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సర్వీస్ రూల్స్ వచ్చినందున మున్సిపల్ టీచర్లు కూడా EO ,GO టెస్టులు రాయాలా?

G.O.Ms.No..320 Dated:07-12-2016 ప్రకారం HM అకౌంట్ టెస్ట్ ఉతీర్ణులు అయిన వారిని సర్వీసు రూల్స్ వచ్చిన 3 సంవత్సరంల వరకు పదోన్నతి కి పరిగణనలోకి తీసుకుoటారు.


(1)      Every person  appointed  to  the  post of  Head  master/Headmistress of High  School  by  the  method  specified  in column  (1) of  the  table  below should have  passed the  tests laid down in column (2) subject to the condition in  column  (3).
(2)    lower  Where  a  test of  a language  of  higher  standard  is prescribed, a person shall  be  exempted  from  passing  the  test if  he/she  has  passed the  language as one  of  the  two  language  subjects  in Intermediate  Examination or  its equivalent  or in  higher degree.  Where a test  of  a  language  of  lower standard is  prescribed, a person  shall  be  exempted  from  passing the test  if  he/she  has passed the  language  as a subject  in  SSC  Examination  or  its equivalent  or  in higher  degree.
Method of Appointment Tests Conditions
1 2 3
By promotion from category 1 to 13 of class II i) Departmental Test for Gazetted Officers of the Education Department.
ii) Accounts Test for Executive Officers.
iii) Special Language test for the officers of the Education Department in Telugu of higher standard.
iv) Special Language Test for the officers of the Education Department in Hindi/Urdu of lower standard.
Should have passed at the time of appointment

(3)     All persons who have  crossed 45  years of age  shall  be  exempted  from passing  departmental     tests  for  promotion  to  the  next  higher  category above the one held  by  him/her.  This  benefit  is  extended  to  ensure that  every employee gets  at  least  one promotion  during  his  entire service.  This exemption  shall  be  given  only  once  in  the entire service.

(4)      All  persons who have completed  50 years of  age on  the date  of appointment to  any post shall be  exempted  from  passing  the  tests prescribed  in  column  (2)  of  the above table.

 (5)     The  persons who passed Account test  for Headmasters of High  Schools conducted by  the  Director  of  Government Examinations, Andhra  Pradesh  will be  considered  for  inclusion in  the  panel  of Headmasters /  Headmistresses of High  Schools for a  period  of  3 years from the date  of  issue of  these rules,  if they  are  otherwise  qualified and eligible  for  appointment by  promotion to  the post of the  Headmaster  /Headmistress of a High  School.


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