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SHAALA SIDDHI Complete Information

National Programme on School students and Evaluation 

Shaala Siddhi :

     Shaala Siddhi is a self evaluation of your school

     The need for effective schools and improving school performance is increasingly felt in the Indian Education System to provide Quality Education for all children

      NPSSE Visualizes School Evaluation as the means and school improvement as the goal.  It refers to evaluating the individual school and its performance in a holistic and continuous manner leading to school improvement in an incremental manner.

 Instructions :

       Should be used only  by authorized personal of the school

       Please send your log in ID and Password for any further use.

       Fill up all the components of the   dashboard.

       Edit your information before final submission.

Steps for uploading the dash board to the web portal

Step 1 : 

1) Go to shaala Siddhi web portal

2) Click on login Icon

3) If you are a first time user then click on new user

  •       Select level    ---------->    school level 
  •       Enter your UDISE Code  First name 
  •       Last name 
  •       Mobile number  

4) Enter the pin (OTP) received on your mobile number and click on submit.

5) After submitting your pin you can create your password.

6) Save your password further use.

(Password shall be 8 to 10 characters 1 in lower case, 1 in upper case, 1 digit, 1 special character)

Step : 2  Login  

User Name : 11 Digits UDISE code
Password : enter password

Step : 3

Filling up the dash board

1. Fill in Demographic profile.

2. Fill class wise attendance rate  Submit and then next

3. Fill class wise learning out comes in percentage Submit and then next

4. Fill number of teachers  Submit and then next

5. Fill no of teachers who availed

      a) Long leave

      b) Short leave Submit and then next

6. Select your level against each core standard and prioritize the area developing

      (low / medium / high )

      Submit and then next

7. Like wise fill all the seven key domains

8. there are seven key domains and each key domain consists of certain core standards as follows.

Domain – I  -      12 core standards
Domain – II -      9 core standards 
Domain – III -    5 core standards 
Domain – IV -     6 core standards 
Domain – V -      3 core standards 
Domain – VI -    5 core standards 
Domain – VII -  5 core standards 

  • Fill the mission statement in English with 20 to 50 words. 
  • Fill the area improvement , proposed action, support needed and action taken for all seven key domains only in English. 
  • Click and then submit. 

Step  :  4 

  • Before  final  submission  click  on  the  check  box  I  accept  terms  and conditions. 
  • Click  on  final  submission  (before  final  submission  you  can  edit  your  data  ) 
  • After  final  submission  unfreeze  icon  will  appear. 
  • Click  in  unfreeze  icon  if  you  want  to  edit  your  information. 
  • A  dialogue  box  will  appear  on  the  screen  for  conformation 

Steps  :  5  

  • Generating  reports. 
  • Click  on  reports  icon 
  • Select  the  type  of  report 
  • Select  school  evaluation  composite  matrix 
  • Select  school  evaluation  reports 
  • Select  school  evaluation  dashboard 
  • Select  composite  matrix  status  report .

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