Wednesday, 25 July 2018

G.O.RT.No. 216, Dated: 25-07-2018. Certain instructions for improvement of the progress of the works in A.P. Education and Welfare Infrastructure Development Corporation, Vijayawada


 School Education Department  – Certain instructions  for improvement  of  the progress  of the works in A.P.  Education and  Welfare  Infrastructure  Development Corporation, Vijayawada – Orders  –  Issued.

                            G.O.RT.No.  216                  Dated:  25-07-2018         


 O R D  E  R :           

      The Managing Director,  A.P.  Education and  Welfare Infrastructure  Development Corporation,  Vijayawada  is hereby  informed  that  the APEWIDC is executing the  various types of  building works  of  other Departments  and  funds  are  kept within the corporation for completion  of  works.  For  timely  completion  of  works  and  to  fulfill the  requirements  of clients of  APEWIDC,  the  following  instructions  are  issued  for compliance:-

        1.  Tenders  for  all the  repair works of  all types of  buildings  of  all clients shall be invited,  processed,  entered in  to  agreement  and payments  be  made  at Executive Engineer  level itself,  from  the  funds  to  be  kept at  the  disposal  of EE concerned  for  the specific  purpose.

       2.  Funds provided by  various clients  for  the works,  (except  for  the  works  for which payments are  made by  the PAO)  shall be  kept  initially  under  the control of  Managing  Director.  In  turn  Managing  Director  will  release to  all the Divisions under  his control by  25th  of  every  month,  if  it  is  holiday  on next working  day,  to  enable the Executive Engineer  to  make  payments to  work bills and salaries  for  the  staff  working in  their  Divisions.

       3.  The amount  realised  from  the provisions of  P.S  charges and  Q.C charges from  the  payments  of  bills,  both  by  PAO  and Executive Engineer, be credited to  Bank  Account  operated by  the Managing  Director to  facilitate Managing Director  for  release of  LOC  for  payment  of  salaries,  and  the other  incidental charges like  rent,  hire  charges  for  vehicle,  telephone charges,  and other incidental charges  in the  Division Office  and sub-Division Offices.

       4.  Work wise  review  meeting with  EEs/SEs  shall be  conducted  by  Chief Engineer  initially  and then by  Managing  Director  preferably  in first  week of every  month  to  assess work  progress  as  well as expenditure  incurred.

       5.  Decisions on all the  technical matters  be  taken, including  granting of  EOT and  recommending,  releasing of  LOC  by  the  Chief  Engineer as  stipulated  in codal rules and G.O.  Ms.  No.94,  I&CAD,  dated  01.07.2003  and also  G.O. Ms.No.41,  Water Resources Dept.,  Dated:24.05.2018.

       6.  The  Superintending  Engineer will  invite  tenders  for  the works  for  which Superintending Engineer as well as Chief  Engineer  is competent  to  accord technical sanctions  and process  the  tenders  and  submit to  the Chief Engineer  for  works beyond SEs competency.

      7.  After  tenders  are  approved/accepted  by  the  competent authority  they  will  be returned  to  the  Superintending Engineer  for  entering into  the  agreement as stipulated in para  159  (3) of  'D' code.

      8.  The  Managing Director  shall be dealing  with  administrative matters  like releasing  of  LOC  to  the  Divisions,  attending  to  the meetings  in Secretariat and with  other  Departments,  mobilizing  works and  funds  from other Departments,  transfers  up  to  EEs level,  reviewing  works progress  and expenditure  incurred  by  various Divisions and Circles.

       9.  The   MD,  APEWIDC has  to  attend  items  mentioned in Para  IV  under caption “  TO  ATTAIN  THE AIMS  AND OBJECTIVES OF  THE SOCIETY IT MAY”  in “ RULES AND REGULATIONS”  (expect  items 7,  12,13 and 15  ) of  by-laws  of APEWIDC.

       10.  The  CE has  to  attend  to items  7,12,13  and 15  of  by-laws of  APEWIDC mentioned in Para  IV  under  caption “TO  ATTAIN  THE AIMS  AND OBJECTIVES OF  THE SOCIETY  IT  MAY”  in “RULES AND REGULATIONS”. 

2.      This issues with the concurrence of Finance (FMU. School Education) Department  vide U.O.No.41022/136/201 8, Dated:19.07.2018. 

 3.     The Managing Director, APEWIDC, Vijayawada shall take necessary action on the above.




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