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G.O.RT.No. 215, Dated: 25-07-2018. Implementation of Mid-Day Meal (Cooked) Programme for the students studying Intermediate Education in all the Government Junior Colleges in the State.


MID-DAY MEAL  PROGRAMME  –  Implementation  of  Mid-Day Meal  (Cooked) Programme  for the  students  studying Intermediate  Education in  all  the Government  Junior Colleges in  the State –  Guidelines - Orders  –  Issued.

   G.O.RT.No. 215                                  Dated: 25-07-2018      

Read the following :

1.From  the  Commissioner  of  Intermediate  Education,  A.P.,  Guntur Lr.Rc.No.Acad.II-1/MDM/2016, dated 01-06-2018.
2.From  the  Commissioner  of  Intermediate  Education,  A.P.,  Guntur Lr.Rc.No.Acad.II-1/MDM/2016, dated 026-06-2018.
3.From  the Commissioner  of School  Education,  A.P., Amaravathi Lr.Rc.No.119/MDM/2018, dated 06-07-2018.
4.E-mail  received  from  National  Institute of Nutrition,  Hyderabad dated 6-7-2018. -0-

O R D  E R: :-

     In  order  to  strengthen  the  Intermediate  Education  and  to  reduce  the drop  outs,  to  avoid Class  room  hunger,  to  increase  enrolment,  to  increase Attendance,  to  reduce  Gender  Gap,  to  foster  Social  Equity,  to  redress  Mal Nutrition,  to  promote  Community  participation  and  also  to  Women Empowerment in  Intermediate  Education Sector,  the  Government of  Andhra Pradesh has decided to introduce Nutrition Meals  Programme  (Mid  Day  Meal scheme)  in  (450) Government Junior  colleges.

2.   Accordingly,  Government have  decided to  implement Mid-Day Meal Programme by  giving  hot  cooked  food  to  the  students  of  Intermediate Education in the  Government Junior  Colleges  in  the  State  from  01-08-2018 onwards  with a minimum 966 calories  and 27.85 protein content every day per student  by extending the same  from  High Schools/Centralised  kitchens on par  with 9th  and 10 class  students  for  the  academic  year 2018-19.

3.    Government have  decided to provide  Mid-Day-Meal  Programme  by  the same Head  Masters  of  School  Education to the  Intermediate  students  in  (331) Government  Junior  Colleges  where  they  are  together  in  the  same  campus.    In the  remaining (119) Government Junior  Colleges,  the  adjacent  Head  Masters of  School  Education shall  provide  the  Mid-Day-Meal  by transporting  it  from  the nearby school  at the  cost  of  Intermediate  Education Department.

4.   Government  hereby  decided to implement the  Mid-Day Meal  (Cooked) programme during the  current financial  year  i.e.  01-08-2018 upto  last  working day of the academic  year  2018-19 to  cover  1,74,683 students  of  Intermediate Education studying  in  Government Junior  Colleges  with an estimated cost  of Rs.56.53  crores  i.e.  cooking  cost  Rs.23.75  crores, Supply of  eggs  Rs.13.08 crores,  honorarium to  Cook-cum-helpers  for 10  months  Rs.1.90  crores, cost towards  food  grains  and transportation  charges  Rs.17.80  crores   through the Commissioner  of  School  Education Department.

 5.   For effective implementation  of the  Mid-Day-Meal  (Cooked) Programme,  Government hereby  issue certain guidelines  for  monitoring supervision and review  as  annexed to  this  order.

 6.    The Commissioner  of  School  Education  and  Commissioner  of Intermediate  Education  shall  coordinate  and  issue  necessary  instructions  to the  concerned  in  this  regard.

 7.   The  Commissioner  of  Intermediate  Education,  A.P.,  Guntur  being a Nodal  Officer  for  the  Mid-Day-Meal  Programme,  is  requested to  submit a detailed  progress  report  on  the Programme every weekend to the  Government without fail.

 8.   All  the District  Collectors are  requested  to  implement  the scheme  in accordance  with  the guidelines annexed  to  this  order,  as  well  as  the guidelines issued  vide  G.O.Ms.No.94  Education  (SE-Prog.I)  Department,  dated 25-11-2002 suitably, wherever  applicable.




(To  G.O.Rt.No.215,School  Education (IE)  Department, dated  25-07-2018)



 1.  The  Mid Day Meal  Programme shall  be  implemented from  01-08-2018 by providing hot cooked  food  with a minimum of  966  calories  and  27.85  gm of  protein  content  every day  per  student  as  recommended  by  the  NIN  in the  Government  Junior  Colleges  in  the  State. 

2. All  students  studying  in  1st  and 2nd  year  Intermediate  in  the  Govt  Junior Colleges will  be  covered  under this  scheme. 

3.  The  cooked  meal  shall  be  supplied  in good  quality sealed insulated/stainless steel  containers.  Temperature  of  the  meal  when served  should  be  maintained  as per  the  conditions,  specified  under  MDM scheme implemented  by  School Education  Department. 

4.  The Commissioner  of School  Education  shall  ensure that  the  Cook-cumHelpers,  required  for  cooking and serving are appointed.  Engaging the Cook-cum-Helpers  and payment of  honorarium  to cook-cum-helpers  shall be  as  per  MHRD  norms. 

5.  Necessary training shall  be  provided  to  the  newly appointed CCHs.  The Commissioner,  Intermediate  Education shall  arrange  for training programme  in  consultation  with  the Commissioner  of School  Education 

6.  The  Cooked  Mid-Day  Meal  shall  be  fit for  human consumption for four hours  after cooking and it  should  be  transported  to Colleges  and consumed  by  students  within that time.  

7.  The Principals  of Government  Junior Colleges are responsible  for transportation  of cooked  food  from  nearby  High  Schools to  Junior Colleges in  the  containers,  suitable  for transportation  and maintaining temperature. 

8.  The Commissioner  Intermediate  Education  shall  ensure that  necessary vessels for transporting  cooked  food  and  eating  plates are provided  to  the students.  The  expenditure  shall  be  borne by  them  from  within  the budget, available. 

9.  The  charges towards  transportation  of  cooked  food,  in  case  of transportation  from  nearby  High School,  shall  be  borne  by  the commissioner  of  Intermediate  Education. 

10. The Centralised  Kitchens/  NGOs  are  responsible for transportation  and providing cooked  meal  to the students  of  Intermediate.  The  amount towards  cooking  cost  will  be  paid  by  the  Commissioner  of  School Education as  per  existing  procedure. 

11. The Principal,  Government  Junior Colleges shall  ensure that  the  meal  is served  to  the  Intermediate  students  at  specific  time  in  co-ordination with the  Head Masters of  High Schools/  Centralised Kitchens/ NGOs.  

 12. The Principals  of  Government  Junior Colleges shall  provide the details such as enrolment, attendance; number  of  meals required  etc., everyday  to the  HM  or  Centralised Kitchen,  from where  the  meals  are  being supplied. 

13. The Principals  of Government  Junior Colleges are responsible  for expediting complete  data to  the  Commissioner  of  School  Education in  the mobile  app,  meant for  MDM scheme  every day. 

14. All the  District  Collectors  shall ensure  that  the  MoU with  the  Centralised Kitchen/NGOs  includes  the  students  of  Government Junior  Colleges, stringent  mechanism  to  check  and  supervise the  quality and quantity  of meal  supplied. 

15. The  expenditure  towards  transportation  of  food  grains,  required  to  supply meals  to  Intermediate  students  shall  be  borne  by  the  Commissioner Intermediate  Education  in  co-ordination  with  the  School  Education.   

16. The Head  Masters  of the High  School, from  where the cooked  food  is  to  be supplied to  nearby  Junior  College,  has  to  maintain all  the  records  of supply of  food  grains,  eggs  etc. 

17. The  State  Civil  Supplies  Commissioner  shall  facilitate  to  supply food  grains to  the  schools  through existing supply  system  i.e.  supply  through the  Fair Price  Shops  under  e-pos  system.   

18. The  Guidelines issued  under  G.O.Ms.No.94,  Education  (SE-Prog-I) Department, dated:25-11-2002 for  implementation  of  Mid-Day Meals under  School  Education Department shall  be  followed  in  all  aspects  as suitable  for  Intermediate  Education  Department. 

19. The Commissioner  of  Intermediate  Education  is  the Nodal  Officer  for implementation  of MDM  in  Junior Colleges. 

20. The Commissioner  Intermediate  Education  shall  take required  steps  for monitoring the  implementation  of  the scheme  in  Government  Junior Colleges. 

21. The  existing  suppliers shall  supply  eggs  to  the High  Schools towards supply to  Intermediate  students  over  a  period  of  three  months  or  till further  orders,  whichever  is  earlier. 



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