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MASTARU MEMU NERCHUKUNTAM - It aims to improve academic stands of the students from 6th to 9th Class.


 It aims to improve academic stands of the students from 6th  to 9th  Class.

 The title of the Programme “Mastaru Memu Nerchukuntam” refers to encourage self learning of the Children.

In this Programme Students are active, Teachers act as a guide and Co-Ordinator of learning process.

The main focus of the Programme is on five Practices (areas),

1. Interactive Teaching

2. Student note book

3. Project work

4. Book Review

5. Career Guidance                                                                                                                                                               
1. Interactive Teaching:- In the 45 minutes period The Interaction between and among the students and Teacher should be at least 25 minutes, in the rest of 20 minutes Teacher explains and consolidates given Topic, Teachers should keep in the mind Ten steps inactive system Regional Joint Director school Education, Kakinada Communicated earlier in the four Pages letter.

2. Student Note Book:- Student Note Book does not mean running note book. In the running Note Book students writes at the time of Teachers Teaching, So, this system diverts the students concentration when ever interaction is going on class room.  Please stop this practice.

Students Notes I am referring at after completion of the topic through the interactive Teaching the Student prepares notes on his own by going through Text Book.  Student should prepare notes during his leisure time either at school or at Home It may be in the form of Question and Answers or points wise or sub heading wise or para graph wise according to the students wish.

Teacher need not to verify this note book everyday but every student should show their notes to the student sitting next to him and getting signature from him after that Teacher should dictate notes chosen relevant points from every student. As you know here student should maintain two note books of each subject, one is student note book, another one is Teacher note book, student can write student notes of all subjects in one or two note books enough.

Based on this student notes Teacher should allot marks for written work of formative Assessment. Teacher note book should be utilized by the student for preparation for summative Exams.
3.Project work :- Project work aims at collecting information independently, preparing a report and its presentation by the students, there by improving creativity among the students.

Whenever teacher give the project work, he should keep in mind Three main points.

a. Teacher should give the project work in such a manner that student should not depend on the internet for the collection of information.

b. Teacher should give the project work in such a manner that student ca not copy from other students for the collection of information.

c. Teacher should not dictate the information for the preparation of the project.

Content of the project work of all the student is different  that the right project (Original Project) .

Content of the Project work of the student is similar that’s wrong project.  The purpose of giving project work is defeated (does not serve the purpose of project work).

The Teacher should give Name and Structure of the project work first then he should give ten days time for preparation, after lapses of Ten days each  students should present in two or three minutes project work in the presence of all his class students and his Teacher, even if it is write or wrong student must be encourage to do presentation standing in the place of the Teacher, after listening to the students presentation Teacher should allot 6 marks for project preparation and 4 marks for presentation as part of the formative assessment.
4.Book Review:- Book Review aims to inculcate reading habit, understanding abilities and presentation skills among the children.

Teacher should identity simple and suitable Library books for book review and give those books to the children.  Teacher gives time of 7 to 10 days for reading and asks the children to read that book and prepare book review in one or two pages.

Lapse of ten days students should present book review in the presence of all his class students and his Teacher.

Even if it is write or wrong student must be encourage to book review  standing in the place of the Teacher. After the presentation of the students, Teacher should give 6 marks for preparation of book review and 4 marks for presentation as part of the formative assessment.
5.Career  Guidance :-  aim s at  encouraging  students  goal Career  Guidance setting at an As  yo u early age.

As you know  I  have  (Regional  Joint  Director  of  School  Education, Kakinada)  already  given  you  one  career  guidance  sheet  related  to  which  is  to be filled up by the student.

Teacher  gives  the  Career  Guidance  sheet  to  Children and ask them the fill them up

Children  and  asks  them  to After  completion  of  filling  up  of  Career  Guidance  sheet by Teacher makes them  into Spiral Binding Book class wise.

All Teachers  must read the Career Guidance sheet of the Students and know their  apt itudes  regarding  their  Career  and  encourage  them  to  active  their Goals.

It will  also  be  a  good  Practice  I f  the  Teacher  can  prepare  and  display  a  chart class  wise  writing  Their  Goals  against  the  individual  student  Basing  on  the Career Guidance Sheet.

Regard s, 
D.Devananda Reddy, 
Regional Joint Director of 
School Education, Kakinada



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