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G.O.Ms.No.260, Dated:12-5-1993. Administrative Reforms –Special Incentives for outstanding good work and Awards for suggestions of extremelyuseful nature by Government servants-Recommendations of the Ramamurthi Committee

                          GOVERNMENTOF ANDHRA PRADESH

Administrative Reforms –Special Incentives for outstanding good work and Awards for suggestions of extremelyuseful nature by Government servants-Recommendations of the Ramamurthi Committee –Accepted – Orders – Issued.

G.O.Ms.No.260                                                         Dated:12-5-1993

Read the following:-
  1. G.O.Ms.No.14, G.A.(S) Dept., dt.6-1-65.
  2. G.O.Ms.No.603, G.A. (AR&T.= . I) Dept., dt.3-9-77
  3. G.O.Ms.No.202, G.A. (AR&T .T.)Dept., dt.3-5-85.
  4. G.O.Ms.No.373, G.A. (AR&T . Desk) Dept., dt.1-7-89.
  5. G.O.Ms.No.490, G.a. (AR&T . Desk) Dept., dt.2-9-89.
Government appointed a Committee inG.O.Ms.No.218, G.A. (AR&T . Desk) Department, dated 15-1-1990, consisting of SriS.R.Ramamurthi, IAs, (Retd.), then Advisor to C.M. as Chairman and Sri G.R.Nair, IAs, thethen Chief Secretary to Government and Sri K.V.Natarajan, IAS, then Commissioner of LandRevenue, as members with Sri C.R. Kamalanathan, IAS, then Secretary to Government, Genl.Admn. Department as Secretary, to examine and to make recommendations on certain aspectsof State Administration.
2. The Ramamurthi Committee afterreview of the existing Scheme of Incentive Awards Scheme applicable to the GovernmentServants, has made the following recommendations in Section V of its report;
" 51. In the light of theforegoing detailed examination of the evolution and present status of the scheme ofincentive awards to Government servants, the Committee would like to consider the questionwhether the scheme as at present obtaining may be continued in to as it is or whether itwould need to be modified. The Committee is of the view that the general scheme as itobtains today in respect of Government servants needs to be modified and endorses thefollowing recommendations of the Secretaries committee at their meeting held on 20thApril, 1989.
  1. Accelerated promotion as an incentive may be withdrawn.
  2. Not more than two increments may be sanctioned as incentive award.
  3. While there may be no objection to mention of incentive award being made in the P.F. it was felt that this should not have the effect of conferring double benefit by way of an accelerated promotion also on the sole ground of Incentive Award.
  4. The present orders of permitting departments independently circulating files for sanction of incentive awards may be rescinded.
  5. There shall be a single committee for recommending incentive awards in Government to ensure uniformity and to ward off favouritism.
  6. Regarding awards in detection of tax evasion a view was expressed that the matter should be gone into in-depth in the light of the experience of the Central Government in this regard.
52. This would necessitaterevocation of orders issued in G.O.Ms.No.490, g.A. (AR&T . Desk) Dept., date, 2-9-89and restoration of the scheme as outlined in G.O.Ms.No. 375, G.A. (AR&T .Desk)Department, dt. 1-7-89. The Committee is also of the view that there is no need to extendthe incentive scheme to Government employees on deputation as it is unfair to the officersin the departments to sanction incentive awards for work done in an to organisation whilethe officer was on deputation based on the judgement of the department of which servicesof the officer were lent. The Committee advises a detailed and denovo examination of thequestion whether incentive shceme for tax evasion cases as obtaining now in the CommercialTaxes and Excise Departments should be continued and extended to other departments ordis-continued altogether in the light of the experience in Central Government and otherState governments. The committee is of the view that this is a measure which is likely toleed to a lot of misuse. Incentives could be considered for the general Public for helpingGovt. detect tax evasion and certain officers within the department for what islegitimately their duty for providing special incentive by way of monitary grant as apercentage of eveded tax is not in our opinion a very desirable practice. Recognition ofsuch outstanding merit in tax evasion should take the form of one of the incentivesalready provided in the general incentive scheme.
53. The committeealso endorses the decision already taken by the Government of giving up out of turnpromotions in the specialised departments of Police. The Committee is also of the viewthat in view of the existance of a separate scheme of incentives, the general scheme ofincentives applicable to all Government Servants need not be extended to Police and FireServices Personnel. The Committee further recommands that no incentive awards need besanctioned to A.I.S. Officers.
3. The Governmentafter due consideration and careful examination of the recommendations, placed them beforethe Council of Minister consideration in the meeting held on 27-4-93. The Cabinet approvedthe recommendations.
4. Accordingly, inpartial modification of the Incentive Awards Scheme introduced in the G.Os. first andSecond read above, Government hereby direct that;
i) the orders issuedin G.O.Ms.No.490, G.A. (AR&T . Desk) Dept., dt.2-9-89 shall be revoked.
ii) the award of"Accelerated Promotion under the Incentive Awards Scheme shall be withdrawn;
iii) not more than two advanceincrements shall be recommended under the Incentive Awards Scheme;
iv) sanction of Incentive Awards maybe mentioned in the personal files of the awardees. However, it shall not have the effectof conferring double benefit by way of merit promotion also on the sole ground ofincentive award.
v) the orders issued inG.O.Ms.No.202, G.A. (AR&T . I) Dept., dt. 3-5-85 permitting the Departments tocirculate the files independently for sanction of Incentive Awards shall be resoineded
vi) the instructions issued in U.O.Note NO. 154/AR&T . Desk/90-1, dated 26-2-1990 withholding the scheme of IncentiveAwards shall be withdrawn.
5. The Governmentalso decided that the Revenue Department shall examine the matter whether incentivesscheme for tax evasion cases in Commercial Taxes and Excise Departments should becontinued or not in the light of experience in Government of India and take necessaryaction, inconsultaion with G.A. (AR&T . Desk) Department. However, the cases ofemployees of C.T. and Excise Departments who suggest innovations like amendments to thelaw to plug loopholes in tax evasion/ to augment more revenue to Government etc. shall beconsidered under the general scheme of Incentives applicable to Government servants.
6. The Government also decided thatthe cases of Police and Fire Services employees (Uniformed personnel), other thanexhibiting bravery or extraordinary courage etc. for which there are separate schemes forthem called ‘Police Pathakams’ and Scheme of accelerated promotions, shall beconsidered under the general scheme of Incentives.
7. The Government also direct thatno appreciation letters under the scheme shall be awarded to the A.I.S. Officers.
8. All the proposals for sanction ofIncentive Awards shall be placed before the Incentive Awards Committee constituted for thepurpose.
All Departments of Secretariat.
All Heads of Departments.
All district Collectors.
All district Judges.
The Revenue (CT) Department.
The Home (Police) Department

Copy to :
The G.A. (Spl.A/Spl.B) Department.
The G.A. (IFS) Department.
The G.A. SC.C) Department
The G.A. (Cabinet) Department.
All Sections in G.A.D.
The P.S. to C.M./P.S. to C.S.
The P.S. to Secretary (Ser.)
The Secretary, A.P.P.S.C., Hyderabad.
The Accountant General, A.P., Hyderabad
The Pay and Accounts Officer, A.P., Hyderabad.


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