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G.O.Ms.No.106, Dated: 04.06.2011. Dearness Relief to Pensioners with effect from 01.01.2011


Pension –  Dearness  Relief to Pensioners with effect from  01.01.2011 – Revised  - Orders – Issued.

G.O.Ms.No.106                      Dated: 04.06.2011. 

 Read  the following:-
1.  G.O.Ms.No.52,  Finance (PC.I)  Department,  dated 25.02.2010.   2.  G.O.Ms.No.100,  Finance (Pen.I) Department,  dated  06-04-2010.
3.  Memo.No.3630/UE.II/2010-2,  Higher  Education (UE.II)  Department,  Dated  07-04-2010.
4.  G.O.Ms.No.248, Finance (PC.I) Department dated  07.07.2010.   5.  G.O.Ms.No.249,  Finance (Pen.I) Department  dated  07.07.2010. 6.  G.O.Ms.No.356, Finance (PC.I) Department dated  06.12.2010.   7.  G.O.Ms.No.358,  Finance (Pen.I) Department  dated  09.12.2010 8.  G.O.Ms.No.104  Finance (PC.I) Department dated  30.05.2011


O R D E R:
Government hereby order the revision of  rates of Dearness Relief to pensioners sanctioned in the G.O. 7th  read above  from 24.824% to 29.960% from 01.01.2011 in respect  of: -

      (i)   those who retired  from  service after 01.7.2008  and  drawing pension in the Revised Pay Scales,  2010;
     (ii)    those who retired  prior to  01.7.2008  and  whose pension was consolidated  in the light of  orders  issued in the  G.O.  2nd  read above;

     (iii)   those who  retired prior  to  01.01.1996  drawing  UGC  Pay Scales and whose  pension  was  ordered  to  be  consolidated  in  the light  of orders issued in  G.O.  (P)  No.95,  Finance (Pen.I) Department, dated 01.08.2000  and

      (iv)   the monetary benefit of Dearness Relief  now sanctioned  above shall be with  effect  from the month of  January,  2011.

 2.   Government also hereby order  the revision of rates of Dearness Relief from 88.548%  to  99.852%  with effect from  01.01.2011  to  the Pensioners who  are drawing their  pension in Revised  Pay Scales,  2005  and not  consolidated  in terms of  the orders issued in the reference 2nd  read above.

3.   Government also hereby order  the revision of rates of Dearness Relief from 107.158%  to  116.974%  with  effect from  01.01.2011  to  the Pensioners who are drawing their pension  in Revised Pay Scales, 1999 and not consolidated  in terms of the orders  issued in G.O.(P) No.248,  Finance (Pen.I) Department,  dated 04.10.2005.

4.  Government also hereby  order the revision  of rates  of Dearness  Relief in respect of  pensioners  who retired after  1.1.1996  drawing UGC  Pay Scales  1996  from  103% to 115%  with effect from  01.01.2011  since the  Dearness Relief was regulated  upto 1.1.2007  by merging  50%  Dearness Relief with basic pension through  G.O (P)  No.183 Finance  (Pen.I) Department  dated  2.8.2007  based  on  the orders  issued  in  G.O.  (P) No.173  Finance (PC.I)  Department  dated 23.7.2007.

 5. Government also hereby  order  the revision  of  rates  of  Dearness Relief  to  the pensioners who retired  while  drawing UGC  Pay  Scales  2006  from  01-01-2006  from 45%  to  51%  with  effect  from 01-01-2011.

6.   Government also  hereby  order the  revision  of rates of Dearness  Relief sanctioned  in G.O.Ms.No.4 Law  (Law & J-SC.F) Department  dated .06.01.2011  to  the Pensioners  who drawing pension as per  Justice E.Padmanabhan Committee  report from  45%  to  51%  with  effect  from  01-01-2011.

7. These orders are  applicable to:  

(1)   (a)   All  Government Pensioners in  receipt  of  Service  Pensions, Family Pensions  under Revised  Pension Rules, 1951, Andhra  Pradesh Liberalised  Pension Rules, 1961 and  Andhra  Pradesh Government Servants (Family  Pension) Rules, 1964.

       (b)   Teaching and Non-Teaching pensioners of  Municipalities,  Panchayat Raj Institutions and Aided Educational Institutions, in receipt  of pensions  under  the Andhra  Pradesh Liberalised  Pension Rules,  1961 and  Andhra  Pradesh  Government  Servants (Family  Pension)  Rules, 1964.

       (c)   Teaching and  Non-Teaching staff  in Aided  Educational Institutions in receipt  of pensions  under the Contributory Provident Fund-cumPension and Gratuity  Rules,  1961  and Andhra  Pradesh  Liberalised Pension Rules, 1961.

       (d)    Those drawing family pensions  under  G.O.Ms.No.22,  Finance  & Planning (FW:  Pen.I)  Department,  dated  16.1.1971,  G.O.Ms.No.104, Finance  &  Planning  (FW:  Pen.I)  Department,  dated  13.4.1973  and G.O.Ms.No.25,  Finance  &  Planning (FW:  Pen.I)  Department,  dated 2.2.1974.

       (e)   Pensioners  in receipt  of  Compassionate  Pension  under the rules for Compassionate Pensions and Gratuities  in the  Hyderabad  Civil Services Rules; and

       (f)    Those  in receipt of Pensions  under  the  Wound and  Extraordinary Pension Rules.

(2)    Jagir and  Estate Pensioners and

(3)  Pensioners  governed by Andhra  Pradesh Revised Pension Rules,  1980.

 8.    These orders are not  applicable  to  the  financial  assistance  grantees  and others  who  are not entitled  to  Dearness Relief.  

 9. Ready  Reckoner showing the Dearness  Relief payable  to the State Pensioners in terms of these orders  is annexed.

 10.  The amount  of  Dearness Relief  shall be rounded off  to  the next  rupee.

11.   The arrears of the  Revised Dearness  Relief to Pensioners  shall be  paid along with the pension of  June, 2011 payable in  July, 2011. 

12.     In  the event of death of the pensioner after  01.01.2011  the arrears of Dearness Relief shall  be paid to  the legal  heirs in  lumpsum at a time duly  following  Treasury Procedure.

13.    All the  Treasury  Officers/ Pension Payment Officers shall work  out and make payments  of the Dearness Relief on Pension sanctioned in this  order without waiting for further authorization/ instructions from the  Accountant  General (A&E), Andhra Pradesh,  Hyderabad,  in terms of  the orders  issued in  the G.O.Ms.No.270,  Finance  & Planning (FW:  PSC.I)  Department,  dated 7.10.1986.

14.   The expenditure is  allocable among the various States in accordance  with provisions  of  Rule  24  of  the  incidence  of  pension rules in Appendix  III-B  of  the  Andhra Pradesh Accounts Code, Volume-I.

15. The  categories of  employees who  are not covered  for payment through the Treasuries,  the expenditure  shall be  debited to the  Pension  Funds  of Zilla Parishads and Pension  funds of the  respective  Municipal  Councils in so far  as the Non-Teaching, Non-Government Pensioners  of the Municipalities  are concerned and the relevant Head  of Account of Government in so  far as the teachers are concerned.

16.  In  respect  of the Pensioners  of the  Universities the expenditure  on account of the Dearness Relief now sanctioned  above  shall  be  met from the  Block  Grants allotted to  them.

17.    The  orders  revising the rates of  Dearness  Relief in respect of those  drawing A.P Revised  Pay Scales, 1986, 1993  and  UGC Pay Scales  1986  and  whose  pension has not been consolidated, will be  issued separately.  

18.  The  G.O is  available  on Internet  and can be accessed at  the address  




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