019.
5) This office Lr.Roc.No.3276/20 17113,dt.08.02.20 19.
6) Lr.Roc.No.475/2015/A3, dt.l1.02.2019 of the RDMA, Vizag.

In continuation of this office letters 3rd to s" cited and in partial modification to the promotion schedule given earlier, all the Regional Directors of Municipal Administrations in the State and the Commissioners ofGVMC and VMC are hereby informed that, while the promotion schedule is in force, on the request of the Teacher Unions, the Principal Secretary to Government, MA&UD Dept., has conducted a convergence meeting on 11.02.2019 with all
the Teacher Unions to sort out the issues raised with regard to the promotions in his chambers. During the meeting, the issues has been discussed in a greater length and the Principal Secretary to Government, MA&UD Dept., have decided to take up the Municipal Teachers promotions of all categories in the following manner.

(1) The RDMAs of Visakhapatnam and Ananthapuramu may be requested to issue promotion orders to the Gr.II.Language Pandits on 13.02.2019 to whom promotion counselling was already conducted on 08.02.2019.

(2) The vacancies arised due to promotion of School Assistants into HMs of HighSchools shall be added to the already existing vacancies for promotion of allcategories of SAs.

2.    Therefore, all the RDMAs and Commissioners of GVMC and VMC are hereby instructed to take further necessary action accordingly and effect the promotions as per theabove schedule duly indicating the following clauses in the promotion order;

"1. The seniority in the promoted post will be taken into consideration based on the merit rank of the lower cadre, subject to following the roster in the promoted cadre. Hence, the date of joining of the individual in the promoted post will not be taken as criteria for counting the Inter-se-Seniority (in respect of School Assistants - Languages and Subjects, as the case may be for the promotion of next higher post i.e.HM of HighSchool)".

2. The promotions which are being given now are subject to outcome of
pending court cases on the subject, if any in the Hon 'ble APAT and Hon 'bleAPHC etc.

3. If any teacher who got promotion at present and found ineligible on later date on the issues of seniority/service matters etc., will be reverted without any further notice.

3. Further, keeping in view of the issue raised on seniority, it is hereby informed that, "the seniority of the members of the service shall be determined as per Rule 33 to 36 of the Andhra Pradesh State and Subordinate Service Rules, 1996. (rule 18 of AP Municipal Teachers Service Rules, 2016). Further the Rule 33 (b) states that;

"The appointing authority may, at the time of passing an order appointing two or more persons simultaneously to a service, fix eitherfor the purpose of satisfying the rule of reservation of appointments orfor any other reason the order of preference among them; and where such order has beenfixed, seniority shall be determined in accordance with it - Provided further that the order of merit or order o(pref?rence indicated in a list of selected candidates prepared bv the Public Service Commission or other selecting authority, shall not be disturbed inter-se with reference to the candidates position in such list or panel which determining the seniority in accordance with this rule".

4.   Further, all the RDMAs are clarified that, "for promotions the seniority shall be the criteria, however rule of reservation shall be applicable duly following 100 points cycle as per Rule 22 and 22A of AP State and Subordinate Service Rules during promotions. After arriving the rosters points, the persons in the seniority are to be arranged as per roster point and then promotion shall be given accordingly".

5.  Further, all the appointing authorities are instructed that, after counselling, issue promotion orders on the day of counselling itself to the promotee teachers and they will be relieved to join in the new station, immediately and to come back to the old school on the same day (from where they were promoted) on deputation to work till completion of the academic year 2018-2019 and they shall join in the new stations on the last working day i.e.23.04.20 19, without fail.

6.   Further, all the RDMAs and Commissioners of GVMC and VMC are hereby
instructed to take further necessary action accordingly duly following the instructions issued by the Government and this office from time to time, without fail.

7.   Treat this as "Time Bound and Top Priority" and complete the promotion process, without any deviation in the matter.

Yours faithfully,
Sd/- K.Kanna Babu,



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