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Rc.No:47, Dated: 10-07-2018. CSE & SSA, Amaravathi - SIMS 2018 - Construction of Statel District level teams for the year 2018-19 - Instructions issued.


Rc.No:47/CSE/SSA/AP/IT Cell/2017     
Dated: 10-07-2018

Sub: CSE & SSA, Amaravathi - SIMS 2018 - Construction of Statel District level teams for the year 2018-19 - Instructions issued - Reg.


    All the District Educational Officers and Project Officers of SSA in the state areinformed that the process of collecting of Aadhar integrated Child info and UDISE under SIMSfor the year 2018-19 has been commenced in the state from 20.06.2018 onwards as per the timeschedule which is enclosed in Annexure-I.

    The Guidelines (Annexure-2) are to be followed for Smooth process of Data
Collection and Compilation and also the following State, Regional and District Level teams areconstituted to monitor the collection of Data in the State.

State Level Monitoring Officer:

1. Sri. P.Prabhakar Rao, Director, RMSA,AP
2. Sri R.Narasimha Rao Joint Director (IT),AP
3. Sri Bharat Kumar, Add!. State Project Director and PlarmingCordinator, SSA,AP
4. Sri D.Madhusudhan Rao, Director, SCERT,AP
5. Representative from Intermediate Education.
6. Sri D.Srinivas, State IT Cordinator, CSE,AP
7. Sri.B.Krishna Mohan, MIS Cordinator, SSA,AP
8. Sri.Rajamallu,Nodal Officer, APOnline for technical assistance

Regional Team::

Zone - I: Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram, Vishakhapatnam
1. Dr.Satish Reddy, Lec.SIEMAT, SSA, AP
2. Sri G.Vijay Kumar, IEDSS, Coordinator, RMSA, AP
3. Sri.M.V.S Sivaram Prasad, ASO, CSE, AP
4. Nominee from Intermediate Education.

Zone- II: East and West Godavari, Krishna
1. Sri.S.Prasad Rao, Lec.SIEMAT, SSA, AP
2. Sri.GareebNaidu, ASO, CSE, AP
3. Sri.Ch.Pullaiah, Senior Consultant, RMSA Director (Retd.)
4. Nominee from Intermediate Education.

Zone - III: Nellore, Prakasam, Guntur
1. Sri.T.Sudhakar, Senior Asst. CSE, AP
2. Sri K.Suresh, Senior Programmer, RMSA, AP
3. Smt.Swarjaya Lakshmi, ASO, CSE, AP
4. Nominee from Intermediate Education.

Zone - IV: Kadapa, Chittoor, Anantapur, Kurnool
I. Sri M.N.V Srinivas, Asst. Director, RMSA
2. Dr.K.Penchalaiah, OSC Consultant, SSA, AP
4. Dr.N.Srinivas, Lec.sIEMAT, SSA, AP
5. Sri.Ch.Ramesh, ASO, Model Schools
6. Nominee from Intermediate Education.

District Level Committee:

I. District Educational Officer   -   Member cum Convenor
2. Project Officer   -   Member
3. Dist.Vocational Edu.Officer   -   Member- Intermediate Board

    The District Educational Officers and the Project Officers of SSA are informed that the Regional team members shall visit the districts from 20.07.2018 to monitor the SIMS 2018-19 programme in the state. The Project Officers are requested to provide a car available in the DPO to the observers during their visit to the districts.

    The District Educational Officers and Project Officers of SSA are informed that the APOs/ASOslMIS Co-ordinators of DPO office and ASO of DEOs and RMSA office are nominated as Nodal Officers to monitor the SIMS programme in their respective districts. The Project Officers are further requested to meet the expenditure for the SIMS programme from the intervention ofUDISE 2018-19.

    Further they are requested to provide the necessary transportation to the District nodal officers and also involve all the staff of DPO and DEO office by duly assigning the Mandals to monitor the day to day progress till completion of the SIMS 2018-19 and also they are requested to submit daily report to the District Level Committee.

    Further, the Regional team is requested to co-ordinate with the District Nodal Officers to know the status regularly and update State Monitoring Team every fortnight and also the State Monitoring Team should visit the districts randomly and report the discrepancies, if noticed to the undersigned for necessary instruction.

    Further, a 3 day State Level Workshop on Child Info, Indicators (KPIs), UDISE and various IT Initiatives data Consistency is conducting between 25.07.2018 to 27.07.2018 at Visakhapatnam. Therefore, all the ASOs, APOs and MIS Coordinators from the districts (DEO and PO offices) should participate in this workshop.

    The District Educational Officers and Project Officer, SSA, Visakhapatnam should coordinate with each other and make necessary residential arrangements for accommodating 80 Members @ 5 per each district for conduct of 3 day State Level Workshop at Araku, Visakhapatnam District in a smooth manner and complete the process as per schedule.



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