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Contribution of employees and pensioners of State Government towards Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for donating the same to the victims of “’Titli’’ cyclone of Srikakulam District G.O.MS.No. 169, Dated: 31-10-2018


Chief Minister’s  Relief Fund  –  Contribution  of  employees  and  pensioners  of  State  Government towards  Chief  Minister’s  Relief  Fund  for  donating  the  same  to  the  victims of  “’Titli’’  cyclone  of Srikakulam  District  – Deduction  –  orders  –  Issued.

G.O.MS.No.  169                    Dated:  31-10-2018 

Read  the following: 
1.  CMP  No.1229/Spl.C.S./2018, dated. 23.10.2018  with  request of  the President  A.P. Secretariat  Association.
2.  Memorandum  presented  to  the Hon’ble  CM  on  16.10.2018 by  the  Chairman,  JAC of employees,  Teachers, Workers  and  Pensioners,  Andhra  Pradesh.
3.  Memorandum  presented  to  the Hon’ble  CM  on  16.10.2018 by  the  State  President  of State Government  Pensioners  Association,  Amaravathi,  Guntur.


O R D  E R: 
     In  the references read  above,  the President,  Andhra  Pradesh  Secretariat  Association,  the Chairman, JAC of  employees,  Teachers, Workers  and  Pensioners, Andhra  Pradesh and  the president,  A.P.  State  Government  Pensioners  Association,  Andhra  Pradesh offered their willingness for  contribution  from  the  salaries  of  all  employees of  Andhra  Pradesh  Secretariat, Legislature  Secretariat,  all  the  last  grade  employees,  all  other  employees  and  Teachers  and Pensioners  including  family  pensioners   of  Andhra  Pradesh  State  from  the salary  of  October, 2018 payable  on  1st  November, 2018  and  remit into  the  Chief  Minister’s  Relief  Fund  to  donate the same  to the  victims  of  “Titli ’’  cyclone  of  Srikakulam  District.

2.    Government  after careful consideration hereby  order  that  the  following  deductions  shall be  made  based  on  the  representations  of  the  following  associations. Name of the Employees Association Quantum of deduction
1 The President Andhra Pradesh Secretariat Association. a) Class IV & III employees- Rs.500/- per head. b) TCA, ASO, Stenographers and other Non-Gazetted employees – Rs.1000/- per head. c) S.O., P.S. and other 1st level Gazetted cadre – Rs.1500/- per head. d) A.S./D.S./J.S/Addl. Secretary cadre – Rs.2000/- per head.
2 The chairman, JAC of employees, Teachers, Workers and Pensioners & The President, State Government Pensioners Association, Andhra Pradesh a) All last grade employees - Rs.200/- per head. b) All other employees and teachers – Rs.500/- per head. c) All categories of Pensioners – Rs.200/- per head.
3.   As part of Titli cyclone related rehabilitation and relief activities, it is observed that the scale and effort is huge.  Towards this, a separate unit called “TURPU – Titli Uddanam Rehabilitation Program Unit” is set up to channelize the efforts in a focused manner.  In this connection it is also noted that there is an outpour of support and response from various quarters /sections line NGOs, Corporates, Associations, individuals etc.  Contributions to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund towards the Titli relief and related measures are being made by these quarters/sections of the society at large.  Therefore, to ensure a clear demarcation of such donations/contributions received to allow for accountability and transparency it was agreed that CFMS will be leveraged.  It is also agreed that, a separate Sub Detailed Head under the existing CMRF HOA will be created to allow for such transparency as well as accountability.  Towards this, a PD account will be created to be operated by DDO of CMRF. 

“M.H. 8443 – Civil Deposits  
800 – Other Deposits   
S.H. (02) – Chief Minister’s Relief Fund  
D.H. 001 – Chief Minister’s Relief Fund          
S.D.H  001   -    TURPU”
4.     Owing to the timings of the event, it is not feasible to make the deductions in the pay bill of the month of October, 2018 payable on 1st November, 2018.  Hence, CEO, APCFSS is instructed to enable DTA to draw a sum equivalent to the deductions and adjust to the Head of Account mentioned in para 3 above.

5.   All the Drawing and Disbursing Officers of Secretariat Departments/ all Drawing and Disbursing Officers of all the Heads of the Departments and Registrars of all Universities concerned shall ensure that the correct deductions are made from the pay bills of November, 2018 without fail and adjusted against the advance.

6. The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, Andhra Pradesh, Pay and Accounts Officer, Andhra Pradesh, CEO, APCFSS, Andhra Pradesh and  Registrars of all Universities of Andhra Pradesh State shall personally be responsible to ensure that full deductions are made and remitted to the Chief Minister’s relief fund for the purpose of relief of the victims of “Titli’’ cyclone.  APCFSS will enable adequate reporting that shall facilitate continuous monitoring of the scheme/program operation and inform the same to the Special Chief Secretary to Government, Revenue (CMRF) Department, Andhra Pradesh.

7. The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, Andhra Pradesh, Pay and Accounts Officer, Andhra Pradesh, CEO, APCFSS and Registrars of all Universities shall issue necessary instructions to their subordinate officers working under their respective administrative control to comply with the above orders.

8. This G.O. is available in Andhra Pradesh Government websites and

(BY ORDER AND IN THE NAME OF THE GOVERNOR OF ANDHRA PRADESH)                                                                                      




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