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Implementation of (TaRL) Programme Pratham Educational Foudation(NGO) - In 13 Districts - Ananthapuramu, Kurnool and Vizianagaram during 2018-19 ·Certain modified Guideines Issued. Rc.No:255, Dated : 04-12-2018.

Present:K.Sandhya Rani, I.Po.S.,

Rc.No:255/B/SCERT/ 2018 Dated : 04-12-2018

Sub:School  Educaton - SCERT - Implementation of  (TaRL) Programme Pratham Educational Foudation(NGO) - In 13 Districts - Ananthapuramu, Kurnool and  Vizianagaram  during 2018-19  ·Certain  modified  Guideines Issued -Regarding.

 l. Progs.Rc.No.255 /B/ SCERT/ 2018, Dated: 25.07.2018 of the Commissioner of School Educat on, AP, Amaravathi.
2.Discussions during TaRL review meetings with State Academic Monitoring (SAMO) team of SPD,SSA, Pratham,SCERT, etc.
    The attention of the District Educational Officers and the District  Project Officers of SSA of Ananthapuramu, Kurnool and Vizianagaram Districts is invited to the subject cited. As you are aware the Teaching at Right Level (TaRL) Programme is being implemented for Classes 3rd to 5th since last 2 to 3 years. The services of the Cluster Academic Coordinators (CACs) are engaged for monitoring  and mentoring the implementation of the TaRL programme for  the past  3  years  in respect of Ananthapuramu District and for the Past 2 years in respect of  Kurnool and Vizianagaram Districts.

    From the experience so far,it is reported that the schools from where the CACs have been deputed for TaRL monitoring, are badly affected in terms of falling enrolment, fall in proper instructional days, lower learning levels of the students, etc. No substtute Academic Instructors were provided in such schools,in majority of the cases. This has adversely affected the overall school performance.

There are also complaints from the public and the parents that some of the
CACs are neither attending to their own schools nor properly delivering on their expected roles under TaRL program, Some complaints informed that CACs are in fact found attending to their personal works!

    Further, we are aware that  the TaRL program  is already under
implementat on for over 2-3 years in these 3 districts. There have been several rounds of training to the CACs and to the teachers and constant mentoring was ensured till date. It is expected that the tools and teaching practices that are introduced as part of TaRL program should have been mainstreamed and adapted by all the teachers concerned, by now.

    In the above context, and considering the previous years experience it is
decided to strengthen the existing Monitoring system at various levels through the ME.Os and District Officers to ach eve the expected teaming outcomes and proper implementation of the TaRL programme.

    The following modified guidelines for effect ve imp ementat on of TaRL programme are issued, These may be followed henceforth and the program implementation jointly reviewed by the DEO and PO SSA of the concerned District. Minutes of the District  Review meetings along with action points  and timelines for follow up may be submitted to this office and SPD, SSA office.
Modified Guidelines for implementation of TaRL Programme:

1.Implement the Teaching at Right Level (TaRL) Programme as per schedule communicated  earlier.

2. Relieve the existing CACs immediately, with instruct ons to join in their respective schools and implement the TaRL tools and practices effectively
in those schools.

3. The services of existing CACs may be limited to the Review meetings and Trainings as a Resource Persons to guide the teachers.

4. Issue instructions to the Head Masters (HMs) of Primary and Upper Primary Schools  of  Govt,  Mandal Parishad  and  Aided  Management  Schools to
imp ement the TaRL Programme daily for  two hours (One hour each for Language and Mathematics)in the Afternoon Session for 3rd to 5th Classes.

5. Make the education officers avai ablein the district as Special Officers for a cluster of Primary Schools where TaRL program is being imp emented for direct monitoring. Such officers may be Deputy Educational Officers, Principal DlET, AMOs and other Sectoral Officers, MEOs, Complex HMs, Ass stant Sectoral Officers, District Assessment Cell Members, Divisional LevelMonitoring Teams (DLMTs), Cluster Resource Persons(CRPs) and Mandal LevelData Entry Operators/MIS Coordinators.

6. While the education officers listed at serial 5 above may perform the specific Roles and Responsibil t es identified/discussed against their designation in the appended document, they individualy may be made responsible for the performance of a cluster of the Primary Schoo s on all aspects of the TaRL program.

7. DEOs and POs, SSA shou d jointly conduct review meetings with Dy.EOs, Princ pal DIET, AMO and Other Sectoral Officers, MEOs, Assistant Sectoral Officers and District Assessment Cell Members on 9th of every Month (or next working day. it is  a holiday).  Minutes of  the Meet ng and review  report should be submitted to CSE Ii SPD, SSA, highlighting the achievement and
issues for actionwith timelines by the 11th of every month.

8. Instruct the MEOs to conduct review meet ng with HMs of Primary and UP Schools and CRPs on 5th of every month to review the Qual ty improvement Programmes like TaRL, ALA and Gnanadhara etc. and submit report to the DEO and PO SSA by 7th of every month.

9. The AN.Os of SSA has to play vitalrole for conduct of Mandal LevelReview
Meet ngs and consolidate the month wise performance  of  students  and should submit the report to the DEOs & POs SSA for conduct of the District Level Review Meetings.

10.The above guidelines should be followed scrupulously without any deviation     for affective monitoring of the quality improvement programmes like TaRL, ALA and Gnanadhara etc. All efforts should  be made to achieve the expected learning outcomes by all  the students and also to perform better
in ensuing National Achievement Surveys/ National LevelCompetitions.

     Please take  immediate act on to implement the above  modified guideines      and report compliance of the same, along with lis t of duster wise primary schoo s allotted to various specific district /Mandal officers.

Encl: 1) Roles and Responsibilities

Commissioner of School Educationcation
Andhra Pradesh :: Amaravathi



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