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School Educalion - Commemorating the 150th Birth Anniversary at Mahatma Gandhiji - Two yearlong Programme for the period from January, 2019 to 2nd October. 2020 - Conduct the activities in all schools / D.Ed / B.Ed. Colleges in the State. Rc.No.481, Dated:31-12-2018

File No.ESE02·30/39/2018·A&I·CSE

Andhra Pradesh :: AMARAVATI.

Present:K Sandhya Rani l.Po.S.

Rc.No.481/A&l/2018 Dated:31-12-2018

Sub:· School Educalion - Commemorating the 150th Birth Anniversary at Mahatma Gandhiji - Two yearlong Programme for the period from
January, 2019 to 2nd October. 2020 - Conduct the activities in all schools / D.Ed / B.Ed. Colleges in the State - Action Plan - Communicated - Reg.

1) D.O. No. 24-19/2018-Spl.Cell.Dated:06.09 2018 of Sri. Arun Goel.
Secretory,Government of India Ministry of Culture.New Delhi
2) Lr. Rc. No.Nil. dated Nil of the Chairman.A.P Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Vijayawada
3) Action Pian for the period from January. 2019. 2018 to 2nd Oct. 2020.


    It is informed that in the ref. 1st read above. Sri. Arun Goel. Secretary. Governmenlof India Ministry of Culture. New Delhi has stated that. Government of India is commemorating 150th Birth Anniversory of Mahatma Gandhi for a period of two years from 2nd Oclober. 2018 to 2nd October, 2020 at National ond lnternational Level. There will be a number or commemorative and constructive activities to be taken up by Government of India as well as State Governments. Ministry of Culture is the nodal agency for coordinating all activiies.

    Further, Secretary. Government of India Ministry of Culture, New Delhi has requested the State Govt.. that all commemorative programmes shall be turned into peoples' programmes by malivaling people at all levels. All activities talken up by the States under the commemoration shall be uploaded on the web portal. hosted by Ministry of Culture.

    in the ref. 2nd read above. the Chairman. A .P. Gandhi Smarak Nidhi. Vijayawada has requested to support for conducting seminors/workshops / /competitions etc.. to students in schools in the areas viz.. 1) essay writing. 2) debating. 3) drawing. 4) singing 5) quiz competitions and issuing participation certificates ond prizes to be awarded to the participants that bag the first and
second positions as o part of commemorotion of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma  Gandhi.

   The first and second best winning learns  in each event at district  and State Level will brought to the field visit lo Wardha. The expenditure on field visits will also borne by A.P. Gandhi Smarak Nidhi. Vijayawada. ( At district best two
students in each event total l0 students per district ie..2 students x 5 events x 13 districts = 130 T And State Level best three students ie.. 3 students x 5 events = 15 ie.. 130 + 15 = 145 + 10 Escort Teachers etc..= 155 Team)

    As such on Action Plan is prepared to take up activities for the two years long programme for the period from December.2018 to 2nd October.2020 and the some is enclosed herewith.

   The following teams / committee have to be constituted of each school level ond District Level:

I. School Level Team : 

II. District Level Committee :

   Therefore all the Regional Directors of School Education / all the Districl Education Officers/ Principals of DIETs, CTE,IASEs in the Stale are requested:

a)  To constitute School Level Team and District Level Committee to plan and conduct the activities as per the given Action Plan at School and to   monitor by Dlslrict Level Committee.

b)  To conduct the activities in all schools / D.Ed./B.Ed. Colleges as per the given action plan in commemorating 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma
Gandhi for the period of two years from December,2018 to 2nd October. 2020 and upload the activities taken up by the respective offices/ districts on the web portal of the Ministry of Culture,Govt of India, New Delhi
without fail.

c)  To select first best students in each 5 events ie.. 5 x 2 students = 10 students at district level to award prizes and also send the said learn to participate in the Stale Level Events. The participation certificates/ prizes will be awarded  by A.P.Gandhi Smarak  Nidhi, Vijayawada. The best performing two/three sludents at each District Level and Slate Level in each event will be sent to Wardha, which is prominent place of Mahatma Gondhiji.

   Please contact G. Rosmi.Convenor. A .P. Gandhi 150 Celebrations. A.P. Smorok Nidhi, Vijayawada cell No. 9849081733. mail id : mhatmagadhi150ap@gmail.comapsni dhl® for providing facilities as mentioned in lhe Action Plan.

These instructions should followed scrupulously.
Encl:As above




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