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G.O.Ms.No.368, Dated:29-6-1993. A.P.VigilanceCommission – Setting up of – Orders – Issued.

                        GOVERNMENTOF ANDHRA PRADESH

COMMISSIONS – A.P.VigilanceCommission – Setting up of – Orders – Issued.

G.O.Ms.No.368                                                         Dated:29-6-1993.

G.O.Rt.No.218. GeneralAdministration (AR&T) Department, dt:15-1-1990.
O R D E R:-
In the G.O. read above, theGovernment have constituted a Committee to examine the various aspects of Administration.

2. The above Committee onAdministrative Reorganisation recommended as follows:
"The Institution of VigilanceCommission as it existed in the past may be revived and restored its original role andfunctions. Consequently, the Inspectorale General of Vigilance and Enforcement will beredundent. The Anti-Corruption Bureau would be the Investigating arm of vigilanceCommission. Cases Investigated by the Anti-Corruption Bureau would be reffered on theadvice of the Vigilance Commission, to the Special Court for Special Police Establishmentand Anti-Corruption Bureau, or the Tribunal for Disciplinary Proceedings or to theDepartment for Departmental enquiry. The Institution of Lokayukta which was revivedrecently may here jurisdiction over public men and public servants jointly involved withpublic men in any Investigation.

3. The above recommendation of theCommittee on Administrative Reorganisation has been under active consideration of theGovernment for some time past. After careful consideration, the Government may havedecided to revive the Vigilance Commission, as it existed in the past. The body will becalled "ANDHRA PRADESH VIGILANCE COMMISSION"
and the person appointed to the postwill be designated as "THE VIGILANCE COMMISSIONER’.

4.The Governor of Andhra Pradesh ispleased to appoint SRI K.V.NATARAJAN, I.A.S (retd.) to be the Vigilance Commissioner forthe State of Andhra Pradesh, for a period of THREE YEARS from the date of assumption ofOffice.

5. The following appointmnet isNotified:-
Sri K.V.Natarajan, I.A.S. (Retd.) isappointed as Vigilance Commissioner for the State of Andhra Pradesh for a period of threeyears from the date of his assumption of Office.
                                    CHIEFSECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT


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