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Rc. No. ESE02-27021, Dated: 09-09-2018. Mid-Day Meal Scheme - adverse news articles on quality eggs being supplied to the children Guidelines for providing good quality eggs - lnstructions issued


Present: G.Srinivas, IAS

           Rc. No. ESE02-27021/1 3/2018-MDM-CSE,               
Dated: 09-09-2018

Sub: School Education - Mid-Day Meal Scheme - adverse news articles on quality eggs being supplied to the children Guidelines for providing good quality eggs - lnstructions issued - Regarding.


      The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that various drawbacks in supply of qualitative and quantitative eggs under Mid-Day Meal Scheme in the state have been reported. Several news articles highlighting the various drawbacks in suppty of quality eggs to the schools havebeen published recently in various newspapers all over the State, more in Kurnool district. The issues, highlighted in news articles are:

l .   The quality and quantity of eggs being supplied are not up to the mark.

2.   ln certain schools spoiled eggs are being supplied.

3.   ln some of the schools the cracks are visible on eggs and consequently eggs getting spoiled and insects are growing.

4.   The distributing Agencies are not supplying eggs as per quality specifications.

5.   The supply of underweight eggs is frequent in certain areas/schools.

     The District Educational Officers are informed that such derogative articles in newspapers pointing out the faiture in monitoring the supply of eggs under a flagship programme tike Mid-Day Meal programme are not onty deflating the objectives of the scheme but also degrading the image of the Department.

     Besides, from the observations of State Food Commission and news articles in daily newspapers it is evident that the eggs, being supplied under Mid-Day Meal Scheme, fail frequently to meet the quality specifications of tender norms/conditions in certain schools. As per Clause.25(a) of tender if the successful tenderer fails to deliver the materiats as per the delivery schedule specified, the Commissioner of School Education has the right to levy penalty or cancel the order partially or in full and the Supplier is bound to pay the consequential loss if any sustained by the Commissioner of School Education.

     ln view of the above circumstances and keeping in view the importance of the scheme the steps to be taken by the field officers to rectify the deficiencies at various levels are provided hereunder:

l. Steps to be taken by the HMs/ Agencies at School level:

1.   At the time of receipt of eggs have to check that the shell is not cracked or slimy. Sliminess or cracks can indicate the presence of bacteria.

2.   The date of supply shall be noted in the presence of the supplier. The Head Masters shall be present at the time of receipt of eggs and certify the quality and quantity of eggs with cotour code.

3.   The Supplier shall be asked to carry an appliance to measure the weight of eggs at the time of delivery.

4.   The eggs, found spoiled after delivery, shall be kept aside and got reptaced within the week without fail.

5.   Ensure that the spoiled/ cracked/ underweight eggs are get replaced with quatity eggs on the spot.

6.   Ensure that the eggs shall be served to the children within the week from the date of supply of eggs. No spoiled egg shall be cooked and served to the children.

7.   The eggs shall be cteaned first and stored in well ventilated place at room temperature . The eggs shall not be preserved in closed (air tight)Almarah's or vessets or near stove or cooking area.

8.   Any differences with the supplier shall immediately be reported to the higher authorities and get the problem solved.

9.   The SMC's meetings shall regularly be held and they have to take suitable steps for the implementation of MDM and supply of eggs.

ll. Steps to be taken by the MEOs/Dy. Educational Officers:

1.   Properly monitor the supply of quality eggs by the suppliers.

2.   Random inspections shall be conducted to check the quality and quantity of eggs, being served.

3.   Monthly meetings shall be conducted with the Suppliers, Head Masters and Cooking Agencies to discuss all the issues relating to supply of eggs.

4.   Soon after report of incidence of supply of underweight or spoiled eggs the supplier shall be summoned and get the underweight or spoiled eggs replaced with quality eggs immediately.

5.   ldentify the reason for supply of spoiled eggs and report the matter immediately to the higher authorities with specific remarks.

6.   Utilise the Parent Teacher Association and other mechanisms inmonitoring the implementation of MDM especiatlly supply of quality eggs.

lll. Steps to be taken by the Regional joint Directors/ District Educational Officers:

1.   Review the supply of eggs monthly with the MEOs/ Dy. Educational Officers and take immediate steps to solve the problem, if any.

2.   Wherever it is observed that the supplier is not supplying the eggs as per specifications a show cause notice shall be issued immediately to the supplier for rectification of deficiencies. lf the supplier fails to rectify the deficiencies, the matter shall be reported to the undersigned with specific remarks and evidences for keeping the supplier under blacklist.

3.   White certifying the bills relating to supply of eggs ensure that the cost of spoited eggs is not included and there shall be no double claim.

4.   During inspections, the issues relating to the quatity of MDM especially eggs shall be checked.

5.   Ensure that there shatll be no interruption in supply of eggs to the students in the districts under MDM.

6.   The matter shall be kept under the notice of the District Collector, concerned.

      The Regional Joint Directors and the District Educational Officers are directed to inspect at least two schools in a week at the time of Mid-Day Meal, verify the quality of meals and eggs being supplied/ served, take required steps to rectify the deficiencies, found if any, and submit report to the Commissioner of School Education.

      Further, all the District Educational Officers are requested to ensures that the above guidelines are properly reached all the field officers, schools & teachers' immediately and get implemented property.



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