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కొత్త గా ఉద్యోగం లో చేరిన వారికి APGLI Premium ఎప్పటి నుంచి కట్ చెయ్యాలి?

GO.Ms.No.199 Dated: 30 - 07 - 20113 ప్రకారం మొదటి నెల వేతనం నుంచే APGLI Premium మినహాయించాలి.


  Insurance – Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Department – Recommendations of the Committee on commencement of the premium deduction   from the date of payment of first month salary  -  Instructions to all Drawing & Disbursing officers –  Orders – Issued.    

                                     G.O.Ms.No. 199           Dated: 30 -07-2013                                                                                                                                                        

Read the following:-   
1. G.O.Ms.No. 368 Finance & Planning (FW.Admn.II) Department,  Dated: 15-11-1994.  
2. G.O.Ms.No. 231 Finance (Admn.II) Department, dated: 28-06-2010.  
3. G.O.Rt.No.83 Finance (Admn.II) Department, dated 07-01-2013. 
4. Committee Report on simplification of procedures in the Directorate of Insurance,  A.P., Hyderabad, dated: 27-02-2013.                     
5.    Director of Insurance, Hyderabad letter No. 1/General/2012-2013,                            Dated: 21-03-2013.  


      In the reference 1st read above, Government have introduced the slab rates of compulsory premium towards Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Scheme for the State Government Employees.                 

2.   In the reference 2nd read above, Government have issued orders for enhancement of compulsory A.P.G.L.I premium slab rates as per the Revised Pay Scales, 2010.  

3.   In the Government order 3rd read above,  the Government have constituted a Committee to study the possibilities of simplification of procedures and efficient  functioning of the Department to render quick  service to the Policy holders.   

4.   In the reference 4th   read above, the Committee has submitted  a  report to the Government,  wherein  it was  recommended that  “ under  the present system, deduction from monthly salary starts from the date of second year.  Government may consider covering the employees under the A.P. Government Life Insurance Scheme from the date of payment of his / her first monthly salary”.    
5.   In the reference 5th  read above,  the Director of Insurance has  stated that as per the APGLI Fund Rule, an employee who is appointed under 10(a)(i)(1) of the General Rules for the State and Subordinate Services is eligible to get  insured with Directorate of Insurance on completion of one year  service. This condition might have been relevant in the olden days where there were temporary appointments. Presently, almost all the appointments are made on regular basis mainly through A.P.P.S.C./D.S.C./Police recruitment board, Hence, the existing condition of one year service for recovery of A.P.G.L.I. premium may not be applicable.  Also, the condition of completion of one year service is denying the newly recruited employees from getting the benefit of risk coverage.    

6.   Further, the Director of Insurance has requested the Government to kindly issue necessary orders for effecting the A.P.G.L.I.  premium recovery in the first month salary of the employee soon after he/she joins the Government service without the condition of (1) year service completion.   

7.   Government after careful examination of the recommendations of the Committee and  as per the request of the Director of Insurance,  Government hereby permitted to recover the compulsory premium amount  which was prescribed in the Government orders  from time to time to be   deducted  from the date of payment of first  month salary soon after he /she   joins the Government service on regular basis  without   waiting for   completion of one year service.          

8.  The Drawing and Disbursing Officers concerned are therefore requested to recover the compulsory premium of A.P.G.L.I.  amount which was prescribed in the Government orders from time to time to deduct the compulsory premium from the date  of payment of first salary soon after he/she joins the Government service without waiting for completion of one  year service, who are in the insurable age of 21-53 years.  
9.  The  Drawing and  Disbursing officer is  solely  responsible for recovery  of  1st  premium  and submission of  prescribed  form  immediately  to  concerned District  Insurance Officer after recovery  of  1st  premium,  to enable the  concerned  District Insurance  Officer,  to  issue policy  within one  month.  

10.  Necessary  amendments  to  the  A.P.G.L.I. Fund Rules will be  issued  separately.   

11.   This order came into  force with effect  from  the date  of  issue  of  the  order  and  earlier  settled cases need  not  be reopened.  

12.   Copy  to  this  order  is available  on  Internet  and can be accessed at  address  http://www.ap.gov.in.goir




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