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వాలంటరి రిటైర్మెంట్ తీసుకోవాలనుకుంటే ఎంత సర్వీస్ పూర్తిచేసి ఉండాలి ? పూర్తి రిటైర్మెంట్ బెనిఫిట్స్ వస్తాయా ?

 ఏ.పి.రివైజ్డ్ పెన్షన్ రూల్స్-1980 లోని రూల్ 43 ప్రకారంగా 20 సం॥ సర్వీసు (అసాధారణ సెలవు కాకుండా) పూర్తిచేసిన వారికి వాలంటరి రిటైర్మెంట్ అర్హత లభిస్తుంది. రిటైర్మెంట్ ప్రయోజనాలన్నీ వర్తిస్తాయి.

Retirement on completion of 20 years of qualifying service :

     (1) A Government servant shall have the option to reqtire from service voluntarily after he has put in not less than twenty years of qualifying service.

     Provided that he gives a notice in writing of his intention to retire voluntarily of at least three months to the authority which has power to make a substantive appointment to the post from which he retires:

     Provided further that a notice of the less than three months may also be accepted by the competent authority.

     Provided also that, not withstanding anything in Rule 21, Extraordinary leave availed,  (on any ground other than for prosecuting higher studies within the State/outside the State/Country without receiving any payment except stipends during the period of such leave from any source, but including on medical certificate) shall not be reckoned as qualifying service for purposes of arriving at the qualifying service of twenty years referred to in this rule

Note:- A Government servant who has elected to retire under this rule and has given the necessary intimation to that effect to the appointing authority, shall be precluded from withdrawing his election subsequently except with the specific approval of suchauthority:

     Provided that the request for withdrawal shall be within theintended date of his retirement.

     (2) A Government servant retiring under sub-rule (1) shall be entitled to a retiring pension :

Provided that such retiring pension shall be subject to the provisions of the Rules (1), 8 and 9.

     (3) Where a Government servant opts to retire under sub-rule (1) while on leave not due, the retirement in such cases shall take effect from the date when the leave not due commenced and the employee shall refund the leave salary paid in respect ofsuch leave not due availed of by the employee.

     (4) A Government servant opting for retirement under sub-rule (1), shall not retire unless the notice given by him as per proviso to sub-rule (1) is accepted by the competent authority :

     Provided that the competent authority shall issue an order before the expiry of the notice period accepting or rejecting the notice.

     (5) Government servants opting for retirement under sub-rule (1) shall be entitled to addition of service for purpose of Pension, a service equal to the difference between the qualifying service actually put in by him and the service he would have put in onthe date of superannuation had he continued in service or the difference between such qualifying service and [thirty three years] whichever is less, subject to the condition that suchdifference shall be limited to a maximum of 5 years] Provided further that such a Government servant shall not be eligible for weightage under Rule 29 of these rules.

     (6) The option under sub-rule (1) shall not be admissible to aGovernment servant on deputation to autonomous bodies/corporations/companies/public sector undertakings orinstitutions wholly or substantially owned by Government who get absorbed in such public undertakings/autonomous bodies or institutions, as the case may be.

     (7) A Government servant retiring voluntarily under sub-rule (1) of these rules shall be subject to Rule 10 of these rules.

Note :- Orders permitting/requiring a Government servant to retire after completing twenty years qualifying service should, as a rule, not be issued until after the fact that the officer has indeed completed qualifying service for twenty years has been verified in consultation with Pay and Accounts Officer, Hyderabad/Head of Department/Head of office as the case may be, who maintains service particulars/Book of the Government servant concerned.

Executive Instructions

(i) Counting of periods of extraordinary leave availed by Doctors :

     The periods of extraordinary leave availed by the doctors during their service for the purpose of prosecuting higher studies, within the State/outside the State/Country, be counted for reckoning qualifying service for purpose of voluntary retirement, only, provided that no payment is received them during such periods from any source, excluding however, stipends.

(G.O. Ms. No.258, M&H Dept., dated 30-4-1983)

(ii) Counting of contingent service prior to conversion as last grade service :-

     (a) The contingent service prior to conversion of full time contingent employees into last grade service converted in terms of G.O. Ms. No.38, Fin.&Plg. Department, dated 1-2-1980 and G.O. Ms. No.9, Fin. & Plg. Dept., dated 8-1-1981, will not count, forpurposes of completion of 20 years of qualifying service for voluntary retirement. They should put in 20 years of qualifying service exclusively under Government.

(Circular Memo No.3016/104/Pen.I/85, dated 25-6-1985 and Circular Memo No.13924-D/678/Pen.I/.90, dated 20-11-1990 Fin.& Plg. Dept.)

     (b) The above instructions are modified and the contingent service of full time contingent employees, prior to conversion into last grade service was ordered to be counted for purposes of computing twenty years of qualifying service for voluntary

(G.O. Ms. No.19642-E/38/CC/Pen.I/91, dated 23-7-1992 of
Fin. & Plg. Dept.)

(iii) Expeditious settlement of applications:-

     Whenever notice of voluntary retirements as per Rule 43 of Andhra Pradesh Revised Pension Rules, 1980, are received from Government servants, they may be settled expeditiously as per the proviso to sub-rule (4) of Rule 43 of the A.P. Revised Pension Rules, 1980, to avoid any unnecessary addition toqualifying service even by granting extraordinary leave for the period of delay.

(Circular Memo No.23915/483/Pen.I/86, dated 2-5-1988 of Fin.
& Plg. Dept.)

(iv) Procedure for permitting voluntary retirement:-

     (a) when a notice of voluntary retirement is given under this scheme, the authority competent to accept the notice shall immediately review the case to see whether departmental disciplinary or Court proceedings are pending or contemplated
against the Government servant seeking voluntary retirement, which in this opinion are likely to culminate in major penalty of dismissal or removal from service. The notice of voluntary retirement may be refused in such cases by the competent authority.

     (b) The weightage under this scheme will be only an addition to the qualifying service for purpose of pension and gratuity. It will not entitle the Government servant to any notional fixation of pay for the purposes of calculating the pension and gratuity which will be based on the actual emoluments calculated with reference to the date of retirement.

     (c) The amount of Pension to be granted after giving weightage will be subject to the provisions contained in Articles 351 and 479 of Civil Service Regulations/Rules 236 and 238 of Hyderabad Civil Service Rules.

(G.O. Ms. No.413, Fin. & Plg. (FW:Pen.I) Dept., dated 29-11-1977)


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