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Memo.No.1153/Ser-1/2000-1, Dated 28-03-2000. Maintenance of attendance register and correct statistics in Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools in the State furnishing of for effective planning exercise

Memo.No.1153/Ser-1/2000-1                                           Dated 28-03-2000
Sub:-SCHOOL EDUCATION – Proper recording of enrollment and attendance – Maintenance of attendance register and correct statistics in Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools in the State furnishing of for effective planning exercise – Certain instructions – Issued.
Ref:-Minutes of the meeting held with Teachers Associations and Senior Officers on 14-09-1999.
    Duringthe course of Inspection of schools it has been found that certain Headmasters / Teachersare recording incorrect/inflated enrolment. Such exaggerated figures, apart from beinghighly improper, are rendering it difficult for the Government to have a realisticassessment of the magnitude of the problem and tasks ahead in achieving UEE and to developsuitable strategies for achieving the same before 2005 as envisaged in VISION- 2020.hence, the imperative need for accurate enrolment and assessment of the number of schoolage children outside the formal schools, to enable us to develop strategies to mobilize,allocate and effectively utilize available resources for achieving universalisation ofElementary Education before 2005 and the ultimate goal of a knowledge society. Hence allthe Headmasters, teachers and Private managements must be adequately motivated toappreciate the concerns of the State Government and the goals that are set for achievingSwarna Andhra Pradesh under VISION-2020.
(2) The Headmasters /Teachers concerned shall immediately review the particulars of students enrolled andensure their attendance is properly recorded without any exaggeration or inflation what soever. The enrolment must tally with the admission register and the attendance recordedshall tally with physical presence of the students attending the school.
(3) Specific catchmentarea for each school must be delineated clearly indicating the House Nos., the localityetc. In a habitation, if there is more than one school, the Headmasters of the schoolsalong with MRP / MEO / Deputy Inspector of Schools must DEFINE / DEMARCATE the catchmentarea for each of the school comprising of Locality / Low income group Area / Slum / Worksite including ward numbers, House numbers from where children could be enrolled dependingon the distance, number of school aged children. This exercise must be done carefully bythe HMs in consultation with MRP / MEO / Deputy Inspector of Schools concerned who musttake up verification of such delineation of catchment area of all the schools in a phasedmanner.
(4) Enrolment andretention of all the children concerned in the catchment area shall be the responsibilityof the HMs and his team of teachers. The HM may either allot particular Area / House Nos.or out of school children to be specifically identified, to each teacher for achieving100% enrolment.
The Primary Schools, thatwill constitute catchment area for an UPS will be delieneated and the HM of UPS concerned,along with his team of teachers shall take necessary steps to have Primary school childrenenrolled in the UPS in liaison with HMs of concerned Primary Schools. Similarly the HM ofa High School and his team of teachers shall enroll the 7th Class children ofUPS’s in their catchment area into their 8thclass in liaison with the HMsof concerned Upper Primary schools.
There are many instanceswhere children are temporarily abstaining or dropping out as their Parents / Familymigrate to other areas in search of work. The HMs plus their team of teachers of schoolsnear the area of work falling within their catchment area, must motivate the children andfamilies to enroll and attend school, even if temporarily. HMs and teaches can take theassistance of NGOs / Philanthropists including retired teaches in this noble task ofachieving 100% enrolment including school age drop outs migrating with families includingchild labour.
(5) (a) Attendanceregister must be maintained as prescribed.
(b) Under no circumstances, shall students, who are absent be given attendance, and similarly, all the children below 5 years, shall be directed to attend the AW Center / ECE as the case may be.
(c) HM’s and teachers must appreciate that regular attendance has a bearing on achievement levels of the students, which has been established in various evaluation studies.
(6) HMs of all theschools re empowered to enroll children, even if temporarily, particularly or Drop outs /Child labour who are Non-starters / out of school children in appropriate class withoutinsisting on any kind of certificate. The students could be requested to furnish theirCaste / Age certificates etc., subsequently, but well before Public Examination be it VIIor X class depending on the class in which admission is made.
(7) Class-wise enrolmentshould be exhibited in the HMs / Principals rooms. The dropouts if any, in any monthshould be recorded along side indicating the month and the number of drop outs (withreasons recorded separately).
(8) (a) EMIS formatsdistributed to the schools during 1999-2000 and since collected shall be returned to theHMs to immediately verify and rectify the discrepancies. The corrected EMIS formats shallbe resubmitted accordingly, to the MEOs through MRP who will verify and attest everyschool EMIS format after random physical verification. Corrected EMIS forms for the year1999-2000 should be re-submitted before 10-04-2000.
(b) All the columns in EMIS shall be filled with great care and no column shall be left blank unless it is NIL or N.A., which must also be specifically indicted.
(c) The MRPs shall take up random physical verification of the Enrolment / Attendance recorded in the schools. Similarly, MEOs, Deputy Inspectors of Schools, Deputy Educational Offices and District Educational Officers shall also take up surprise visits and random physical verification of the enrolment in the schools under their jurisdiction. If False / Fictitious enrolment is detected, apart from launching penal action against concerned HM / Teacher for fudging official records, disciplinary action shall be initiated and the cost of books, rice said to have been distributed for the period for which that students is fictitiously shown as enrolled shall be recovered from the HM / Teacher concerned by the Supervising Officer concerned either on his own detection during his surprise visists, or on receipt of the report from the MRPs or direction from the superior officers on making surprise visits / inspection to the said school. The pecuniary loss recoveredfrom the Teacher / Headmaster shall be remitted to the respective Head of account under intimation to the DEO concerned. Apart from these, the MEO / Dy.E.O. / DEO shall initiate disciplinary control rules applicable to them.
(9) Supervisory offices,right from MEO to CDSE shall review and ensure that correct enrolment is recorded and anyirregularities detected (after opportunity given now to HM’s / Teachers to makecorrections) shall be dealt with severely as specified above. Negligence in this regard byany of the Supervisory staff will be viewed seriously.
(10) Apart frommonitoring through EMIS, school mapping exercise is proposed to be launched all over theState shortly, before which the enrolment, attendance, dropout particulars etc., shall berectified by HMs / Teachers concerned as indicated above.
(11) The Schoolcommittees and local people must be adequately motivated to appreciate the concerns inthis regard and co-operate to record enrolment and attendance correctly and above all tomotivate all concerned to achieve 100% enrolment under regular attendance in the interestof children of Andhra Pradesh.
(12) TheGovernment’s objective endorsed by citizens of Andhra Pradesh to achieve over 85%literacy rate before 2005 requires concerted efforts particularly on the part of Teachers,Functionaries of Education Department and School committees, Mandal and District EducationCommittees for ultimately realizing a "Swarnandhra Pradesh". The DEOs shallcommunicate these instructions to the HMs of all categories of schools and to Subordinateoffices in their district to follow the same scrupulously. Since District EducationalOfficers are busy with conduct of SSC Exams, they are hereby instructed to entrust thiswork to other Officers of Education Department like APCs, Deputy Director of AdultEducation etc., by entrusting specific areas to each to ensure corrected EMIS forms areobtained well before 10-04-2000.
(13) Finally, theDistrict Collectors are requested to ensure that MRPs and MEOs, in particular, concentrateon strategies for realizing the gigantic task of UEE and not to draft them for any otherwork without specific Government orders.
The Commissioner & Director of School Education, Hyderabad.
All District Collectors in the State.
All Regional Joint Directors of School Education in the State.
The District Educational Officers in the State.


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