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33 సంవత్సరాల సర్వీసు కలిగి రిటైర్మెంట్కు కేవలం 6 నెలల కాలం సర్వీసు కలిగిఉన్న ఉపాధ్యాయుడు, అంతకు ముందుగానే విదేశాలకు వెళ్లాలని వాలంటరీ రిటైర్మెంట్ తీసుకోవాలనుకుంటే వీలవుతుందా ?

 ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ రివైజ్డ్ పెన్షన్ నిబంధనలు 1980లోని రూలు 44 ప్రకారం నియామక అధికారికి 3  నెలల  ముందస్తు నోటీసు ఇచ్చి  రిటైర్మెంట్ తీసుకోవచ్చును.

44. Retirement on completion of  33 years qualifying service :

(1)   At any time after a Government servant has completed  thirty three years of qualifying service but before attaining  58 years of age.

(a)   He may retire from service, or

(b)   He may be required by the appointing authority to retire in the public interest, and in the case of such retirement the Government servant shall be entitled to a retiring  pension:

Provided that

(a)   The Government servant gives notice in writing to the appointing authority at least three months before the date on which he wishes to  retire; or

(b)  The appointing authority gives a notice in writing to the Government servant atleast three months before the date on which he is required to retire in the public interest or three months’ pay and allowances in lieu of such notice, as the case may be :

   Provided further that where the Government servant giving notice under clause (a) of the preceding proviso is under suspension, it shall be open to the appointing authority to withhold permission to such Government servant to retire under this rule.

(2)   A Government servant, who has elected to retire under this rule and has given the necessary intimation to that effect to the appointing authority, shall be precluded from withdrawing his election subsequently except with the specific approval of such authority :

   Provided that the request for withdrawal shall be within the intended date of his retirement.

Note :-  Orders permitting/requiring a Government servant to retire after completing 33 years’ of qualifying service should, as a rule, not be issued until after the fact that the officer has indeed completed qualifying service for 33 years has been verified in consultation with the Pay and  Accounts Officer, Hyderabad/ Head of the Department/Head of Office, as the case  may be, who maintains the service particulars/book of the Government servant  concerned.

CLICK HERE FOR RULE - 44 ( A P Pension Rules - 1980)


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