Thursday, 29 November 2018

Permission to avail Special Casual Leave by A.p Govt. employees having voting right in Telangana to cast their vote on 07.12.2018 (Friday) . Circular Memo No.260, Dated:28-11-2018.


Circular Memo No.260/Poll.B/A2/2018      Dated:28-11-2018.

Sub:-Elections- General Elections to Telangana State Legislative Assembly, 2018- polling on 07.12.2018 (Friday)- Permission to avail Special Casual Leave by A.p Govt. employees having voting right in Telangana to cast their vote on 07.12.2018 (Friday) - Orders -Issued.

1) Election Commission of India Press Note No.ECIIPN/66/2018, Dt:06.10.2018.
2) Election Commission of Indla, Lr.No.78IEPS/20L8/262, dt.18.10.2018.
3) Representation Dt22.11.201.8 from A.P NGOs Association, Vijayawada.


    It is informed that the Election Commission of India have announced polling schedule for generalelections to the States of Telangana on 07.12.2018 (Friday).
2) In the reference 3'd cited, the A.P NGOS Association, Vijayawada has informed that some of theemployees who are working in HODS and Secretariat are still having their families in Hyderabad andhaving their voting rights in State of Telangana in view of the stay of their family members in Hyderabadand requested the Government for grant of special permission/Cl to the employees working in HODS,Secretariat and other GoW institutions whose vote is in the State of Telangana to cast their vote on07.12.20L8 on production of their voter ID or self declaration of the employees or such.

3) In this regard, it is informed that as clarified by the Commission vide letter 2"d cited, in the case ofemployees who are ordinarily resident in the areas of Assembly Constituency where poll is on 07.L2.20L8,as the case may be, but having the place of work outside the Constituency area, and the date of pollbeing different in respect of the place of residence, those electors including casual workers workingoutside the Constituency concerned would be entitled to the benefit of a paid holiday extended under thesection 1358(1) of the Representation of people Act, 1951, although his/her office does not happen to beclosed on that particular day. The daily wage/casual workers are also entitled for a holiday and wages onpoll day as provided under Section 1358 of the Representation of People Act, 1951.

4) Therefore, after careful examination of the matter, Government hereby permit to avail one dayspecial casual leave on 07.12.2018 (Friday) to the employees of State Government working in A.PSecretariat, Heads of Departments and other Government Institutions/Organizations in and aroundCapital Region area who are having their voting rights in Telanagana to cast their vote subject toproduction of EPIC card to the leave sanctioning authorities.

5) All the leave sanctioning authorities concerned are directed to sanction special casual leave toeligible employees subjed to production of EPIC card.

Srikant Nagulapalli
Secretary to Govt., (Political)



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