Monday, 19 November 2018

VIRTUAL CLASS ROOM – ANDHRA PRADESH - Operating Manual ( Updated )



    Virtual Class Room (VCR) aims to offer quality education to the students of the government schools in the State by transforming the normal classrooms into virtual classrooms and the live classes being delivered by experts from the studios. 


1.   Before turning on the laptop, check whether all the required cables (HDMI, Audio jack, Laptop charger, Clicker Receiver, Wide angle camera, Interactive pen and Pad and LAN) routing from different equipment to the laptop are in place and connected properly. 

2.   Place all the equipment in the defined slots of podium while not in use. 

3.   Handle equipment gently and ensure all equipment is free of dust. 

4.   Issues (Network, hardware, Software, LMS, Live delivery) to be reported to HDT and a reference number should be taken duly. 

5.   Ensure proper earthing is provided to the room where VCR is installed and please ensure a periodical check is carried out. 

6.   A register to be maintained at the school for any technician visit and work done by him which has to be duly signed by technician. 

7.   UPS to be left in charging mode during holidays and after school hours. 

8.   All Passwords are to be made a note and to be submitted in Headmaster’s office. 

9.   Material inward/outward movement to be maintained in the register with a signature from both parties. 

10.   Projector always has to be operated via remote. 

11.   Bass of the woofer to be kept at minimum during live class. 

12.   Projector screen to be unrolled slowly and to be used gently. 

13.   VCR equipment has to be used only for watching live classes, Queries, LMS and Clicker interaction. 

14.   Clickers to be issued and collected before and after every live class. 


1.   Do not unplug the cables when the laptop is in use, turn off the laptop and input power to remove any cables connected to it. 

2.   Do not allow dust to accumulate over the equipment. Ensure it is cleaned with dry cloth periodically (15 days once). 

3.   Podium not to be pulled/dragged for any kind of purpose, this has to be notified to HDE and their instructions to be followed. 

4.   No calls to be made directly at first instance to operations team on field or in office team. 

5.   Do not allow external parties (untrained staff/students/outsiders) to operate the VCR equipment in your presence/absence. 

6.   Main power to the UPS Supply not to be switched off at any point of time. 

7.   UPS output not to be switched on post usage; it has to be kept in charging mode. 

8.   Default passwords are not to be changed. 

9.   Servicing by external parties is strictly not recommended, it may lead to loss of warranty and AMC and equipment malfunction. 

10.   Projector should not be operated from top panel. 

11.   Not to change the volume levels of the speaker manually. It will have been preset by technician in your presence. 

12.   Projector screen not be pulled further, once the black part of screen is seen. 

13.   Power for any external devices should not be drawn from UPS and any deviation from this is not entertained. 

14.   Webcam should not focus the teacher, it should focus the class room and all the students must be visible to the Webcam. 


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