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G.O.MS.No.180, Dated: 25-10-2017. Surplus Staff – Absorption of Surplus Staff– Guidelines Issued


Public Services – Surplus Staff – Absorption of Surplus Staff– Guidelines Issued

G.O.MS.No. 180                    Dated: 25-10-2017 

 Read the following:-
1. G.O.Ms. No. 36, General Administration Department, dated
2. The Andhra Pradesh (Regulation of Appointments to Public Services
and Rationalisation of Staff Pattern and Pay Structure) Act, 1994, (Act
2 of 1994).
3. G.O.Ms. No. 275, Finance & Planning (FW SMPC ) Department, dated
4. The Andhra Pradesh Prohibition of Absorption of Employees of State
Government Public Sector Undertakings into Public Services Act,
1997, (Act 14 of 1997).
5. G.O.Ms. No. 24, Finance & Planning (FW ) Department, dated
6. From the Director of Treasuries and Accounts, Andhra Pradesh, Letter
No.H1/7132/2016, dated 26.03.2016.
7. Memo No.30022/25/2016 dated 08.06.2016 of the Finance
(HR.I.Plg.Policy ) Department.



In the Government Order first read above, the Government issued
detailed guidelines for the guidance of the appointing authorities in connection
with the utilisation of staff rendered surplus.

2. In the reference second read above, in order to regulate appointments
and prohibit irregular appointments in various departments and establishments.

under the control of the State Government, local authorities owned and
controlled by the State Government and other bodies established under law,
the Andhra Pradesh (Regulation of Appointments to Public Services and
Rationalisation of Staff Pattern and Pay Structure) Act, 1994, (Act 2 of 1994)
was enacted.

3. In the Government Order third read above, a Surplus Man Power Cell
was set up in the Finance Department for redeployment of surplus manpower
in the vacant posts meant for direct recruitment through Andhra Pradesh
Public Service Commission and other recruitment agencies and Departmental
Selection Committees.

4. The Act 14 (fourteen) of 1997 mentioned in the reference fourth read
above was enacted prohibiting absorption of any employee of the state Public
Sector Undertaking into public services.

5. In the Government Order fifth read above, the Government issued orders
decentralising the process of redeployment of surplus staff and surplus work-
charged employees to the district level and issued guidelines in that regard.
Necessary powers were accordingly delegated to the District Collectors except
the District Collector, Hyderabad to redeploy the surplus man power including
the work-charged employees belonging to the district cadre. The District
Collectors would be assisted by their respective District Employment Officers.
Detailed guidelines/ instructions were issued in the said G.O for proper
implementation of the scheme of decentralised redeployment of surplus
employees. In so far as the surplus staff of the Hyderabad District and the
surplus staff belonging to the zonal, multi-zonal and state cadre employees,
the redeployment was centralised in the Finance Department.

6. In the reference sixth read above, the Director of Treasuries and
Accounts has brought to the notice of the Government that certain employees
of some cooperative bodies were irregularly absorbed in various Government
Departments against the statutory provisions of Acts second and fourth read

7. In this department memo seventh read above, all the district collectors
were directed to cancel the orders in which redeployment of surplus staff of the
corporations was made in Government departments. These persons are being
paid their salaries by the District Employment Officers as a temporary measure
pending final orders of the Government in the matter.

8. After careful examination of the matter, the Government has decided
that the absorption of the employees of the corporations in Government
departments is against the extant legal provisions and all such orders shall,
therefore, be rescinded and all these employees shall be repatriated to their
parent organisation concerned with immediate effect. Accordingly Government
hereby order that all the District Collectors shall accordingly issue necessary
orders immediately.

9. As large number of vacancies existed in most of the departments, the
chances of having surplus employees in Government departments are very
remote with the only exception being of drivers as they are rendered surplus
consequent to condemnation of Government vehicles. As such, with a view to
prevent inconsistent decisions at the subordinate level, it is felt desirable that
cases of redeployment of surplus staff shall be dealt by the Government in
Finance Department. Accordingly the Government hereby withdraw the
delegation of powers to the district collectors issued in the Government Order
fifth read above and order that any orders of redeployment of surplus personnel shall henceforth be issued by the Government in Finance

10. The detailed guidelines to be followed for identification of surplus
employees and processing the proposals for their redeployment are appended
in the annexure to this order.

11. The Departments of Secretariat and the Heads of Departments are
requested to follow the above guidelines/ instructions scrupulously and also
bring the same to the notice of all the appointing authorities under their




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