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ELEMENTARY ENGLISH - Useful for L.K.G, U.K.G and Primary Classes.

Learning English in India is a symbol of people's aspiration. English is introduced in India for more than a century ago. But even today, very few people can speak English fluently. Recently English has been introduced from Class I in almost all the states. Government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced English as Second Language for Primary Schools. Even rural people intend to join their children in English Medium Schools. Mushrooming of private English mediurn schools in all mandal head qurters and even in villages is happenning. English is being taught in these schools from very initial stage. Lerning English has become very difficult to the Telugu Medium students. They are scared of  learning English Language. The  Governments has  intro­ duced a lot of new methods to teach English easily. But the students still face a lot of problems in learning English.


Dear Sirs/Madams,

    The main intention of this book is to develop the L,S,R,W skills at Primary level. In order to develop these skills, please follow steps given below.

1.  Teach Alphabet with the help of Root Words(Page No.1 to Page No.6). All 26 Alphabet are covered with these 12 words.

2.  In order to develop writing skills, please use Trace Sheets from Page No. 9 to Page No. 18. Here the students can acquire certain idea about writing alphabet witth correct strokes.

3.  Now come to UNITS. There are 24 units in this book. Every unit is designed with the same type of content.

a.  I have provided a number of good pictures to recognize lettters and words easily.

b.   Important Verbs and it's other forms are introduced from Unit I under "KNOW YOUR VERB FORMS" section. This section may not be difficult to even kindergarten children. Because we have given these verbs with the help of sui table pictures.

c.   4 sets of Rhyming words are introduced in every unit.

d.   20 most Frequently used English words are given in every unit. These words helps the students to read a paragraph very easily.

e.   A good Rhyme is given for every unit. Student enjoys reciting the rhyme.

f.    Under Vocabulary section we have provided 60 easy words (3,4,5 letter words) and small sentences in each unit.

g.    Degrees or Comparison words are also introduced from Unit I.

h.    The most useful Classroom instructions are also given in every Unit.

j.    10 types of exercises are given at the end of every unit.

k.    Evaluation sheets (Formativc Assessment) are given after every five units.

l.    Essential English grammar items are added under annexure.

m.  Letter writing, Descriptions and Conversation are given.

n.    Telugu meanings are given for Classified Vocabulary and Unit wise Vocabulary.

o.    Please instruct all students to put a separate note book for practicing vocabulary and dictation purpose.


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